Victoria Wurdinger

Brooklyn, NY USA

Professional Experience

Victoria Wurdinger is an award-winning writer and researcher who specializes in beauty, business and wellness. Her State of the Professional Haircare Market, originally appearing in DCI and then in Modern Salon magazine, became the essential annual report on the salon industry for venture capitalists and industry insiders alike. As a columnist, she has written about new technology, and her articles on the health-care concerns of small businesses brought notice from as far away as Germany. Additionally, Victoria has developed educational programs, promotional materials and DVD scripts for several major beauty care manufacturers. Victoria has authored several books, including Competition Hairdesign, The Photo Session Handbook, 101 Quick Fixes for Bad Hair Days, The Eric Fisher Salon Training Notebook and The Multicultural Client. For the latter, she conducted extensive historical research, sometimes working with Spanish translators.


25 Years
25 Years
25 Years


25 Years
25 Years


Magazine - Trade magazines/publications (B2B)
25 Years
Online/new media
10 Years
Marketing (in-house) - Fortune 1000 corp. clients
25 Years

Total Media Industry Experience

25 Years

Media Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

Modern Salon, Salon Today, Short Hair, Hair Preview, Day Spa, La (10+)

Corporate Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

L\'Oreal, P&G, Coty, TRI, Salon Suite Solutions, Madison Reed, (10+)

Work Samples


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