Kara Newman

New York, NY USA

Professional Experience

I specialize in writing about cocktails and spirits, bar culture, trends in bartending and mixology, as well as food, wine, and culinary travel. I'm the spirits editor for Wine Enthusiast Magazine and previously wrote the weekly "Spirited Traveller" column for Reuters. As a cookbook author (Cocktails for a Crowd, 2013; Spice & Ice, 2009) I excel at recipe development and editing, including working with chefs and "bar chefs" to translate their vision. I've also developed recipes for several well-known spirits companies. In addition, my work has appeared in major magazines, newspapers, and online publications including The New York Times, Saveur, Imbibe, The Washington Post, Food Arts magazine, and NPR Kitchen Window. I've also been a guest on The Splendid Table, Martha Stewart Radio, and several Heritage Radio Network shows. I blog about spirits and cocktails at http://TippleSheet.com.


Book Author
4 Years
Content Editor (online)
3 Years
15 Years


7 Years
4 Years
Other, Specify
5 Years


Book Publishing Consumer
2 Years
Magazine - Large Consumer/National magazines
5 Years
Magazine - Trade magazines/publications (B2B)
7 Years

Total Media Industry Experience

15 Years

Media Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

Hamptons Magazine (1-2), Slate (1-2), Saveur Magazine (1-2), Reuters - Business Travel (10+), Wine Enthusiast Magazine (10+), Food Arts Magazine (3-5), Imbibe Magazine (1-2), Serious Eats (10+), Arrive Magazine (6-10), Edible Manhattan/Edible Brooklyn (6-10), Gotham Magazine (3-5), The New York Times (1-2), Bloomberg (1-2)

Corporate Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

Lot 18 (10+)

Other Work History

Spirits Reviewer, Wine Enthusiast; Spirits Columnist, Chile Pepper Magazine; Wine Blogger, Serious Eats

Computer Skills

Comfortable working in either Mac or PC environments. Proficient in Microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel, and Powerpoint). Proficient in desktop publishing software, including Quark. Proficient in financial services platforms Proficient in social media platforms and content management systems.


Laptop, digital camera


Winner, IACP’s prestigious 2013 Bert Greene Award, in the Writing About Beverages category Winner, Stags' Leap Winery Fellowship at the Symposium for Professional Wine Writers at Meadowood, February 2007 Winner, Terlato Family Scholarship for Wine and Food Writers. Greenbrier Symposium for Professional Food Writers, March 2006


Culinary Historians of New York (former board member) International Association of Culinary Professionals Museum of the American Cocktail New York Women's Culinary Alliance AvantGuild



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In the world of wine and spirits, we've been told that older is always better. But sometimes it's just not true.
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We posed a challenge: With three basic spirits, how many cocktails could be made? (This story has been among the most-viewed stories on Wine Enthusiast's site for several months.)
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Distillers are resting whiskey, rum, even mezcal in barrels previously used to hold wine. In this equation, wine + spirits = so much more than either alone.
Dessert-flavored vodkas are on the rise, at a rapid rate.
While most famous for certain other intoxicating substances, Amsterdam has a small but growing cocktail scene.
Look for artisanal apple brandies, liqueurs and ciders -- including many with local ties.
As the farm-to-table movement grows, mixologists are embracing the trend at the bar too, making cocktails with organic spirits, agave-based sweetners, seasonal produce and a fresh attitude.
Choosing libations with a lower alcohol content and a lighter touch doesn't mean sacrificing flavor or fun.
The iconic spirit in the UK capital is gin -- and you'll find plenty of gin-soaked cocktails to sip in the growing ranks of pricey cocktail bars and nightclubs around the city.
I travelled to the Cognac region of France for this look inside the spirit once known as The Drink of Kings.
A DIY guide to making your own barrel-aged Manhattans and other drinks.
In addition to some of the finest wine bars in the country, the Bay Area is boasts one of the most lively and influential "craft cocktail" cultures around.
Want to start a lively debate? Ask a cocktail aficionado to select the iconic cocktail of New Orleans: The Sazerac or the Ramos Gin Fizz. (The answer is at the end of the piece.)
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It seems fitting that some of the best tippling to be found in Vancouver is in an area noted for its boozy past.
Gin and tonics, shorthanded as "gin-tonic," is the mixed drink most often found in Madrid. However, the gin-tonic may be slightly different from the ones business travellers know from back home.
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A growing number of bars are serving "pre-batched" craft cocktails, pre-mixed and properly capped. When you order one of these bottled cocktails, all that's left is to pop the top and serve - fancy straws optional. Here's where to find them.
Profile of Tirado, the first distiller in the Bronx since Prohibition, which is making "fruit-aged" rums and other products with Puerto Rican heritage.
Write-up of "Hemingway Cocktail Companion" book, including recommendations for bars along Amtrak route where readers can "drink like Hemingway."
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In Italy's fashion capital of Milan, the last thing you would want, dear traveller, is to be considered unfashionable. Luckily, the aperitivo, or "aperitif" is here to save you from that fate...
A new website takes a non-traditional approach to the traditional Seder meal.
From Enron to Exxon, Houston has long been a city associated with big business. And when it comes to drinking, the big dog in town is tequila.
Can the right glass improve - or ruin - your cocktail? Glassware designers are working overtime to develop new and improved vessels beyond the classic snifters, flutes, highballs, and lowballs for showcasing spirits.
Alexander LaPratt, of New York’s db Bistro Moderne, won the title on Sunday night in a close and exciting competition hosted by the American Sommelier Association.
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Drawing inspiration from the aperitif/aperitivo culture of the French and Italian Riviera, a growing number of Hamptons restaurants are offering lower-alcohol libations designed to be paired with lunchtime dishes.
In Wisconsin, the brandy Old Fashioned is king.
So what do they drink in Lisbon, Portugal, if not Port?
To most, "classic" cockails mean a drink with pre-Prohibition roots. But one Seattle bartender looks to 18th-century France and ancient Rome for inspiration.
Refreshing and aromatic, this is an adaptation of a drink dating back to 1903, a time when horseless carriages were still considered opulent oddities.
Feature story on rye whiskey and cocktails that celebrate its speakeasy past.
A bartender in Kiev, Ukraine would have a hearty laugh at the sweet-toothed flavored vodkas that fill out the shelves in the U.S. And then he might push across the bar a shot of fiery pepper-infused vodka. This is the original flavoured vodka, my friend.
No longer just for show or simple flavor enhancement, the garnish has gone from functional first mate to kooky captain, guiding the sipper through a psychedelic sea of aromas, textures and tastes.
This crazy-easy recipe produces a batch of must-have neutral sweetener for use in mixing cocktails. Flavored variations also are included.
Jean-Georges Vongerichten's Flatiron temple to virtuous dining crafts cocktails for power players.
A grown-up's guide to celebrating Cinco de Mayo, with recipes and suggested premium tequila bottlings.
Lucky Mexico City-bound tipplers have plenty of good things to drink. But the tipple of the moment is smoky mezcal.
Power breakfasting with the rich and famous at the New York's Regency Hotel.
Louisville, KY mixologist Colin Shearn created an original "tequila julep" for Wine Enthusiast.
Ironically, just as cocktail menus have become an industry standard, it's become a knowledgeable wink among savvy imbibers to ask the bartender to stray from the list.
Celery lends an earthy zest to springtime cocktails.
Distillers are going to ever greater lengths-the South Pole, outer space-to produce bourbons and Scotches worth writing home about.
One of America's oldest cities, Boston is practically drenched in history. And much of that history took place in New England's taverns and bars, lubricated by venerable rum.
An essential journalistic skill no one tells you about: bartending. (Essay/Op-Ed)
Olive oil is having a major mixology moment at some of the world’s best bars. Here’s everything you need to know about this slick trend.
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Carbonated cocktails find favor at Hamptons-area bars and restaurants.
The iconic tipple here is a spirit called arak. Although inexpensive, arak can be found at bars catering to locals and budget-minded tourists, Bali's more upscale restaurants and cocktail lounges tend to promote pricier rum and vodka drinks, mixed with tropical fruit such as mango and passionfruit, and Asian-inspired flavourings like ginger and lemongrass.
A recipe-driven narrative on grown-up uses for maraschino cherries. Most of the recipes and all of the photos for this story are mine as well.