Julie Winn

Paris, France

Professional Experience

American/Irish writer, longterm expat in Paris, excellent French & German, perfectly at home in French language, literature, history, politics, French popular culture, familiar with all of western Europe. Write on travel, social, political and literary life, with a human interest perspective. Popular blog (1 million + pageviews) since 2004. Translator for a news website, translating articles from major foreign newspapers: Le Monde, Les Echos, La Stampa, Die Zeit, etc. Interested in politics, science, literature, history, travel. Yale BA Chinese Studies, Sorbonne translation (French & German to English) MA in 2013. Have lived in London, Munich, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Ireland. Good Italian and Spanish. Will travel. Wrote chapters in various books: on education in France; French names; Paris travel; global population from a political perspective, etc.


Copy Editor
2 Years
2 Years
20 Years


Family, Children & Teenagers
24 Years
Books & Literature
Entry Level
Entry Level


Magazine - Large Consumer/National magazines
2 Years
Online/new media
10 Years
15 Years

Total Media Industry Experience

20 Years

Other Work History

Newsletter editor, Paris, 5 years; Saturday Review magazine, copy editor; Cousteau Society, wrote 25% of 800-p "Environmental Almanac"; freelance copy editor for major NYC publishers, inc. Knopf, Macmillan and McGraw-Hill; Foreign Policy Association, asst. editor and writer for "Great Decisions"; translator, blogger, editor, copy editor.

Technical Skills

Photo editing, basic website building, site design, analytics, SEO

Foreign Language Skills

French, German, Italian, Spanish. Also mid-level Chinese


Former member of Newspaper Guild.

Computer Skills

Up to date: Photoshop, Word, XML, Mac and PC, etc. Blogs since 2004. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc.


digital cameras, audio recorder

Work Permits & Visas

Legal resident, can work legally in USA, European Union, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Commonwealth


Available on request.


All four of my kids are friends with me on Facebook. Blogs: more than 1 million pageviews.


Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators



TRANSLATION from German, article on declining German birthrate
TRANSLATION from German, poem by Heinrich Heine
TRANSLATION from French, excerpt, from poem "At Villequier," by Victor Hugo, lament for his beloved daughter, drowned at 19.
Translation from the <i>Histoire secrète de la Ve République</i> (pub. Nov 2006)
Translation from <i>Histoire secrète de la Ve République</i> (November 2006)
The Munich <i>Abendzeitung</i>'s A to Z guide to the Oktoberfest
Translation of article in the <i>Parisien</i> on the man claiming to be the real <i>Papillon</p> [as in the Steve McQueen movie].


Lumilinna, in Kemi near the Arctic Circle, has the largest ice building in the world. It takes three months to build.
Rocks near Acoma Pueblo, New Mexico
The walled town of Dinan, one of the best-preserved in France, has a "Ramparts Fair" in July of even-numbered years, when the entire town dresses in medieval clothes for three days.


sample page 3e (Large)
This is part of a chapter for a proposed Young Adult book on World War II.


Explanation of the Clearstream Affair which has roiled French political waters