Melissa Roth


Professional Experience

Left- and right-brained copywriter, brand and product marketing pro with 360 skills and a track record of moving the needle on both traffic and revenue. Skills: Insight-driven content strategy | Ad product ideation and ad sales marketing | Holistic RFP management | Integrated marketing strategy and execution | Content strategy and copywriting | Partnership marketing | Audience development.


7 Years
Sales Manager/Exec.
4 Years
Social Media
8 Years


9 Years
4 Years
4 Years


Advertising agency
8 Years
Online/new media
8 Years
Advertising, client side
9 Years

Total Media Industry Experience

12 Years

Media Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

TV (Amazon Studios, HBO, Fox Broadcast) (10+), Media outlets (IMDb, eGuiders, Fitness, Watercooler) (10+), Platforms / start-ups (Watercooler) (10+)

Corporate Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

Toyota (6-10), Cox Digital Media (10+)

Other Work History

21st Century Fox: Brand strategist who quarterbacked RFPs from major advertisers including AT&T, Microsoft, Amazon, P&G, Pepsi, Samsung, etc. ||| Amazon Studios: Wore several hats during early days, including integrated marketing strategy, partnership marketing, ecosystem marketing, brand, series, and awards campaigns. ||| Cox Digital Media: Ad solutions marketing manager. Helped ideate insight-driven native and interactive ad products, content hubs, and campaign strategy and executions. Worked with UX, engineering, ad ops. Led RFPs for major auto and insurance brands. ||| HBO Digital: Content strategist, writer, and producer for digital, mobile, email, and social content. Created new discovery products and destinations. Managed production and post-production. ||| SiTV: Marketing strategist, copywriter, and digital content producer for departments including Digital, Programming, Marketing and Business Development.

Foreign Language Skills


Computer Skills

Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Keynote, Google Analytics, AirTable, WordPress, SQL (101), XML, Final Draft, Elementor Pro, Content Symphony, HTML, MailChimp, HubSpot.


upon request


Surprise Golden Globe award for Best Comedic Series for Transparent, which we launched with a very small start-up staff and budget.


Content Strategy & Copywriting

Helped create awards campaign positioning for Amazon Original Series, drafting mission statements, ad taglines, emails to voters and social messaging.
Sponsored news content teasing Original Series themes and storylines, which ran across Yahoo and Social.
High praise from the head of Amazon for my launch email messaging unveiling "Transparent" to Amazon audiences.
Spearheaded select RFPs from major advertisers. Conducted and analyzed all research, led brainstorms, helped develop and vet new ad products. Conceptualized and pitched brand-integrated content and co-marketing campaigns. Created partner architecture, themes, data narratives, and final proposals. Worked cross-functionally to develop budgets, pricing, and timelines. Presented to brands and agencies.
Led brand strategy, research and insights analysis, ideation, and content development for brand-integrated destinations, video series, and editorial content. Developed and executed audience development strategies.
Work with executives across marketing, ad sales, research, web analytics and programming to create high-impact ad sales collateral, online sales kits, and RFP response proposals. Participate in the research, strategy, positioning, mock ad copywriting and PowerPoint deck writing and editing.
Wrote highest converting copy to tease new series, new episodes, and new merchandise from the HBO Store. Ex: "What to wear when the Feds show up? Greet your guests in this plush Tony Soprano bathrobe. (Perfect for distracting wardrobe malfunctions.)" *** "'Had they no shame?' The moment has arrived...Rome is back. In the wake of Caesar's murder, allegiances are tested, fortunes are gained and lost, and families and political factions find themselves in an elaborate struggle to rule the Empire." *** "What happens when a beleaguered background artist finally catches his big break? Andy Millman just got his own TV sitcom, and his life is about to change." *** "Just when you thought you were out... Spend some quality time with The Family and catch up on Season Six. Tony contemplates the road not taken as Carmela contemplates life without him, and suddenly everyone's life seems up for grabs."
Participated in concepting, research, copywriting, UI, data aggregation, testing and optimization for new interactive ad products. Developed content strategies to help integrate relevant site content (best of consumer reviews, ratings, awards and video) with toolbars, MRECs, sidekicks and overlays -- creating a highly relevant, immersive experience.
Helped to conceptualize and pitch a "future of green cars" sponsored content package to Toyota Global Marketing, ultimately leading to WSJ and National Geographic advertorial spreads. Conducted all research, reporting, writing and editing, working with domestic and international government agencies and Toyota representatives in Japan, Europe and the U.S.. Role included initial media planning and outreach and infographics research, data compilations and vendor sourcing.
Wrote weekly episode previews and post-air date episode guides for shows including Big Love, Entourage, The Wire, Rome, Extras, Deadwood and The Comeback. Edited guides for Six Feet Under and The Sopranos.
Worked with c.2k's multi-lingual creative team to develop strategy and copy platforms for Toyota Global campaigns in markets including Africa, China, Mexico and Europe. Wrote headlines, taglines and scripts for :30 spots. Highlights: "The Art of Power" :30 spot and "Our Roots Run Deep" billboard campaign for Toyota Africa.
Conceptualized, developed, wrote/edited all copy and promoted this "flashback tour" of 50 memorable Sex and the City scenes, mapping/spotlighting where they took place in New York. (Copy limitation: 70 characters or less)
A daily blog devoted to entertainment news, with a focus on HBO talent and their "ripple effect." Helped develop, report, write and produce through QA.
Wrote story extensions for Entourage including "Ari's Guide to Closing the Deal" and "Entourage Guide to Hollywood Lexicology," which deciphered the secret code of Ari Speak: "Like national security operatives and preschool twins, people in The Industry have their own special language, a secret code designed to keep the riff raff from understanding their conversations. Simple business practices are tricked up to bamboozle outsiders. They will tell you it's a way to keep important plot elements from leaking to innocent bystanders, but don't buy it. Just learn to crack the code.
"Take a walk through the years - your own and the Sopranos'. Soon you'll be transported to Tony's Trans Am, circa 1977, getting your Jersey Bounce on the Turnpike." *** "From Don Gibson's country twang to the Beach Boys' God Only Knows, our Big Love iMix is as sprawling as the Henrickson family tree."***"Is life feeling a little too precious for words? Get an attitude adjustment with our Lucky Louie iMix." *** Robert Kelly's Playlist -- The Tourgasm star's playlist "makes you feel good about being a loser." If you've never been an outsider, or depressed, or destructive in anyway, then don't listen to this man's iTunes iMix -- it isn't for you. * * * Ginnifer Goodwin -- The Big Love star and Memphis native played Johnny Cash's first wife in Walk the Line, so she knows a thing or two about music.
Work with ad products, UX, UI, research, and product managers on strategy, navigation, naming, copy and calls-to-action for mobile applications. Create original copy and adapt existing copy for mobile-user optimization.
Launched and built social media channels for entertainment start-up. Created social content copy, images, and engagement strategy -- customizing for each platform. Organic engagement case study: 19%
Contributed to strategy, writing, production and post-production of multi-platform interactive companion content for David Milch series, including webisodes, social media profiles and content, and immersive websites.
Sample conceptual ideas of comedic branded entetainment.
High-level strategy slide with research and insights alignments.
BRAND CHALLENGE: Connect with 30-something frequent business travelers in a smart, witty and no-nonsense experience they'd expect from Holiday Inn Express, the Stay Smart brand. THE CONCEPT: A daily interactive web series and companion destination site hosted by a comedic male-female duo who travel across the U.S. staying only in Holiday Inn Express hotels - gathering surprising and fun tips from viewers, hotel staff tied to the theme of "What's so smart about America." Portal destination included a booking engine. ROLE: As part of an HBO/AOL JV, worked on original RFP, conducting research, drafting concepts and treatments, and creating destination specs. RESULT: Reached 1M+ users in season 2. HIE renewed the series (even after the HBO/AOL JV disbanded). OMMA Award winner for best integrated Online Campaign.

Content / Editorial

A peak into the "generational showdown" between old-school Hollywood and basement-bred YouTube stars at the annual awards show for web video.
Served as a Founding eGuider, helping with initial content strategy for online video start-up. Wrote and edited blog entries, articles and social media content about topics including viral hits, TV online extensions, film shorts and branded content.
A look at the sponsors behind brand-integrated web video hits -- and a historical tour of branded entertainment.
An in-depth look at why so many recent presidents, including Obama, have been left-handed. Pitched to Arts & Style editor, conducted reporting, wrote and fact-checked.
"If you're watching your calories -- or your life expectancy -- a few fast rules to follow if you eat out at a popular restaurant chain."


Branded content strategy and execution