suzanne gannon

New York, NY USA

Professional Experience

A full-time freelance journalist and copywriter, I have won two Folio Golden Eddie Awards and will publish In the Garden, with award-winning photographer Stacy Bass, this spring. Regularly published in national media, I report and write features, profiles, trends, and news on topics including travel, culture, adventure, food, wine, collecting, interior design, shopping, architecture, gardens, and the businesses and personalities behind these pursuits. My publishing credits include Town & Country, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times, NPR, Interior Design, Luxe Interiors + Design, Coastal Living, Wines & Vines, Art & Antiques, AtHome, Virginia Living, and Greenwich, among others. My corporate clients have included cosmetics companies, luxury real estate developers, fashion designers, hotels and resorts, food manufacturers, travel agencies, and financial services providers. Previously I spent 16 years in marketing and communications.


10 Years
23 Years
10 Years


10 Years
Other, Specify
10 Years
Home & Garden
7 Years


Magazine - Large Consumer/National magazines
10 Years
Newspaper - National
6 Years
Marketing (in-house) - Fortune 1000 corp. clients
20 Years

Total Media Industry Experience

10 Years

Other Work History

Seasoned veteran of media communications with 16 years spent in corporate and global communications and public relations prior to a transition to freelance journalism

Foreign Language Skills

Conversational Italian


Freelancers Union

Computer Skills

Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Mac-based Entourage, Outlook, Wordpress


Laptop both PC and Mac; Digital camera; Audio recorder


Available upon request


2010 Folio Golden Eddie Award, Best Single Feature in a regional shelter magazine 2011 Folio Golden Eddie Award, Best Single Feature in a regional shelter magazine


Newswomen's Club of New York New York Women in Communications Writer's Studio Writer's Voice The Writing Center, Hunter College


Journalism clips

Lengthy interview with Neal Conan on "Talk of the Nation" on Americans' collective addiction to self-storage, based on New York Times story "Hooked on Storage"
Feature on the interior design and architecture of a Greenwich home occupied by a Tracy and Alisa Bahl and their combined family of three children. Interiors were done by Susan Bednar Long and Christina Sullivan Roughan; architecture by Jim Schettino; building by Lee Schettino; kitchen by Christopher Peacock.
Profile Q&A with jewelry designer Temple St. Clair, including her Virginia childhood, her inspirations, her business, and her modern but classic aesthetic.
Feature on self-styled Greek wine promoter Markus Stolz
Feature on the interior design of the Darien home of Lynne and Mark Florian, as designed by interior designer Susie Earls
Feature on the introduction of the first Super-Venetian wine, Jema, made by the Cesari winery of Verona using 100 percent Corvina grapes, from which Amarone is made
Feature on the gardens and grounds of the historic Chelmsford estate in Greenwich by garden designer Phillip Watson.
Section cover story travel feature on the fancification of camping, known as "glamping"
Section cover story on high-end boutiques along Lexington Avenue in New York City
Feature on the goods available for Valentine's Day shoppers at Charlotte Moss's emporium
Feature on a mother-daughter team of antique collectors/retailers and the home they decorated together before the mother passed away.
Profile on Cliff Lede winemaker Michelle Edwards's training of her bloodhound to detect TCA, the compound that taints cork and wine
Feature on fabric and tabletop designer Laurette Kittle and her new line for George Smith
Feature on new technologies and marketability of lighter-weight glass bottles for wine
Profile on the 94-year-old Danish furniture designer Jens Risom, who is credited with bringing the Scandinavian aesthetic to the U.S.
Feature on interior designer Shelley Morris's home renovation in New Canaan, Connecticut
Feature on a renovation of modern house on a lake in Stamford
Feature on the decoration of New York magazine fashion editor Harriet Mays Powell's home in Westport, Connecticut
Cover story on architect Amanda Martocchio's modern art-filled renovation of her colonial in New Canaan
Travel feature on hiking a five-day section of the Appalachian Trail in Virginia and the trail angels who ease the burden
Profile/interview with Virginia native and interior designer Charlotte Moss on the publication of her new book "A Flair for Living"
Travel/wine feature on extreme wine tourism
A feature on entertaining clients at a NASCAR event
Travel feature on historic mining town of Virginia City, Montana
Greater New York/Metropolis feature on Red Hook Winery venture marketing its wines to restaurants and retailers
Feature on the efforts of the members of The Junior League of New Orleans to reform their city after Hurricane Katrina
Profile Q&A with Christopher (Kip) Forbes, vice chairman of Forbes Media and enthusiastic collector of Napoleon III memorabilia and artifacts
Profile Q&A with Victor Muller, chairman of Saab, CEO of Spyker Cars, and collector of art and vintage cars
The secret recipe behind the sweet and savory nut mix at Tribeca wine bar VinoVino
New York Times's House & Home section lead feature on vineyards as the newest amenity in residential developments . . . replacing golf courses . . .
New York Times's House & Home section feature on the popularity of residential urinals . . .
How-to feature on the many steps involved in developing a new package design for a bottle of wine
Travel feature on sportfishing off North Carolina's Outer Banks
Lead feature in the New York Times's House & Home section on Americans' increasing dependence on storage units to store their stuff . . .
Design feature on new Christian Dior spa at the Plaza Athenee hotel in Paris, Dior Institut
Cover story feature on the design and decoration of a waterfront home in Riverside, Connecticut designed by architect Peter Bartels and owned by a wine marketer and shipping executive
Cover story on color strategist Leslie Harrington from her home in Old Greenwich, Connecticut
Travel feature on public golf course in Eureka, Montana, run by Special Olympian John Espinoza
Travel feature on Jackson, Wyoming's recreation, dining, and accommodations on the occasion of the opening of its new high-speed tram
Profile of Cisco co-founder Sandy Lerner and her work at Ayrshire Farm, the organic and humane livestock farm in Upperville, Va.
Profile of reclaimed timber entrepreneur Willie Drake and his company Mountain Lumber based in Charlottesville, Va.
Feature on the renovation of a house on Tod's Point in Old Greenwich with a rich historical past
Feature on garden designer Phillip Watson's work on a Greenwich estate
Tribeca luxury boutique's wares
Feature on the opening of new Tiffany and Hermes stores down in the Wall Street district of Lower Manhattan
Feature on the gutting of a New York apartment in a former sewing machine factory by architect David Yum for a couple comprised of an engineer and a restaurateur
Feature on wineries' use of Twitter for marketing purposes
Profile/interview with Gibson Guitar's master luthier Ren Ferguson
Feature on leimaker Cindy Lau, a Chinese immigrant to Honolulu
Cover feature on phianthropist/fundraiser Donna Craft's property on the Easton/Fairfield line in Connecticut, including gardens, landscape design, and pool house by architect John Wicko and interior designer/Dovecote proprietor Sarah Kaplan.


Due for release on April 24, 2012, In the Garden documents 18 spectacular private gardens in beautiful photographs by award-winning photographer Stacy Bass and essays by award-winning journalist Suzanne Gannon. It is available for sale on and at fine book stores nationwide. Visit or for a schedule of signings and receptions.