Amelia Blanquera

Brooklyn, NY USA

Professional Experience

My essays and articles have appeared in McSweeney's Internet Tendency, the New York Times, The Nervous Breakdown and Climbing Magazine, among others. I am a seasoned professional with book publishing, financial services, and legal experience seeking to leverage my writing and editorial skills. I can also negotiate and draft author agreements and rights licenses. I have the proven ability to develop strong relationships and work in intense and demanding environments, while maintaining my sense of humor.


6 Years
6 Years
Sales Manager/Exec.
7 Years


Arts & Humanities
6 Years
Books & Literature
7 Years
6 Years


Academia Teaching
1 Year
Book Publishing Consumer
7 Years

Total Media Industry Experience

13 Years

Other Work History

I have worked on the book publishing staffs of Putnam, Doubleday, Macmillan, and John Wiley & Sons.

Computer Skills

Word, Excel, Powerpoint


Macbook pro, digital camera, iPhone


available upon request



I had a column "Almost, Not Quite Right" at the website The site focused on spirituality, religion, self-help, philosophy and art. Soulpancake no longer publishes original written content. This is a sample from my column.
This rock climbing article appeared in print and online. (scroll to the end for my piece)
This is a humorous personal essay about my father "google-stalking" my boyfriends.
Humor is one of the ways I work through difficult situations. This short piece demonstrates my light touch.