P. Aiden Hunt

Website: https://www.LegalizationProfiles.org

Professional Experience

Aiden Hunt is a creative writer who practices public policy journalism under the byline, "P. Aiden Hunt." His main focus is cannabis and drug policy. He has lived in the Philadelphia suburbs for most of his life. He founded a cannabis policy website in 2015, which was active for one year.. Aiden's current site is not-for-profit and was conceived with longevity in mind. Profiles in Legalization is a series of literary profile essays about significant figures in U.S. cannabis legalization. LegalizationProfiles.org is also a cannabis policy site, featuring news from around the web and original reporting. The site is syndicated by ACI Information Group.


17 Years
Content Editor (online)
1 Year
1 Year


2 Years
20 Years
Other, Specify
8 Years


Magazine - Local/Regional magazines
1 Year
Online/new media
17 Years
5 Years

Total Media Industry Experience

2 Years

Other Work History

Ten years of inbound call center work. Five years of those as professional computer support for hospitals (Siemens Health software).

Technical Skills

Expert in online research, especially using online library databases.


National Writers Union (Freelance Solidarity Project)

Computer Skills

Certifications in Microsoft Office Suite Applications, intermediate web publishing skills, hobbyist programming and scripting skills (Java, JavaScript, C, C++, HTML, CSS), Wordpress, GoDaddy (including domain management). I know computers well enough to learn how to do most things through technical documentation.


Windows 10 Alienware PC, dual monitors, iPad 5 Mini, LG cell phone running Android OS.


Society of Professional Journalists



A story about Mississippi's citizen initiative process being invalidated by the state's highest court. The ruling resulted from a lawsuit filed after Initiative 65, creating a medical cannabis program, was approved last November. My article used professional and activist sources.
An article covering an open letter written by Sens. Jeff Merkley & Steve Daines to Senate Banking Committee Chairman Sherrod Brown. Original research and reporting about the SAFE Banking Act of 2021.
An opinion piece I wrote about world-class runner, Sha'Carri Richardson, being suspended for cannabis use. I contrasted alcohol Prohibition with cannabis prohibition, and showed how that benefited people like Joseph Kennedy, but not like Richardson..