Lorraine DePasque

Cedar Grove, NJ USA

Professional Experience

As an award-winning journalist and jewelry insider, I've been writing about fine jewelry for many years: what's new and next in jewelry and gem trends, how it relates to the latest fashion, and who's hot in design in the states and abroad. My specialties include: American designers, luxury, and Italian brands. I've been honored by the fine jewelry industry on many occasions for truthful, fair, accurate reporting. I can provide recommendations from editors, publishers, jewelry designers, retailers, and worldwide jewelry associations. After a consistent career as an on-staff editor for national magazines, I now freelance full-time for traditional and new media: consumer, trade, and custom publications, newsletters, and websites; plus corporate clients, requiring website content, press materials, and branding expertise. I have my own jewelry blog: The Jewelry Journalist (TM), and I am one of InStore Magazine's "expert bloggers."


Content Editor (online)
3 Years
30 Years
30 Years


Business (general)
5 Years
Other, Specify
23 Years
5 Years


Magazine - Large Consumer/National magazines
10 Years
Magazine - Trade magazines/publications (B2B)
23 Years
Online/new media
3 Years

Total Media Industry Experience

32 Years

Media Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

AddMoreColorToYourLife.com (6-10), InDesign Magazine (10+), InStore Magazine (10+), ACCENT Magazine (6-10), Tufts Communications (6-10), JQ International Magazine (3-5), Watch & Jewelry Review Magazine (1-2), Canadian Jeweller Magazine (1-2), National Jeweler Magazine (6-10), NICHE Magazine (1-2), ePRISM Online Newsletter (6-10), FashionFactsFolio.com Newsletter (10+)

Corporate Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

Committee for Colour & Trends (10+), The Silver Institute (3-5), Nina Forrest Jewelry Designs (1-2), J.R. De Bellard Fine Jewelry (1-2), American Gem Trade Association (AGTA) (6-10), Paul Sorvino Foods, Inc. (1-2), KWM Exclusives Inc. (1-2), Annie Fensterstock Fine Jewelry (1-2)

Other Work History

* Editor in Chief and Founding Editor: LUSTRE Magazine * Executive Editor, Jewelry and Fashion, and Special Projects Director: Modern Jeweler Magazine * Editor/Writer: Redbook; Good Housekeeping; The Star; Beauty Digest Magazine; Home Fashions Magazine; New Jersey Business Magazine

Computer Skills

Word; Microsoft Office Outlook; Windows 7; Windows XP; Blogspot; Twitter


HP Laptop; Dell Desktop; Digital Camera/Video Recorder (Canon PowerShot); Travel Tripod; Scanner; Fax; BlackBerry Global; Microcassette Audio Recorder; Standard Cassette Long-playing Audio Recorder; Unlimited Long Distance Coverage

Work Permits & Visas

U.S. Citizen


See References on www.linkedin.com/in/lorrainedepasque


* Award for Excellence, Editorial/Reporting/Publishing (Women's Jewelry Association) * Italian Jewelry Award (Italian Trade Commission) * High Achievement Award, Best Designer Advocate (Contemporary Design Group) * Highest Achievement Award, School of Communications (Seton Hall University)


MediaBistro AvantGuild Alumni Mentorship Program, Seton Hall University Women's Jewelry Association


JEWELRY: Trends, News, How-to, Editorials, Profiles

They're big and beautiful--and surely one of the hottest jewelry items for 2010!
I write this new monthly column, each time spotlighting one of the nation's top jewelers, who tells what works in their store and why. For this issue, hear what the owner of New Jersey's J. Thomas Jewelers has to say--particularly about the many shades of pearls.
His jewelry adorns the runway models of trendsetters like Monique Lhuillier and others. Talking one-on-one with the creative director and head designer of this international brand.
Begin with the basics, add statement pieces, and layer, layer, layer! Here's a step-by-step guide for every jewelry lover on how to accessorize with jewelry--right now.
Whether it's 24-karat gold or 24-karat platinum, this Turkish-born artisan is pure genius with metal. An exclusive interview and a retrospective of his work over the past ten years.
A personal remembrance and tribute to a design legend--from an editor who was his fan and friend.
Profile of a young, up-and-coming jewelry designer, Nicole Landaw, who employs ancient techniques for modern designs--and, in the process, has won coveted recognition from her peers.
Marilyn Monroe, legendary movie icon, was like a big sister to her. An exclusive interview with the woman who inherited many of Marilyn's precious jewels.
A luxury bridal designer takes the concept of education to a new level in an innovative way: partnering first with the legendary Town & Country magazine, then with The Knot's website for all things bridal.
A-list celebrities ignite the trend for "matchstick" earrings.
From cobalt to robin's-egg--think of President Obama's signature campaign necktie--blues become more and more important in the second half of the decade, says one of Western Europe's most plugged-in trend forecasters.
What do consumers think of tanzanite? How much do they really know about this gem? Is it a stone they prefer in luxury or in mass? These and many more questions will be answered in tanzanite's first-ever consumer study. And here, we present some of those findings--for the first-ever time in print.
In this Annual Fashion Issue, a look at the perfectly imperfect!
One of the four noble metals, palladium will be the next designer darling. Plus, as a bonus, a "Primer on Palladium."
A humorous, self-deprecating, first-person editorial on my second marriage---and the jewelry and fashions second-time brides want.
One-on-one with one of America's premier designers of fine jewelry.
A Work of Heart: How to make your wedding band into jewelry that says you, your husband, and someone long gone but always in your heart. (A first-person essay)
Designer-to-the-stars Loree Rodkin talks about "the highlight of her career."
Are special events trumping trunk shows? A look at the latest trend in selling jewelry during the economic downturn.
First he was an sculptor, then a jewelry designer. What's next for this award-winning artist from Santa Fe? Learn more in this interview with Somers Randolph.
Jewelry by a woman, for women. What's the secret behind her success? Here, an up-close and personal interview with the unstoppable Penny Preville.
Why pink? Why now? A special report on rose gold's imminent return to fashion--with insights from an international trend and color forecaster, a celebrity makeup artist, and luxury retailers like Brazilian-based brand H. Stern.
Ancient Indian influences signal gold's global direction for fall and holiday.
Meet Michael Bondanza: He's one of fine jewelry's distinct nobility of contemporary craftsmen. And now he's expanding his bridal territory.
A bright forecast on the future of natural color diamond jewelry--featuring an exclusive interview with the woman known as "the international color guru," Leatrice Eiseman of the Pantone Color Institute, as well as TV personality and jewelry and style expert, Michael O'Connor.
Judith Ripka is one of the world's most recognized designers: she's on QVC, has retail stores from Beverly Hills to Boca Raton, and her jewelry collection is in 275 stores across the globe. Here, Ms. Ripka discusses everything from her newest collection to her precious puppy, Pookie!
Jewelry for every age--here's what's hot!
Forbes Magazine's Editor in Chief and Forbes CEO--the man who once campaigned for the Republican nomination for president--talks about the economy.
How to wear silver to be at your shining--and most fashionable--best!
Say goodbye to in-your-face shades. The Manhattan-based founder of a leading forecasting firm is far from subtle when discussing the new discreet palette of the next five years.
Simon & Schuster's Editor in Chief makes time to talk about "Marking Time," his newest book on watches he has and those he would love to have!
His name is Zoltan, but you can call him Sir. Sir Zoltan David is one of contemporary jewelry's most talented artisans. Here's a retrospective of his often award-winning work, beginning from 1979.
Instantly update your jewelry wardrobe with rose gold jewelry--the year's red-hot accessory for sophisticated chic.
What do kids want? The sparkling must-haves for female fashionistas.
In a bleak economy, sterling silver is one of fine jewelry's bright spots. The Silver Institute has a shiny, new agenda for 2009--including a logo and a consumer website.


"Tell us some secrets," we asked--and he did! A revealing profile of the man who is surely the most recognized contemporary Italian jewelry name in America.
One of Italy's hottest young designers talks about his signature style and newest collection in this exclusive interview.
This is one of the first articles on a new trend: established Italian luxury brands banding under one umbrella company. Illaria Furlotti, CEO of one such venture, tells us she sees herself as "the director of a movie with a lot of stars."
From Milan's Pasquale Bruni to Florence's Orlando Orlandini, some of Italy's native sons show us originality in technology as well as design.
For new designs and themes, Mother Naure--"Mama Natura" in Italy--is a strong guiding force.
A roundup of the best trends in Italy, sure to make their way to the states by summer!
I'm a Contributing Writer for this online newsletter of the Committee for Colour & Trends, an international forecaster on fashion, accessories, and color for retailers, fashion houses, designers, manufacturers, importers, and wholesalers.
Italy was one of the first countries to trend toward a soft and romantic fashion mood--and they did it with satin-finished rose gold and lustrous pearls.
Here, I created and developed a section as a special editorial salute to luxury Italian jewelry's past and present, featuring, among other articles, an interview with the legendary Gianmaria Buccellati and a discussion of the world-traveling Castellani exhibit.
It's amore--style-setters adore Italian clothing and, by extension, Italian jewelry. Luxury retailers talk about the objects of their customers' affection.
An unanticipated report on Italian jewelry that's being inspired by India. Some say it's part of the Global Quake macro trend, which will evolve at least through 2010.
An editorial on Italy's new Afrocentric chic--a trend mixing everything from rough-hewn finishes to horn and ebony.
One of Capri's most animated designers, Pippo Perez, makes Murano glass ithe focus of a capricious new collection: jewelry to bring smiles during troubling times.
What's fresh out of Italy this year? Among other fare, "Italian lite."
In insider's look into the newest trends in "made in Italy."

NEW MEDIA: Web Content

As the first Guest Editor for "Silver News," the new online newsletter of The Silver Institute, I talk--opinionate--about what really makes sterling silver jewelry a designer piece.
I am a Contributing Editor for this consumer website of the AGTA, generating and writing stories on trends in gems, jewelry, designers, and fashion.
Five fabulous trends we love . . . and predict will be hot for the holidays. (I'm a Contributing Writer for this online newsletter of the international forecasting firm, Committee for Colour & Trends.)
Wrote press release for national media distribution and subsequent posting on website for launch of actor Paul Sorvino's new pasta sauce line. Story ran coast to coast, from The Los Angeles Times to Forbes.com and The Hollywood Reporter. (TO VIEW: Click "News," then "Press Release.")
Wrote website copy and helped craft brand voice and identity for this Albuquerque, New Mexico, jewelry designer, who specializes in one-of-a-kind handmade pieces. Copy included: Home Page and "About the Designer" Bio. Branding included: creating Company Tagline, Blog Title, and Elevator Pitches.
Wrote "Artist Bio" for the redesigned website of this Brooklyn-based goldsmith, whose hand-fabricated designs are sold in the best luxury jewelers nationwide.
The new browns are "not your mother's earthtones"! What trendsetting gems to wear with this year's taupe, tan, and Tuscany!
Created all copy, including company bio, artist statement, and collections/product descriptions for this new website for J.R. De Bellard, an upscale 18-karat gold jewelry collection from a Venezuelan-born designer recently on the American scene.
The top trends to brighten up a wardrobe in a bleak economy. (I'm a Contributing Writer for this online newsletter of the international forecasting firm, Committee for Colour & Trends.)


A travel guide for doing business in Baltimore: the best hotels, restaurants, plus sites to see in your spare time!


A true-false nutrition quiz to help readers stay slim and healthy.