Kirstin Kelley

Monterey, CA USA

Professional Experience

I am a writer that covers a wide-range of topics from personal narratives about having a cleft, being asexual, and student debt to pieces on feminism, human rights, and international affairs. I am also an experienced social media manager and a highly skilled and efficient editor, researcher, and fact-checker.


1 Year
1 Year
Social Media
1 Year


1 Year
War & Conflicts
1 Year
Women's Issues
1 Year


Online/new media
1 Year
2 Years

Total Media Industry Experience

1 Years

Media Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

Yahoo Beauty (1-2), xoJane (1-2), Narratively (1-2), Center for Partnership Studies (10+), The Women's International Perspective (10+), Stop Street Harassment (3-5)

Corporate Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

Steele CIS (10+)

Foreign Language Skills

Spanish, some Arabic

Computer Skills

HTML, C++, Word, OSX, Windows XP


Macbook Pro, Nikon D60 camera



Personal narrative about being in a relationship with a sexual man as an asexual woman. Covers issues of consent, compromise, and healthy relationships.
Personal narrative about misogyny in the academic discussion of women's rights.
Personal narrative about growing up with a cleft lip and palate and learning to accept myself as I am.
This reported piece examines economic inequality, social justice, wage disputes, and economic justice in the automotive industry, especially as it relates to the lives of mechanics.