Lesley Evans Ogden

Vancouver, BC, Canada

Professional Experience

A trained scientist turned award-winning journalist and science communicator, I have a flair for translating complex concepts into accessible language. I have a passion for writing about environmental science, sustainability, animal behaviour, psychology, natural history, palaeontology, archaeology, nutrition, health, fitness, and parenting. I've covered everything from the evolution of obesity to the future ability of electric cars to back up the power grid. I am a versatile writer published in magazines and newspapers, podcasts, children's books, science textbooks, peer-reviewed scientific journals, and research reports. I am also available for research, content development, interpretive writing, script writing and/or hosting for non-fiction writing or broadcasting projects. I consistently deliver quality work on deadline. Check out testimonials about my work on LinkedIn and my clips at lesleyevansogden.com My goal: to inspire you with science!


15 Years
Technical Writer
15 Years
10 Years


Environment & Nature
15 Years
5 Years
15 Years


Academia Other
15 Years
Academia Teaching
10 Years
5 Years

Total Media Industry Experience

15 Years

Media Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

The Tri-City News (3-5), Cosmos magazine (1-2), Scientific American (1-2), Inspired magazine (1-2), The Georgia Straight (1-2), Defenders magazine (1-2), YES Mag (3-5), CBC (1-2), Canadian Running magazine (6-10), The Now (3-5), Natural History magazine (10+)

Corporate Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

BCIT (3-5), WWF Canada (3-5), FLAP (1-2), Parks Canada (1-2), Passion for Action (environmental education) (1-2), Science World (Museum) (1-2), Sinauer publishing (1-2)

Other Work History

Media officer at Science Media Centre of Canada, Oct 2011-2012. Sessional Lecturer in Environmental Sciences at the University of British Columbia for 3 years. Co-taught 4th year (undergraduate) Environmental Sciences thesis course. Sessional Lecturer at Simon Fraser University, Department of Biological Sciences (2009) Teaching BISC 304 (Animal Ecology), advanced level ecology. Curriculum development for BCIT Ecological Restoration Program (4 month contract in 2009). Designed and developed curriculum for 3 courses: Fundamental Biology for Ecological Restoration (1st year), Applied Conservation Biology (2nd year), and Population and Community Ecology (2nd year). Technical writing (web-based and programmatic) for Passion for Action, an Environmental Education Consulting company based in Vancouver, BC. (2 contracts in 2009). Media backgrounders for press releases, fact sheets, and technical reports for World Wildlife Fund Canada.

Technical Skills

Completed "Bootcamp for Journalists" with mediabistro.com, taught by former Cosmopolitain editor Celeste Mitchell. Completed "Feature Writing" with mediabistro.com with editor Joe Pappalardo. Completed TV News writing at mediabistro.com with Wendy Gillette.

Foreign Language Skills

Basic Spanish and French

Computer Skills

Word, Excel, Microsoft applications, Apple iWeb


Laptop, digital SLR camera, Zoom audio recorder


upon request - see my LinkedIn page


Two awards for public speaking during my PhD studies. Numerous scholarships and research grants for MSc and PhD.


Canadian Science Writer's Association