Brittany Hammonds


Professional Experience

I’ve fostered an intimate relationship with tight deadlines and SEO demands on topics from confidence through menswear to the importance of asking, “How was your day?” on a first date. I effectively juggle writing and web trends to engage a variety of readers - like diving into said date’s Instagram, then Tetris-ing your shared love of Spanish Alt-Rock into the conversation. I credit an enthusiasm for candid narratives and expansive role at a start-up with my diverse range of published stories.


Content Editor (online)
2 Years
2 Years
Social Media
4 Years


2 Years
2 Years
1 Year


Online/new media
2 Years
Newsletter - Consumer
2 Years
Marketing (in-house) - Fortune 1000 corp. clients
1 Year

Total Media Industry Experience

4 Years

Media Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

Style Girlfriend (10+), Cool Material (10+)

Technical Skills

-Writing with a strong voice and commitment to deadlines -Keyword planning -SEO optimization -Social media amplification (proven ability to increase reach and engagement) -Basic HTML -Social media strategy -Web design -Photo editing -Graphic design -Podcast producing and editing -Contributor and agency management

Foreign Language Skills

Conversational Spanish

Computer Skills

-Command of Adobe Suite -CMS (Wordpress) Squarepace -Confidence with any file sharing system (Docs, Dropbox) -Project management tools (Asana) -MediaTemple -BuzzSumo SEO research -Google AdWords Keyword Planner -Social media management (Sprout, HootSuite, Edgar) -Affiliate programs (RewardStyle, BAMx, ShopStyle), -Content aggregators (Outbrain) -SEO optimization (Yoast SEO, Google Search Console, Google Analytics)


-Nikon D800 -Macbook Pro (Apple Software) -Blue Yeti Microphones (podcasting) -Wireless Laveliers (video sound)


Dating & Relationships

Originally published on Style Girlfriend before being picked up by Cupcakes & Cashmere, this piece explored the questions that can elevate a first date into more meaningful territory. I used keyword research to target the tagline and optimized in-article SEO to bolster the search ranking.
Putting a positive spin on making a first impression, this story narrowed the focus to five easy ways to put your best foot forward.


Let's face it: Shopping (and feeling good whilst shopping) is far easier when one knows exactly what to seek out. I broke down the seven steps to find your personal style, and created a Pinterest-friendly infographic to accompany the article.
See how to pack for a long (festive) weekend with only ten pieces that can mix-and-match to form six dapper outfits.
Every other week you can find me on Cool Material sharing my recent favorite finds in menswear.
Every other week you can find me on Cool Material sharing my recent favorite finds in menswear.


Maximizing your next getaway is only four steps away with this breakdown on airport style, packing upgrades, shopping tips, and tourist secrets.


In another example of harnessing keyword research to pinpoint a topic, I covered what it means to stay classy when imbibing.
Can boosting your health, productivity, and power be as simple as sitting up straight? I set out to determine scientific basis of this practice, while providing tips to being improving posture today. In doing so, I created an infographic and assisted in creation of exercise gifs.


In this interview series, I head to the offices of brands with impressive aesthetics. Camera in-hand, I ask these guys about their office dress code and personal style mantras.