Lou Anne Reddon

5815 Swayze Drive, Unit 12 Niagara Falls, ON Canada L2J 3W3
Website: www.lareddon.com

Professional Experience

You have gifts to share with the world that no one else has. But if writing isn’t one of them, that’s okay. Relax! Because when words fail you, I won’t. I’ve been a copywriter, editor and ghostwriter for a dog’s age. Let me tell you a story. A few years ago, I was listed here on Media Bistro. Someone like you was looking for a copywriter to help him create an e-brochure to promote his very high-end, upscale services. I was curious. Why would a big-name real estate guy in New York City – the media mecca of the world – consider hiring me? A Canadian, eh? He said my profile stood out because it showed personality and a sense of humour. He hired me. I loved the project and our collaboration. He loved the results. Isn’t personality what you want YOUR writing to express? Not just to communicate your offering or ideas, but to genuinely understand and connect with your audience? He also appreciated that I was responsive, polite, and very easy to work with. Sound good? Please get in touch soon!


25 Years
15 Years
Other, Specify
10 Years


Consumer Products
20 Years
Business (general)
35 Years
20 Years


Advertising, client side
15 Years
Advertising - all
25 Years
Book Publishing Consumer
10 Years

Total Media Industry Experience

10 Years

Corporate Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

Canadian Tire Corporation (10+), Staples Canada (10+)

Other Work History

Freelance clients past and present: IKO Industries (roofing manufacturer), Walmart, Shopper's Drugmart, Beaver Lumber, Home Hardware, Staples, Canadian Tire, National Geographic, Ace's Pilot Shop, Irvin Airchute, Franklin Covey, ABB, holistic health practitioners. The website listed above specializes in writing for manufacturing, construction and the trades. I have years of B2C and B2B writing in several other industries. I have ghostwritten, edited and provided help in self-publishing non-fiction since 2008. Details at www.bookghoster.com Currently working on a website that offers naming services. Stay tuned!

Foreign Language Skills

French (fluent) Italian & Spanish (read/write)

Computer Skills

MS Word, PowerPoint, Google Docs, Outlook


Association of Ghostwriters



Based on agency-supplied keywords, I wrote this SEO'd blog article that helped the company rank on the first page of Google and drove increased traffic to its website.