Charity Ayres

125 Woodlake Terrace Suffolk, VA 23434

Professional Experience

I can do magic, get away with murder, and make mythological creatures come to life; and that's all before putting my daughter to bed and creating English lessons for teenagers. Fiction is my go-to, but writing in any format or genre allows for my over-active mind to reach new levels of writing expertise while learning about new things. I have written editorials and topic-focused freelance pieces for magazines, not to mention reviews and product endorsements. I want to write in as many subjects and formats possible because I thrive on challenges and new ideas.


Book Author
10 Years
20 Years
Copy Editor
7 Years


Books & Literature
20 Years
3 Years
30 Years


Academia Teaching
3 Years
Magazine - Trade magazines/publications (B2B)
1 Year
Book publishing - all
10 Years

Total Media Industry Experience

10 Years

Media Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

HR News Magazine (1-2), Yahoo! Voices (3-5), Book Proofing, Editing (10+)

Other Work History

Teacher - 3 years in Secondary Education, English Veteran - 8 years in Navy Retail - 8 years at Waldenbooks in Virginia at various locations Management - 2 years at Waldenbooks

Technical Skills

Basic computer programming, basic computer repair, printer repair, device installation

Foreign Language Skills

French for four years within Bachelor's degree requirement


York Educators Association

Computer Skills

Word, Excel,, Powerpoint, Sway, printer and peripheral installation and updates, Outlook, Scrivener


Computers, tablets, cellular devices, satellites


Elizabeth Kirkland, (703) 292-3314 (Work) 1300 N. 17th Street Suite 1800 Arlington, VA 22209


Inspirational Story Placement - 83rd Annual Writer's Digest Short Story Contest


Golden Key Society National Society of Leadership National Council of Teachers of English