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Professional Experience

After Will-Proofing-SM, any and every type of document becomes fundamental. A document is charged with a mission: alter the reader's choice without harming the reader's perspective. I understand WHY brains choose the way they do. My Science-of-Choice toolbox rewires all types of brain of ANY species, so just imagine what it does for the written word. I provide free editing samples. Send me one page of ANY document, and I will return it with Will-Proofing, Tracked-Changes, and fresh copy at no cost. Replace Tone with Dimension. Understand the "gut reactions" you ARE creating in the reader, and be sure that your important written work is as powerful and as friction-less as you intend. This Will-Proofing service is unparalleled and unique in the freelance editing marketplace... See testimonials below. I WILL EDIT YOUR DOCUMENT FOR... Clarity, Emotional Accuracy, Presence, Passive Aggression, Opportunity, and Independence.


Content Editor (online)
25 Years
Technical Writer
20 Years
Book Author
15 Years


Business (general)
16 Years
13 Years
25 Years


PR (in-house) - Small to mid-sized corp. clients
20 Years
14 Years
Advertising, client side
9 Years

Total Media Industry Experience

20 Years

Other Work History

Freelance Behaviorist and Integrator. Author. I specialize in the Reader's WILL / Choice / Call to Action. Please see HUMANS menu on my website.

Technical Skills

TESTIMONIALS: --“Why didn’t I see it before?” --“Fully 100% of your suggestions were right on.” --“Your candid and honest feedback was invaluable.” --"Your edits are chock-full of power; they subtly add force." --“The feedback I received helped to turn my novel into a great piece of writing." --"She offered insight as much as edits, and those insights made my characters stronger." --"Her understanding of what drives people is unmatched.”

Foreign Language Skills



I will edit your TECHNICAL Documents: Peer-reviewed journal, Scientific paper, Website, Blogs, Grants, Technical chapters, Workplace policies, Technical instructions, Business Proposal, Articles, White Papers I WILL Edit Your PERSONAL Documents: Applicant cover letters, Relationship clarification letters, Love letters I WILL Edit Your CREATIVE Documents: Novel, Screenplay, Song lyrics I WILL Edit Your MEDIA Documents: Speech, Website, Newsletter, Blog

Computer Skills

Mac, typical. All video chat interfaces: Apple FaceTime, Google Duo, Zoom




See testimonials on website.


Assoc of Zoos and Aquariums, Best New Educational Exhibit


Will-Proofing is a unique approach, not represented by mainstream groups.

Work Samples


I wrote this article over a decade ago... The true story of doing a Will-based adjustment on an infamous corporate Vice President. I provide editing samples for free, so send me ONE page of ANY document, and I will send it back with Will-Proofing, including Tracked-Changes and fresh copy.
Example article; it's about my "Brain Tweaking" Services. I provide editing samples for free, so send me ONE page of ANY document, and I will send it back with Will-Proofing, Tracked-Changes, and fresh copy.