Catherine Arnold

New York, NY 10301 USA

Professional Experience

I've been brandishing the STORY in ecology, botany/foraging, urban planning, bikes/streets, food, and myriad nature situations for the past 15 years. Long-form, short-form, web content. I'm telling the tale of people in science and conservation, medicine, urban planning, bikes, and serious or quirky situations--art car parades, toad labs, the future of bikes in car cultures, city planner haiku--and so on. Available for consumer, university advancement, nonprofit, science publisher, and other work. Knowledge of New York metro, Maine, West Coast, points significantly between.


Copy Editor
6 Years
10 Years
10 Years


Environment & Nature
3 Years
2 Years
5 Years


Academia Other
2 Years
Magazine - Large Consumer/National magazines
10 Years
Magazine - Trade magazines/publications (B2B)
10 Years

Total Media Industry Experience

15 Years

Media Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

Rodale/Bicycling (3-5), Rutgers magazine (1-2), University of Iowa magazine (1-2), University of Oregon magazine (1-2), University of Wisconsin magazine (1-2), Indiana University magazine (1-2), Johns Hopkins magazine (1-2), Rice University magazine (1-2)

Corporate Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

GideonStone LLC (marketing agency) (3-5), 2ndMD (health/tech startup) (1-2)

Other Work History

Staff Writer at an association magazine, Marketing News, at American Marketing Association headquarters. Staff Writer at a trade magazine, National Underwriter, with Summit Business. Contributor, Microsoft

Foreign Language Skills

some Spanish, some French. Just beginning to learn Turkish.

Computer Skills

Word, Excel, OS 10, Windows XP light HTML most content-management systems


laptop Skype digital camera audio recorder

Work Permits & Visas

legal to work in U.S.




New York Women in Communications



Tour of international grocers and accompanying cafes in Northwest Chicago, along the El Red Line, with a food specialist. Include Bosnian bakery, Cuban food counter, Caribbean produce section, pad thai by the pound at a grocery, and a Middle East grocery.
A researcher and conservationist who helps an endangered toad species increase its numbers at the Houston Zoo and in central Texas parks.
Art car parades of the U.S., focusing on the largest in Houston, as well as those in SF Bay Area and Baltimore.
A look at small producers on Puget Sound's Whidbey Island. These include a small-operation beef farm, lavender farm, soap maker, and a chef sourcing only local foods.
An encouragingly high line-up of gluten-free and other specialty bakeries and manufacturers in the Puget Sound region, and what this means for the area.
Writer and urban forager Ava Chin, formerly a columnist with the New York Times' City Room Blog, on the release of her book Foraging Wildly, and finding edible plants in urban areas.
A New York attorney specializes in representing pedestrians and bicyclists in cases of "traffic violence" in the streets.
Profile of Lisa Nett, who teaches botany and tree-ID classes in New York City with the grass-roots program Brooklyn Brainery.