Helen Gallagher

Chicago, IL USA

Professional Experience

Publishing consultant to authors in need of production and marketing management. Experienced blogger since 2004 and ghost-blogging for clients. Veteran female author with unique voice to transform words into action, including non-fiction ghostwriting and book proposals for clients. Freelance writer with concentration on business, technology and travel. Good assignment & project writer with strong communication skills and positive attitude. 30 year corporate professional - no stranger to deadlines, budgets, crises. Always willing to help.


Book Author
5 Years
9 Years
Social Media
5 Years


Business (general)
6 Years
10 Years
6 Years


Book Publishing Consumer
5 Years
Magazine - Trade magazines/publications (B2B)
10 Years
Newspaper - National
6 Years

Total Media Industry Experience

12 Years

Media Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)


Corporate Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)


Other Work History

Non-fiction book reviewer for OpenSalon.com, Blogcritics.org and New York Journal of Books.

Computer Skills

Technology consultant since 1996.


2008 USA Book News award finalist, non-fiction. 2008 non-fiction how-to book award, Illinois Women's Press Assn. 2005 non-fiction book award, Illinois Women's Press Assn. 2000 Writing Excellence Award, Hughes Communications, Inc.


American Society Journalists & Authors AvantGuild Midwest Writer's Association Small Publishers, Artists & Writers Network (SPAWN.org) Chicago-area writing groups (4)


Publishing Advisor

After writing "Release Your Writing: Book Publishing Your Way," to offer people publishing advice, for the mere $16.95 price of the book, I found instead that people wanted consulting. Thus I help dozens of people make the transition from traditional to self-publishing, for faster production, targeting audience, and higher royalties. Services range from choosing a publisher to manuscript formatting, editing services, and a formal plan for author marketing with social media. Also see http://pajamamarketing.wordpress.com


Author of three non-fiction books Computer Ease, 2005 Release Your Writing: Book Publishing Your Way, 2007 Blog Power & Social Media Handbook, 2010


Tech Know column for small business magazine.
A cool roundup article on MP3 players and gadgets.
An engaging five-part series, explaining options in ecommerce for small business.