Leslie Simon

Los Angeles, CA USA

Professional Experience

Leslie Simon grew up in the scenic suburbs of Shaker Heights, OH, and spent much of her teens telling her parents she was at Arabica Coffee House when she was actually driving aimlessly around with her obnoxious friends. After graduating college with a degree she decided not to use, Leslie spent most of her 20s touring with bands, learning all their dirty secrets and then writing about them for various magazines. She eventually expanded her scope to include film reviews, television series recaps, album reviews and other pieces of editorial content about music, style and pop culture. Oh, and somewhere amidst the endless hours of interviews and transcription, she penned three books for HarperCollins. Despite opinions to the contrary, scientific testing has proven that Leslie is not immortal or bionic; she’s simply passionate about storytelling and will sacrifice all necessary sleep—and sanity—to connect with an audience and tell a tale in a way that’s never been told before.


Content Editor (online)
7 Years
Book Author
8 Years
13 Years


13 Years
13 Years
13 Years


Magazine - Large Consumer/National magazines
6 Years
Online/new media
1 Year
Book Publishing Consumer
3 Years

Total Media Industry Experience

13 Years



Feature on Dashboard Confessional in Alternative Press Magazine.
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