Jim Spivey

Brooklyn, NY USA

Professional Experience

A 20-something-year veteran of the publishing industry, I am skilled in line editing, copyediting, and proofreading both prose and graphic novels with a strong understanding of Chicago Manual of Style and Merriam-Webster. I also have extensive experience with manuscript styling, digital workflow, asset management, conventional and digital book production and manufacturing, vendor relations, project scheduling and management, and problem solving in deadline-oriented environments. In addition to my publishing background, I'm a writer for both the screen and comics, and am very adept at visual storytelling.


Copy Editor
6 Years
Production (print)
9 Years
6 Years


20 Years
Books & Literature
20 Years


Mainstream Feature Film
5 Years
Book Publishing Consumer
15 Years
12 Years

Total Media Industry Experience

20 Years

Media Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

Kirkus Media, LLC (6-10), Action Phase Games (1-2)

Other Work History

Former director of Kirkus Editorial, former production editor for Hachette Book Group, former associate production manager for Hachette/Time Warner Book Group.

Technical Skills

Electronic copyediting/proofreading, ebook production and QC

Foreign Language Skills

Basic knowledge of Spanish and Japanese (understanding of grammar and some vocabulary; able to recognize hirigana and katakana characters).

Computer Skills

Microsoft Office (for Mac; some experience with PC), Adobe CS5, Adobe Acrobat, Calibre, Sigil


Desktop computer (Mac OS), letter-size scanner, digital camera.


Author and colleague recommendations posted on LinkedIn.


Editorial Letter Samples

This editorial letter was written for a historical fiction novel with a number of fantasy elements.
While I'm most comfortable working with fiction, I have done my fair share of nonfiction editing as well. This particular editorial letter was written for the author of a self-help book.
My approach in editing is to provide authors with the feedback and tools they need to make the most out of the rewrite process. This is one sample of the kind of editorial letter I will provide for developmental editing; this particular sample was for a young adult (YA) fiction novel.

Writing Projects

One of my most recent writing projects was the script for the Apatosaurus spread in the Discovery Channel graphic novel, Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Predators.

Editorial Projects

While I was the editor for Hawkman, Deathstroke, Damage, and Primal Force while at DC Comics, as well as a number of collected editions, one project I'm most proud of is Manhunter: The Special Edition, which was nominated for a Harvey Award.

Book Production Samples

As an associate production manager for Warner Books/Hachette Book Group, I was able to work on a number of interesting projects, from typical one-color prose novels to four-color books such as the Sopranos Family Cookbook and its follow-up, Entertaining with the Sopranos.