Ruthie Kott

Chicago, IL USA

Professional Experience

I'm a journalist, editor, science writer, marketer, storyteller, copywriter, interviewer, ghostwriter, writing coach, video producer, speechwriter ... and the list goes on (I've even been told by one subject that talking to me is like talking to a therapist—and I think that was a compliment!) Ultimately, I'm a writer who thinks like an editor: analytical, clear, decisive (using good judgment). And I'm an editor who thinks like a writer: creative, curious, careful with language. I am always looking for stories to tell—and the best ways to tell them. I write and edit for nonprofits, corporations, alumni magazines, and websites. And I work with both my client and the reader in mind.


Copy Editor
8 Years
8 Years
8 Years


Arts & Humanities
8 Years
3 Years
3 Years


Magazine - Local/Regional magazines
8 Years
Online/new media
8 Years
8 Years

Total Media Industry Experience

8 Years

Corporate Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

Colgate University (3-5), Rush University Medical Center (6-10), University of Chicago (10+)

Technical Skills

video editing (Premiere)

Computer Skills

Word, Excel, InDesign, Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, WordPress,


laptop, DSLR camera, Adobe CC, digital audio recorder


"Ruthie Kott is diligent, professional, and thoughtful in her reporting and writing. She works hard to get it right." -Amy Puma, University of Chicago Magazine "No matter the topic, Ruthie's writing reflects her energy and enthusiasm for both the broader subject matter and the nuances behind it. Although she often peppers her explanations with interesting asides, Ruthie is more than capable of clarity and brevity. Detail-oriented and personable, she's great at capturing the funny, human elements of a story." -Rose Lannin, "Freelancers that can paint a vivid picture with an economy of words are in great demand to any editor. Ruthie Kott's eye for detail sifts out the glut, leaving you with crisp clarity, thoughtful composition, and a story that's compelling to any reader." -Steven Yaccino, HarrisView For more testimonials, see my website,


Winner of the University of Chicago's 2011 Frederick T. Gates Outstanding Performance Award, nominated by my peers and selected from more than 300 staff members. A member of the University of Chicago Magazine staff when it received the Council for Advancement and Support of Educations Circle of Excellence Awards for periodical staff writing.



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