Brian Tarcy

Falmouth, MA USA

Professional Experience

Professional athletes, consultants, business leaders and medical professionals have hired me. I write books, speeches, corporate histories, memoirs, and blogs. I am especially interested in startups and entrepreneurs. I recently finished a corporate history to a supplier to a big 3 Automaker, and with my co-author, Hap Klopp, founder of The North Face, I followed a Silicon Valley company for a year as the startup attempted to change the world. I am currently ghostwriting a book on professional business management. As a ghostwriter tutored by some of the smartest people in their fields, I have a PhD in random information. I have done numerous radio appearances across the country promoting my book The Complete Idiot's Guide To NASCAR. See writing samples are available at the "journalism" tab.


Book Author
20 Years
15 Years
29 Years


Business (general)
20 Years
20 Years
Sports & Recreation
20 Years


Book Publishing Consumer
20 Years
Broadcasting - Ent - Radio (Local)
10 Years
Magazine - Large Consumer/National magazines
18 Years

Total Media Industry Experience

30 Years

Media Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs) (6-10), Washington Post (6-10), Hubspot (1-2)

Corporate Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

Aileron (1-2), American Metal Technologies (1-2), Hap Klopp (1-2)

Other Work History

I have also written a business plan for a portable power company and a business plan for a skateboard company. And I do some quirky-feature journalism for a local newspaper. I have two blogs.

Technical Skills

Degree in Radio-TV news. Refresher courses at local cable access station.

Computer Skills

Word, some HTML, run two wordpress sites.


Hap Klop - HK Consulting Ram Thukkaram - American Metal Technologies Bill Glazer - BGS Consulting



NFL predictions + fake news
A Cleveland Browns site I write for.
Under a cheeseburger flag