Karen Trachtenberg

Website: http://www.karentrachtenberg.us

Professional Experience

Published writer, copywriter and internal communications manager skilled in content development and AP Style writing and blogging. Portfolio includes feature stories, news stories, blogs, listicles, ad copy, social media content, websites and coverage for print and online publications covering finance, entertainment, health & fitness, lifestyle, real estate, women's topics, and B2B content.


15 Years
Social Media
5 Years
Copy Editor
10 Years


3 Years
5 Years
Women's Issues
5 Years


Film/entertainment - all
10 Years
Pr/marketing - all
15 Years

Total Media Industry Experience

14 Years

Work Samples


Marketing Blog for Zultys Telecommunications


Please view my website and writing portfolio covering a variety of areas including B2B content in real estate, the trade show business, and finance as well as B2C content covering eye health, children's activities, family health, women's issues and more!
I wrote the entire section of this website, including every piece of collateral embedded in it. The quickest way for wealth management firms to increase the amount of assets they manage (or assets under management) is to recruit and hire financial advisors from other firms. An attractive and well-written "recruitment" webpage is a major component of that strategy.
Tips on keeping your firm safe from cyberattacks amid the pandemic.
Article I published on AdvisorHub guiding financial advisors through the ins-and-outs of the SECURE Act, so they can assist clients with retirement planning.
Spotlight story I had the pleasure of writing, covering one of our top-performing financial advisors
Business growth ideas for financial advisors.
Tax planning tips for investors
Tips for small business owners to wrap up the end of a bumpy 2020.
Tips for preventing digital eye strain from electronic device usage.
Prescriptive blog outlining how the wealth management can increase access for women.
Please take a look at some relatively recent work I did for Empowher.com and the National MS Society. I am eager to get back to writing content covering women's health issues!
Interview with a marathon runner living with MS