Ronda Swaney

Charlotte, NC USA

Professional Experience

As a B2B writer, ghostwriter, and content marketer, I work with healthcare, IT and technology companies. I take complex content and make it simple and easy for your customers to understand. I write, ghost write, blog and ghost blog for multiple tech and healthcare companies. I also write case studies, success stories, white papers, eBooks, and articles for a variety of clients. If you suspect your B2B writing could be better with some professional help, please reach out.


15 Years
15 Years
Technical Writer
15 Years


6 Years
Home & Garden
15 Years
15 Years


Marketing (firm) - Fortune 1000 corp. clients
5 Years
Book Publishing Consumer
10 Years
Marketing (in-house) - Small to mid-sized corp. cl
15 Years

Total Media Industry Experience

20 Years

Media Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

Wakefield Living (10+), Home By Design (10+), At Home in Arksansas (3-5), The Pulse of IT (3-5)

Corporate Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

Fast Lane (10+), Global Knowledge (10+), HP (10+)

Other Work History

Corporate communications for national civil engineering firm, Kimley-Horn, 6 years Creative services department, IT training company, Global Knowledge, 7 years Managing editor, book publisher, Ivy House Publications, 2 years

Computer Skills

MS Office, Adobe Creative Suite (InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator), HTML


North Carolina Technology Association


Technical Writing

The worst has happened. Your infrastructure has been breached. Your cybersecurity measures have failed. What do you do now? Don't panic. Follow the steps in this post instead.
Automation and orchestration compare to musicians playing a symphony. Each musician knows his or her part (automation), but it's the conductor who gathers them together with a goal to perform the written music (orchestration). Both empower the DevOps philosophy.
Cloud brokers intermediate between the purchasers and sellers of cloud services. That's simple enough to understand. But exactly what services does a cloud broker offer?
As enterprises shift to cloud services, the challenge comes in getting applications-both on- and off-premise-to access and share the same data. Is your enterprise experiencing cloud integration pains? Is cloud brokering the solution?
Meg Whitman clearly outlined the common thread of HPE Discover 2015 London in the first general session: Speed.
No two enterprises are alike, making the DevOps journey inside each enterprise unique. How do you ensure your developers have the right tools? What are the DevOps platforms that will empower them, make their lives easier, and allow your enterprise to thrive?
Benefits of adopting new tech are undeniable, but determining how to do so can be confusing. If your organization has finite resources, chances are you approach tech adoption with caution. Here are three reasons to consider more proactive tactics when evaluating your organization's tech adoption.
Speed is thrilling when you're talking about race cars, jets, and Olympic records. Yet the speed of continuous delivery often gives IT staff and those they support the jitters. Here's why fear is the greatest risk to supporting continuous delivery...and why it shouldn't be.
The new style of business presents big hybrid infrastructure challenges to your enterprise. The IT as a service broker model arose to address those challenges, but that model comes with challenges of its own. Let's look at a few of those challenges, as well as ways to answer them.
Some businesses hesitate to dive into big data, because they don't believe the hype surrounding big data growth. This hesitation often comes from not understanding the variety of tools available or how to execute a big data strategy. The truth is any business, regardless of size, can take advantage of the data it's generated and collected, and the process is easier than you might think.
Many businesses already have or will soon adopt cloud services. This widespread adoption is driven by a desire to modernize IT systems, create flexibility, and improve profitability. There are three main approaches to cloud solutions: private cloud, public cloud, and a mix of both known as hybrid cloud. Each approach has distinct advantages and disadvantages. When should you consider one over the other, and how can you choose the right cloud solution for your business, one that will work well in conjunction with your on-premise operations?
Security is a game changer for business operations. If you want to take advantage of the benefits of technologies like mobile, cloud, and big data, then security should be your number one priority. Without a secure foundation, your business remains vulnerable to attack. Use these tips to assess the current state of your foundation, fix any cracks you find, and prevent further issues.
The IT consumption model will disrupt business—in a good way. This model frees the enterprise IT function to use IT based on demand, need, and business strategy, rather than being stuck in a years-long service agreement or with an outdated data center. This model can deliver a nimble and agile way to cope with the flux, flow, and disruption of today's business cycle.
Mobile devices and apps are ubiquitous. No one denies how mobility tools seamlessly enable on-the-go communications. As the line between smartphones, tablets, and computers blurs, finishing work trumps when, where, or how it gets done. Learn more ways that mobility boosts business productivity.
Will containers replace virtual machines? Today, the answer is probably not. These technologies are currently more complementary than competitive. Learn the strengths of each technology and how they can be used together to power the enterprise cloud.
There are three types of DevOps models: Developer-driven, operations-driven, and a hybrid of the two. Do you agree with these categories? If so, which model would work best inside your enterprise? Explore that question and discover the answer in this blog post.

Healthcare Writing

I've written about dozens of health conditions and medications for the web. For consumers, I write in simple, easy-to-understand language that the everyday person can grasp. As a writer for WriterGirl, I helped with the revamp of the Riley Hospital for Children website rewrite.

White Papers

This paper is part of a series created for a training and instructional design consultant. The paper presents the firm and its CEO as a thought leader in the industry. In particular, the document addresses a pressing need among training professionals-how to create training that can be measured.
This white paper is part of a series created for a training and instructional design consultant. The paper presents the firm and its CEO as a thought leader in the training industry. This paper addresses a pressing need among training professionals-the need to prove the ROI value of training.

Case Studies

This case study was written for a training consulting firm to show how their proprietary tool was used inside a healthcare organization. I wrote the content for this case study by interviewing both the CEO of the training consulting firm and a representative of the hospital. I also designed the lay
This success story explained how an onboarding program for new employees helped a recruiting agency cope easily with their rapid growth and success. For this study, I interviewed both the CEO of the training consulting firm and the operations director of the recruiting company.


This monthly industry newsletter was written for a technology staffing company. The newsletter is distributed to the membership of a statewide technology association. This particular newsletter brought prospects, clients, and media interest to the leaders of the staffing agency.

Book Editing and Ghostwriting

Entrepreneurs, speakers, coaches, consultants all use lead-generating books to showcase their expertise and fill their sales funnels. If you need a book as a lead generator, I'm happy to help. I can help ghostwrite your book, edit existing content or something in between. Contact me for assistance.