David Chute

Koreatown, CA USA

Professional Experience

Film critic, journalist and editor, with extensive experience working on staff and freelance for daily newspapers, alternative weeklies and national magazines, and for online publications. Marketing and communications for education and entertainment, including motion picture unit publicity and publicity writing and seven years, with supervisory experience, in the marketing and communications unit of the film and theater school of a major university. Most proud of essayistic and journalistic writing ability, seasoned by extensive experience in national media outlets, in print and online. Well-versed in all areas and forms of editing, from strategizing content to line editing and wrangling contributors and promotion via print, online and social media.


15 Years
30 Years
30 Years


Arts & Humanities
30 Years
30 Years
25 Years


Academia Other
7 Years
Magazine - Large Consumer/National magazines
30 Years
Magazine - Local/Regional magazines
20 Years

Total Media Industry Experience

30 Years

Media Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

IndieWire (10+), Hollywood Reporter/Prometheus Media (3-5)

Other Work History

2007 – 2013 - Senior Writer, Marketing and Communications, UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television (Los Angeles, CA)

Technical Skills

Adobe PhotoShop

Computer Skills

OS 10, MS Word, HTML


MacBook, Digital audio (Olympus DS 30), HD Video (Flip Mino), Skype,


Upon request.


News Items

Indian indies are flourishing, according to the filmmakers assembled for a panal discussion at IFFLA 2013.
A report from the 2013 Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles.
Report on the increasingly global ambitions of Asian movie industries, especially those of India and South Korea..
Roy Lee and Vertigo and the spate of remakes of South Korean genre films.


Background section on the character of The Shadow, written as a section of my press kit for the film.


Review of the 2009 Bollywood movie "New York."
Review of the misfired Bollywood crossover production "Kites."
A UCLA Film & Television Archive series of restorations of Columbia Westerns of the 1950s.
Career appreciation of India's all-time biggest movie star, Amitabh Bachchan.
Central essay of a five-article "midsection" supplement I edited on Bollywood cinema.


Francis Ford Coppola's big plans after the Pinocchio verdict.
Interview with the pivotal French noir novelist and screenwriter Jose Giovanni.
The Hong Kong filmmaker on his award-winning "In the Mood for Love"
Hong Kong filmmaker Johnnie To, industry leader, mentor to young turks
Wire-work action choreographer of "The Matrix" and "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon."
Philip Kaufman isn't afraid of tackling prickly subjects. 'Quills' is the latest example.


Vietnam refugee David Tran and his Huyfong hot sauce empire.
Overview of the themres, genre background and production issues of Ang Lee's Oscar-annointed "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon"
In Joe Dante's 'Small Soldiers,' digitally created pint-size warriors run amok. Giving them some heart was the real challenge.
On the cusp of the digital age, can film survive?