Cynthia (Wilkins) Rupe

Orange County, CA 92679 USA

Professional Experience

Hiring a professional who knows not only what to say but how to say it is one of the best investments you'll make for your business. I have 16 years' experience as a professional copywriter in Southern California and will deliver content that makes a statement and leaves a mark. Plus I will meet or beat your deadline and stay within your budget. I've yet to meet a project too big or too small. They run the gamut too - from interactive web copy and SEO content, to social media and PPC ads, to press releases and feature articles on a wide range of topics - you name it, I can tackle it. I also enjoy making new connections - from business owners to agency principals - and am open to new projects. Check out my work below, then let's talk about how I can help!


16 Years
8 Years
Other, Specify
4 Years


4 Years
16 Years
3 Years


Advertising agency
3 Years
Newspaper - Local/Regional
6 Years
16 Years

Total Media Industry Experience

16 Years

Corporate Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

Inland Empire Health Plan (10+), Pacific Dental Services (10+), Toastmasters International (10+), Verizon Wireless (10+), Dell Business Services (10+), Janssen/Johnson & Johnson (3-5), Warmington Group (3-5)

Other Work History

As a content writer for the past 16 years, I've held positions including: Staff Writer/Reporter at the Orange County Register; SEO Editor at; Interactive Copywriter at Bloosky Interactive; Interactive Copywriter at MODAL Digital Agency; Online Communications Writer at IEHP; Digital Content Editor with Dell.

Technical Skills

Sitecore (CMS), WordPress, HTML

Foreign Language Skills

Have worked with Spanish content with the help of a translator

Computer Skills

PC and Mac, Microsoft Office Suite, Google Keywords, HTML


Mac, iPhone, PC, Samsung digital camera with WiFi


"Cynthia's creative thinking is impressively natural and constantly at work." - Iris Yokoi, former editor, The Orange County Register /// "Cynthia is AMAZING! True to her craft, she is diligent about details. She is hard working, willing to go the extra mile and is a smart writer. We love working with her because she captures what the eye sees and the feeling behind the story and translates it into the written word." - Allison Olmstead, Owner, Townsend Olmstead Media Company



If you have a general question about cavities or root canals, I probably know the answer. I researched and wrote approx. 40 SEO keyword-rich articles for Smile Generation/Pacific Dental Services. I covered a wide range of dental topics, from pediatric dentistry to periodontal disease, for the purpose of link-building to drive organic traffic to the site.
Creating this descriptive bio for Omaha-based graphic designer and artistic director Anya Hoffecker was a fun challenge. I had to get to know my client well enough in a short amount of time to be able to express in precise, descriptive language who she is and what she has to offer. Click on the title, not just the photo.
I enjoyed researching and writing approx. 60 medical speciality descriptions for the Doctor Finder/Directory on, which now comes in personally handy if I must see one. I also inputted each article into the site's CMS (Sitecore) using HTML coding.
I created the concept and copy for this online ad to promote Verizon's new HTC Rezound smartphone, in conjunction with a women's marathon event sponsored by Verizon and promoted on
I wrote the English content for this bilingual program page for the Verizon Latino Business Series initiative, which was Verizon's initiative to discover the Latino Entrepreneur of the Year, 2012.
I took on the voice of 24-year old grad student Nikki Jenkins (a persona I created) for this series of posts that relate modern tech to college life. The blog was titled "Insider on Campus" and later "Tech Junkie" and was posted on the now-defunct site Like, totally.
I wrote the bios for the co-owners of, a groundbreaking social market network exclusive to the commercial design and trades industry. I serve the company in a co-owner capacity as Writer & Editor.
This vibrant page is an example of program copy I wrote for the microsite for Verizon's 2012 RockStar competition, a performance-based contest open to Verizon employees in the Western region. It's quite the event and a lot of employees really get into it!
I wrote and edited this press release and handled distribution via the newswire and several healthcare publications within a 24- to 48-hour timespan.
This is a 200-word profile I penned about the stunningly beautiful interior design materials created by eco-focused raw materials manufacturer, Kirei USA. This feature was written as an email blast to 80,000 recipients and currently lives as content on Dezignwall's social media. I wrote this feature as the temporary editor/features writer for Dezignwall.
Working closely with the marketing department and upper management, I wrote original content and edited existing content for this 100+ page site, with the exception of the Shop section. The site was written with a global audience in mind, which largely consists of non-native English speakers.
Here are a few more fun and colorful banners that were featured on Verizon Insider to showcase several of Verizon's national events, programs and campaigns.
This article is one of a series of finance-related posts I researched and wrote for the now-defunct blog The site was a product of Bloosky interactive agency in Irvine (now defunct).

Marketing - Print Media

This is a Word doc of an advertorial I wrote for colorist Jack Winn's invention, the Color Saver. The ad was never published, but still worth a mention.
This direct mail postcard campaign was to promote Corner, a strategic design firm in Newport Beach. This was Postcard 1 of a 3-part series, and one of my first projects as a copywriter.
This full-color four-page newsletter was a fun project. I chose the name, developed and wrote the copy, shot the photos and designed the layout. It was created to increase customer relations and increase traffic in the service centers. Today, I would apply this concept to a digital format.
I admit I knew nothing about airline bearings when I started this job, but I'm a quick study. This is one sales sheet of four describing the services offered by Bearing Inspection Incorporated (Bii), a Los Alamitos-based firm that refurbishes industrial bearings for the aerospace industry.
This purpose of this direct mailer was to solicit new AAA members in Arizona. AAA is a great company and it was an honor to create this.
Jay's, a longtime Orange County-based caterer, hired me to write its company bio for its holiday menu (2003-2004).

Social Media

This Facebook post on the Verizon Insider Facebook page touts the new LG Galaxy Note.
I tweeted and RTs several times daily for @IEHP_healthcare, resulting in increased follows, favorites and RTs (October 2013-February 2014).
My pen became a bird call for @VerizonInsider. Here is one example of a tweet touting its Tweet-To-Win contest.
I revamped IEHP's social media strategy with engaging status updates and branded imagery, plus "boosting" each post to widen IEHP's Facebook audience, resulting in increased likes, shares and fans. Fan follows increased by 10% in three months (October 2013-January 2014).

Editorial - Fashion

Learning celebrity makeup tips from Dior makeup artist Pati Dubroff is not a bad day at the office. Story and photo credit.
Sunny weather brings out vivid colors on the red carpet at Staples Center for the 50th Annual Grammy Awards show.
My typical attire may be cowboy boots and a pony tail, but I love (love!) writing about fashion. I researched, styled, and wrote the articles for this monthly column, plus acquired all photos. A lot of work, but well worth it. (Pgs. 18-22).

Editorial - Business

Roll in style. STRUT makes a name for itself with embellished grills and wheels for luxury vehicles.
Fitness model-cum-swimsuit designer Angela Chittenden creates sexy, lingerie-inspired bikinis under her label, Beach Bunny Swimwear. Originally published in SqueezeOC Magazine. I was inspired to go to the gym after writing this one.

Editorial - Parenting/Family

This dance party transforms a nightclub into a play date for little ones and their grown-ups.
Moms give their two cents on the grocery price hike.
It's a topic no parent wants to talk about, but is important to address.
This local housewife rocks Irvine via the airwaves and on stage.
A morning adventure with my two boys by the sea. Story and photo credits.

Editorial - Travel

Ah....this island escape is just a boat ride away.
This pre-season getaway is a heavenly treat for this Angels fan!