Natalia Provatas


Professional Experience

I'm a freelancer based in Los Angeles. Most recently, I helped to write copy for On The Inside, an art show of currently incarcerated LGBTQ artists. I write for Creator Magazine, Dame Magazine, The Gloss, and most recently Refinery 29. I write about my body, sex, and most recently my experience with Breast cancer.


5 Years
2 Years
Social Media
2 Years


4 Years
Women's Issues
4 Years
8 Years


Film/entertainment - all
8 Years
Online/new media
3 Years
3 Years

Total Media Industry Experience

10 Years

Media Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

The Gloss (6-10)

Corporate Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

Dreamworks Animation (3-5)

Other Work History

Freelance writer for Dame magazine, Creator Magazine, as well as in-house copy writer and story editor for Tatiana Von Furstenberg.

Foreign Language Skills


Computer Skills

Mac and PC, Final Draft, Word, Excel, Photoshop, Final Cut


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After a heart wrenching breakup, I posed as "Big Ted" on the popular gay hook-up ap to get my groove back.
After learning that my mother and all her friends were avid masturbators and sex-toy enthusiasts, I tried to use a vibrator for the first time. His name was Steve.
After being told I wasn't feminine enough by my boyfriend of five years, I entered began a heartbreaking search for my brand of womaness.
I explore the reasons why, at 28 years old, I was terrified to go to the lady doctor.
It took the power of being naked in front of other woman, to finally give me permission to love my own body.
A one-night stand goes horribly wrong.
I chronicle my new obsession: Sephora
I gave the Diva Cup a whirl, and become a woman.
It was my first month on the job, and my new employer took me to a sex retreat.
After a few questionable choices, It was time my vagina got sober.
Why is it that a woman can be well-accomplished, but the only thing we seem to care about is whether or not she's dating?
I go deep into the seedy world of South Pasadena to uncover the secrets of the Bullet Proof Biohacking conference.