Jeanette Beebe


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I’m a journalist focused on aging, medicine, tech, and the politics and policies that propel health care. My work has appeared in Forbes, The Daily Beast, MarketWatch, Medscape, Mental Floss, PBS/Next Avenue, NPR/WHYY, and Fast Company, where my reporting on health and medical data privacy was featured as one of the Aspen Institute's “Five Best Ideas of the Day.” But my finest moment might be when I somehow managed to gross out The New York Post, who called the pizza chef robot I profiled in Scientific American “creepier than lice and spiders.” I write a daily newsletter for the Center for Cooperative Media’s NJ News Commons, a network of over 280 local news partners. My work as a freelance recordist has been broadcast by the BBC, Gimlet, KALW, WBUR, and NPR/ProPublica’s “Lost Mothers” series. Say hi on Twitter: @JeanetteBeebe.


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