Julie Ritzer Ross

136 Midland Avenue Glen Ridge, NJ 07028 USA

Professional Experience

Whether it's articles or blogs; case studies or advertorials; white papers, e-books, or print books, choose an award-winning writing and editing pro with 40 years of experience to handle your needs. My experience spans a wide range of subjects, encompassing--but not limited to--technology (including emerging technology, such as artificial intelligence), electronic payments, healthcare, the business of retail and medical practice, and meetings and conventions. I've written/ghost-written articles, white papers, thought-leadership documents, advertorials, case studies, blog posts, press releases, books, and e-books. I also have experience in "book coaching"--helping authors to shape and write their own books. I pride myself on submitting clean, compelling copy in a timely manner, as well as on my ability to learn very quickly about areas/industries I have not covered in the past. I am a very adept interviewer and researcher and can easily establish a level of comfort with my "subjects" that allows me to make the


30 Years
40 Years
40 Years


30 Years
Business (general)
40 Years
Other, Specify
30 Years


Magazine - Trade magazines/publications (B2B)
40 Years
Book Publishing Trade/B2B
20 Years
Association publication
30 Years

Total Media Industry Experience

40 Years

Media Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

RADIOLOGY BUSINESS JOURNAL magazine (10+), SMART RETAILER (10+), SOUVENIRS GIFTS & NOVELTIES (10+), TOURIST ATTRACTIONS & PARKS (10+), TRANSACTION TRENDS magazine (10+), APPAREL magazine (10+), HEALTH CXO e-zine (10+), ConferenceDirect MEETING MENTOR (10+), VERTICAL SYSTEMS RESELLER magazine (10+), CompTIA (computer industry association-online pub. (6-10), Millenium Media (NON-FOODS MANAGEMENT (10+), CARDIOVASCULAR BUSINESS magazine (6-10), HOSPITALITY TECHNOLOGY magazine (10+), RIS NEWS magazine (10+), ImagingBiz magazine (10+), Chief Executive online magazine (10+), SmartBug Media (10+), Meetings & Conventions magazine/Northstar Meetings Group (10+)

Corporate Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

RamSoft (radiology PACS/RIS software) (6-10), Shorehouse Books (1-2), BLC Recruiting/McKenzie Enterprises (1-2), Microsoft Corp. (1-2), SkyRocket Group (10+), VeriFone (3-5), W.D. Parness & Associates/Jaffe PR (10+), Cegid (retail software) (3-5), e-Complish, Inc. (10+)

Other Work History

1980-1985 Gralla Publications Editorial trainee; Assistant Editor, KITCHEN & BATH BUSINESS, Associate Editor, GIFTWARE BUSINESS; Senior Field Editor, KBB and GB plus HEALTHCARE SYSTEMS, BANK SYSTEMS & TECHNOLOGY, and CORPORATE TRAVEL 1985-1986 Associate Editor, CHAIN STORE AGE EXECUTIVE 1986-1987 Managing Editor, HOUSEWARES RETAILING 1992-1994 Managing Editor, RIS NEWS and Senior Editor, CONSUMER GOODS TECHNOLOGY (simultaneous positions) 1994-1995 Editor-In-Chief, RETAIL SYSTEMS RESELLER

Foreign Language Skills

Basic understanding of French

Computer Skills

Microsoft Word, Excel


Laptop computer Smartphone


Available on request


Jesse H. Neal Business Journalism Award Feature Writing, 1991 and 1992


National Journalism Scholarship Society Elected June 1980



A discussion of how retailers can and should prepare their networks for the advent of mobile shopping and customers' use of mobile devices in their stores.
How MRI is evolving into second- and even third-generation models of technology.
A case study highlighting the benefits of CompTIA certification.
An advertorial-style feature that spotlights the benefits of bringing meeting groups to Cancun. This was written for CONVENE magazine, the journal of the Professional Convention Management Association, with which I had a 16-year client relationship.
A look at how molecular imaging--PET and otherwise--is aiding in the diagnosis and development of treatment protocols for pancreatic cancer.
A look at how "Wall Street money" is being infused into radiology practices and what these practices should need to know before moving ahead with an acquisition.
A look at what cardiology practices and cardiology service lines must do when adopting a model in which a practice or service line is run by a partnership of physicians and administrators.
What referring physicians want radiologists to know in order to make the patient referral process a smoother one.
A look at how standardization of nomenclature and other aspects of radiologic practice is revolutionizing patient care and fostering business enhancement.
Value-added resellers (VARs) need to widen their solution sales horizons in order to prosper in an environment of thin hardware margins and heightened competition. Here, I take a look at how selling similar solutions helps to sharpen VARs' competitive edge.
An in-depth exploration of how automation is changing the warehouse, with a focus on robotics and other next-generation technologies.
A handbook for merchants, intended as a complete guide to compliance with the Europay/MasterCard/Visa (EMV) standard for POS terminals and to grappling with the EMV liability shift, which took effect on October 1, 2015.
A look at how radiology practices are surviving seismic shifts in the provider landscape by expanding their breadth of services and moving into new ventures.
An exporation of risk management for independent sales organizations.