Lisa Selin Davis

Brooklyn, NY USA

Professional Experience

A freelance writer, editor and online consultant with 15 years experience, I have an extensive background in all things urban planning: architecture, design, environmental issues, housing and real estate. I also cover film, parenting, aging, health and many other subjects, in publications ranging from Time to the New York Times, Atlantic Cities to New York magazine. When I’m not writing articles, I’m helping other folks plan, design, build and execute websites. Specifically, I consult on editorial web projects to create online content and online community, helping people with everything from copywriting to SEO to links and partnerships with other sites. I’ve worked on sites for women scientists, aging New Yorkers and the real estate-obsessed. I’m also available for manuscript consulting, non-fiction book proposal writing and copywriting. You can see my own work at, and browse sites I've started, like and


Book Author
8 Years
6 Years
10 Years


Family, Children & Teenagers
8 Years
Real Estate
10 Years
Home & Garden
8 Years


Newspaper - National
9 Years
Magazine - Large Consumer/National magazines
9 Years
Online/new media
9 Years

Total Media Industry Experience

10 Years

Media Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs) (3-5), Wall Street Journal (10+), Time (3-5), AARP (3-5), Parenting (6-10), This Old House (6-10), New York (3-5), Salon (3-5), The Atlantic Cities (3-5), New York Times (6-10)

Corporate Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs) (10+), Senior Planet (10+), Warner Music (1-2), Brooklyn Borough President's Office (10+), Brennan Real Estate (6-10), QuestCorp Publishing (1-2), Telling Story, Inc. (1-2), Jungle Media (1-2)

Other Work History

I worked in the art department of film and television productions for 8 years, most recently at Nickelodeon's Blues Clues. Occasionally I do some copy- and promotional writing

Foreign Language Skills

intermediate French, basic Spanish

Computer Skills

Word, Excel, Photoshop, MAC OS10, Dreamweaver, HTML


MacBook, digital cameras


available upon request


NAREE Journalism Award, 2006 NAREE Bivins Fellowship, 2005 Mellon Research Grant, 2005 Fellowship, MacDowell Colony, 2006 Fellowship, VCCA, 2006 Fellowship, Ragdale Colony, 2006 Fellowship, Saltonstall Artists' Colony, 2005 Fellowship, Ledig House at Art Omi, 2004 Bread Loaf Writers' Conference Scholar, 2004


Author's Guild American Society of Journalists and Authors



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profile of second home community in western massachusetts.
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