Renee Hewitt

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Professional Experience

CURIOUS, BOLD, AND LOVE BEING BUSY WRITER, COPYWRITER, AND CONTENT STRATEGIST I love working with words. Words create change. When words are strung together, they become powerful tools that can motivate, inspire, engage, educate, and persuade. The right words can also form valuable connections and I’ve been connecting people my entire career as a versatile and enthusiastic writer, copywriter, and content producer. Armed with a senior-level editor’s instincts for storytelling, a managing editor’s attention to detail, a copy editor’s eye for accuracy, and a publicist’s ability to think strategically, my passion and creativity come through in all of my work. My writing always has a clear purpose and seamlessly infuses a company’s/brand’s voice with all relevant details into a clear and compelling story that aligns with their business goals and enhances their communication programs.


30 Years
30 Years
30 Years


25 Years
30 Years
Consumer Products
25 Years


Marketing (firm) - Fortune 1000 corp. clients
30 Years
Pr/marketing - all
30 Years
Online/new media
20 Years

Total Media Industry Experience

30 Years

Media Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

Birding Unlimited LLC ( (10+)

Corporate Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

Sibu Beauty (10+), innRoad (6-10), Health eCareers (6-10), WakeMate (3-5), Lullubee (6-10), DiBi DiBi Nation (6-10), Max Hansen Kitchen (3-5), Physical Advantage Massage Therapy Center (3-5), Weybridge Strategies (3-5), Topical BioMedics (10+), Weil-McLain (10+), salesSPECTRUM (6-10), American Sentinel University (10+), Automated Pet Care Products (Litter-Robot) (10+), Balchem (10+), Big Arrow Group (10+), Cacique (10+), Crispy Green (10+), Flocabulary (10+), Fortitech (10+), KL Bag Company (Shusokumb) (10+), Komal Herbals (10+), Latitude (10+), Marconi Marketing Group (10+), Media Logic (10+), Percepture (10+), Poll Position (10+), RFA (Richard Fleischman & Associates) (10+), RMD Networks (Reach My Doctor) (10+), Cambridge University Press (10+), Birding Unlimited LLC (intoBirds) (10+), Upswing (10+), WebPurify (10+), Augusta HiTech (1-2), Whystle (1-2), Dr. Sears Wellness Institute (1-2), Mealime (1-2), Vanguard Communications (1-2), Candlewood Aesthetics (10+)

Other Work History

President & Editor-in-Chief at, 2017- Present | PR, Marketing & Content Director at Hewitt PR & Content Marketing, 2004 - Present | PR Director at Mobius Management Systems Technology Company, 1999-2004 | Account Supervisor at Edelman Public Relations, 1998 | Account Manager at PR Works, 1991-1997 | Copywriter at Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising, 1990-1991

Technical Skills

Google Analytics | Google Adwords | KPI | SEO | SEM

Foreign Language Skills



Freelancer’s Union

Computer Skills

Proficient in Mac Platform: Google Docs, Microsoft Office Suite, WordPress, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pitch Engine, Yoast, Google Analytics, Google AdWords, SEO, SEM, KPI, SEM Rush, Final Cut Pro, Photoshop, Cision, Meltwater, and Vocus.


iPad Pro | iPhone | iMac | Mac Book Air

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Available Upon Request


Earned two platinum and two gold MarCom Creative Awards in the Media Relations/Publicity categories for work on Crispy Green


Public Relations Society America (PRSA) | Independent Practitioners Alliance (PRSA) | NYC PRSA Chapter | Public Relations & Communications Freelance Network | Marketing & PR Innovators | Marketers on Twitter | Marist College Alumni Association | Public Relations and Communications Professionals | Greenwich Audubon Society | Dutchess County ASPCA | Ulster County ASPCA | Ridgefield Playhouse | Proud supporter of Catherine Violet Hubbard Animal Sanctuary

Work Samples

Editorial & Content Writing:

Living in the Birding Moment: When Photographings Birds Take Time Out to Enjoy the Bird’s Natural Habitat, and Remember to Breathe
Keeping Your Backyard Hummingbird-friendly: Steps to Protect Your Hummingbirds So You and Your Family Enjoy Hours of Birdwatching Fun
Red Birds and Blue Birds Without the Politics: Birdwatching is the Ultimate Escapism From Politics
Got a Backyard Cooper’s Hawk? There Will be Blood: The Cooper’s Hawk Art of Hunting
Never Arm Wrestle a Bald Eagle: A Raptor’s Talons Have Fierce Gripping Power?
Catch Fish, Not Birds with Fishing Line: Fishing Line, Hooks, and Nets Poses Serious Threat to Birds and Wildlife
Born with Running Shoes On: Meet the Killdeer
How to Beat the Birding Blues: Things We Can Share Together While We’re Apart
Christine’s Critters Virtual Programs Provide Daily Science Lessons to Entertain and Educate Kids
Speaking of Tongues: Interesting Facts About a Bald Eagle’s Tongue
Helping Backyard Birds in the Winter: Food, Shelter, and Other Necessities Keep Winter Birds Safe
Meet North America’s Smallest Falcon, the American Kestrel
Seeing Eye to Eye with a Harris’s Hawk: Holding a Harris’s Hawk
Welcoming Winter Birds to Your Backyard: Provide Food, Shelter, and Water to Keep Winter Birds Safe?
White-throated Sparrow is the Beautiful Whistler of the North
If Barn Owls Are A Farmer’s Best friend, Then Why Are We Killing Them with Rat Poison?
Why is This Bird Wearing Leather Anklets? No, That’s Not Bird Jewelry
Noisy Guardians of the Water Ways: Meet the Belted Kingfisher
Owl’s Eye Color Indicates Time of Day They Predominantly Hunt
Save Birds with 8 Simple Steps to Make Your Lifestyle Bird-friendly
See Karen Kent’s New Owls on Display at The Stand Vegan Café in Fairfield, Connecticut Through October 21, 2019
Birding at the RISD Museum. You Can See Birds Everywhere You Go, You Just have to Look
Seeing Red-tailed Hawks Give Insight Into Life
Artist Expresses Joy for Birds with Watercolor Paintings
Bird Poop on Car Mirrors is Annoying, But Taking a Few Steps Can Curb This Behavior
Birdwatching Provides Health Benefits for Birdwatchers Beyond the Joy Seeing Nature’s Beautiful Visual Aesthetic Treats
If You Find Fledgling Birds, Please Leave Them Alone
Peregrine Falcon’s Eyesight Functions in a World Moving Much Faster Than Our Own
What Bird Species Would You Be? With 10,000 Bird Species to Choose from, There’s a Bird That Matches You
The Gray Catbird – The Cat’s Meow of Birds. What This Bird Lacks in Color It Makes Up with in Personality
Don’t Be a Bird Snob. Enjoy Sharing Your Bird Photos Over Social Media and Helping Others Connect with Nature
Discover The Joys of Patch Birding. Find Your Magical Bird Patch and Connect with Nature
Tucked away deep in the woods with a view of the magnificent Shawangunk Ridge in picturesque Ulster County, New York lives a young woman fascinated with abandoned homes and giving them new life and purpose.
Using Nesting Materials to Attract Birds to Your Backyard If You Offer It, They Will Build
Feature story about living life a bird
Feature story profiling Austin, Texas-based artist Carly Weaver, who uses Common Grackles as her muse.
Feature story discussing why poisons used to kill rodents pose fatal threat to birds of prey and other qildlife
Feature story discussing why it’s important to think about a bird’s well-being before sharing bird sightings over social media because of the dangers it can bring wildlife.
Feature story about delightful and energetic forest sparrows called Dark-eyed Juncos that suddenly show up in your backyard when it snows.
Feature story profiling Australian birdlife artist Nicky Shelton and her gift for capturing the unique charisma and personality of feathered subjects in spectacular oil paintings.
Feature story profiling the Northern Goshawks - one of the most aggressive and fiercest birds of prey.
Feature story profiling Osprey - magnificent fish-eating birds with a cosmopolitan range.
Feature story about patch birder, and author of the book, Birding at the Bridge: In Search of Every Bird on the Brooklyn Waterfront.
Christine's Critter's was featured on CBS News NY as a result of the story written about her on
Feature story about wildlife artist transforming feathers into delicate works of art
Feature story profiling how the Spectacled Owl lives up to its name
Feature story about of Impact of plastic straws on wildlife and birds
Feature story about discussing how carelessness of humanity kills birds
Feature story profiling Instagram artist
Feature story profiling the impact the sight and sounds of fireworks have on birds
Christine's Critters feature on CBS News (NY) as a result of the feature story on
Feature story about reasons to love bird watching
Feature story profiling why lead poisoning is a growing concern for birds of prey
Christine's Critter's was featured on Good Morning CT as a result of the story written about her on
Feature story discussing why we need to protect the The Migratory Bird Act (MBTA) of 1918
Feature story profiling the Black-capped Chickadee
Feature story profiling how Bald Eagles are dying from lead poisoning at alarming rates
Feature story about Peter Kilham, an engineer at Droll Yankees, (manufacturere of bird feeders) and how he changed bird feeder design forever
Feature story profiling the day I spent intoBirds flying with a falconry bird
Feature story profiling injured birds of prey given a second chance at life
Feature story about female falconer and wildlife rehabilitator giving injured birds of prey a second chance at life
Feature story profiling a CT artist soaring to new heights with a series of owl paintings
Feature story profiling artist James ‘Jimbot’ Demski
Feature story catching up with Wild Kingdom’s star Jim Fowler: Part 2
Feature story catching op with Wild Kingdom’s star Jim Fowler: Part 1
Post from 'Must Love Owls' blog on

Education Tech: Media Placements

Fayetteville State University has launched a partnership with Upswing, an educational technology firm to provide educational tools to help the university build and improve its personal connection with students.
In an effort to improve persistence among first-year students, Winston-Salem State University is tapping education tools from Upswing to boost students' writing and research skills.
Using AI To Create A Sense Of Community On College Campuses
EdTech startup, Upswing CEO Melvin Hines says Twitter took a significant step forward in underscoring the demand for non-traditional students by launching the Twitter Engineering Apprenticeship Program.
South Carolina's Claflin University is working with ed tech startup Upswing to offer a variety of support resources for its online students. The historically black institution is looking to better engage students and improve outcomes, according to Syed Hasnain, director of online education at the university.
Claflin University is the 11th and most recent historically Black college or university to partner with Texas-based education tech start-up Upswing to help their online students connect to support resources on campus. The collaboration will involve Upswing creating an engagement platform customized to fit the particular needs of students attending the New Orleans institution online.
Education technology startup Upswing announced that it has raised $2 million from education partners to further efforts to improve college success and completion.
UP AND AT 'EM: Upswing, an Austin, Texas-based provider of support services to prevent drop out among online and non-traditional students, has raised $2 million in a fundraising round from Impact America Fund, Rethink Education, Lumina Foundation and Strada.
Upswing, an Austin edtech startup, has developed an app that is specially designed for non-traditional and diverse students. And, after being awarded with a grant by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation last year, the company now has additional runway to expand its offerings and help 50,000 college students graduate by 2020.
Upswing, an education technology startup, has raised $2 million in its latest round of funding from education partners Impact America Fund, Rethink Education, Lumina Foundation, and Strada. Upswing says it is leading the charge to improve college student success using technology to provide academic support and accessibility for students of all types.
Campus Technology profiles how Winston-Salem State University's use of Upswing's student success solutions increased its student’s writing grades by 20 percent, and math grades by 10 percent.

Technology: Media Placements

New App Called Whystle is a Recall Database: Could it Save Lives? A new app called Whystle has been developed to let the public know of up-to-date recalls on products and food. Lauren Bell, a former Department of Justice prosecutor and mother of four, launched the app she named Whystle, to be a single source of information consumers can access daily recalls.
Mealime is best overall meal planning app providing nutrition tips and cooking tricks right at your fingertips.
Use Mealime app to order groceries online or create a shareable shopping list.
Content marketing will continue to be an invaluable element of every organization’s marketing strategy in 2020. And based on predictions from the International Data Corporation, consumers will surpass marketers in terms of content creation by 2020. This is why WebPurify says it’s important to spend quality time planning your user-generated content (UGC) campaigns for the upcoming year.
WebPurify has launched a limited beta release of Optical Character Recognition Profanity Filter Service. It combines WebPurify's Optical Character Recognition technology with its profanity filter solution into a single API.
Content-moderation industry leader WebPurify provide insight to Reuters news story about identifying violent videos on UGC platforms.
Augusta HiTech has launched its One Med Chart, a patient-controlled electronic medical records (EMR) blockchain platform. This introduces real-time EMR sharing between patients and emergency medical services (EMS).
Press coverage profiling Augusta HiTech's launch of One Med Chart, a blockchain-powered patient-controlled electronic medical records (EMR) platform bringing real-time EMR sharing between patients and emergency medical services (EMS).
Press coverage profiling Augusta HiTech's launch of One Med Chart, a blockchain-powered patient-controlled electronic medical records (EMR) platform bringing real-time EMR sharing between patients and emergency medical services (EMS).
Press coverage profiling Augusta HiTech's launch of One Med Chart, a blockchain-powered patient-controlled electronic medical records (EMR) platform bringing real-time EMR sharing between patients and emergency medical services (EMS).

Healthcare and Nursing: Media Placements

“The fact that, for now, providers can use any nonpublic-facing remote communication tool is a sea change for doctors and for patients,” Neil H. Baum, MD, chief medical advisor at Vanguard Communications, a health care marketing and practice improvement firm, told Healio Primary Care.
Helth Exec profiles the marketing pitfalls healthcare companies fall in, according to the findings of healthcare marketing company Smith & Jones recent 6th annual 10 Big Mistakes to Avoid trends report.
Becker's Hospital Review profiles the 10 marketing tactics that are likely to be hugely detrimental to healthcare organizations in the coming year and should therefore be avoided at all costs.
American Sentinel University now offers a free e-book as a guide to help nurses prevent common hospital-acquired infections. The e-book, Are You Prepared to Identify and Prevent the Three Infections That Make Up Two-Thirds of All Healthcare-associated Infections," focuses on preventing central line-associated bloodstream infections, catheter-associated urinary tract infections and ventilator-associated pneumonia.
Nurses who want to climb the career ladder should seek memberships at professional organizations, as they can be a valuable resource, according to Kim Dority, a career coach at American Sentinel University.
According to Ramona Yehle, PhD, MS, RN, adjunct professor, graduate nursing programs at American Sentinel University, nurses working in the specialized field of nursing informatics are thriving. She’s not alone among healthcare leaders who are predicting that nursing informatics is a trend that’s here to stay.
American Sentinel University is a good choice for military students as they can study from any location around the world.
Ultimately, it was weather that brought Sharon Sikora to the West Coast. A native of Dearborn, Michigan, Sikora “lived through all those lovely winters with the snow and the cold and the ice,” with her husband, Lenny Munari, a native Chicagoan.
Medical surgical nurse Sally Brown got her start in the field as a teen, working as an aide at the Beacon Light nursing home in Marne, Michigan. Although she later held office and factory jobs, a love of caring for those in need returned her to Beacon Light as an adult. When her supervisor there inspired her to pursue her associate’s degree, Brown attended Grand Rapids Community College en route to becoming an RN. She had married and welcomed her first daughter, Tricia, by then, and ended up having her second, Kelly, while still in school.

Editorial & Content Writing: Candlewood Aesthetics

What do What do the Heather Graham and Candlewood Aesthetics and Laser Center’s Dr. Satchi have in common? They’re both featured in the Winter issue of LeFair Magazine.
Tis the season for holiday get-togethers and now is a great time to begin prepping for holiday parties and offers tips for some well-deserved pampering to add sparkle to your holiday style. Holidays are all about capturing lifelong memories.
People always want to look as young as they feel. And now, thanks to new non-invasive cosmetic treatments such as Botox and fillers, people can turn back the clock without surgery.
The holidays are just around the corner and now is a great time to begin prepping for holiday parties and treating yourself to some well-deserved pampering. Holiday get-togethers and reunions with friends and family make us want to look and feel our best. Many of us just need a magical dose of holiday sparkle. If you want to make your skin glisten, then consider a Dracula Facial Treatment.
You said, “Yes.” The band was chosen. You managed to color-coordinate the napkins to the bridesmaid’s shoes. What’s next to address on the to-do list? The months of wedding planning and stress will take its toll on your skin. Now’s the time to plan for a little pampering and refreshing for you and your bridal party to get your glam on and get ready for your close up.
What do a bridal hairstylist, a cancer survivor, husband and wife, art studio owner, mother, and daughter and OBGYN nurse have in common? Each had their life transformed as part of Candlewood Aesthetics & Laser Center’s Total Beauty Makeover.