Sarah Ojamae


Professional Experience

As a writer, editor, and content strategist, telling stories, and telling them well, is my expertise. I’ve written tweets, speeches, annual reports, press releases, newsletter stories, web copy, product descriptions, creative non-fiction, a short play, and cultural journalism. (In my spare time, I’m in an advanced-level fiction workshop, writing a novel.) Concept to consistent voice, pitch to published story, I have the experience and savvy to deliver results on tight timelines, working independently or collaboratively. Skills: ideation; primary research; secondary research; content creation; copy editing (CP/AP style, The Chicago Manual of Style, house style); stylistic editing; substantive editing; content management; project and event management; communications and crisis planning; media relations; social-media strategy, measurement, and metrics; visual storytelling


5 Years
3 Years
2 Years


Business (general)
2 Years
2 Years
3 Years


Marketing (in-house) - Small to mid-sized corp. cl
2 Years

Total Media Industry Experience

2 Years

Other Work History

Please see my LinkedIn profile for a detailed work history:

Technical Skills

Tools: iWork suite; Microsoft Office suite; G Suite; Scrivener; Adobe Creative Cloud; WordPress; MailChimp; Hootsuite; Sprout Social; Media Relations Rating Points (MRP); Cision; Sysomos; introductory HTML and CSS



The Peter Dickinson Award, a dean's award at Centennial College in Toronto, is given to a student who challenges convention, who is not afraid to challenge thinking, who thinks outside of the box, who is an "outlier", and who is highly creative.