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David Deleon Baker | New York, NY

Professional Experience

NYC proofreader and editor. Need a copy editor or proofreader? Outsource your project to me: an expert industry veteran. If you want good, get someone else; but when you want AWESOME, bring it to me, Dave Baker, the Super Copy Editor! ( I will zero in (like a heat-seeking missile) on every misplaced comma, spelling blunder and grammatical no-no. Sound good? Great! Now read my profile to find out how this New York editor can help you with YOUR latest project...


Copy Editor
25 Years
25 Years
Other, Specify
25 Years


25 Years
Books & Literature
25 Years
Other, Specify
25 Years


Magazine - Large Consumer/National magazines
25 Years
Newspaper - National
25 Years
25 Years

Total Media Industry Experience

25 Years

Media Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

Forbes (10+), Type Directors Club (10+), The Nation magazine (10+), The New York Times (10+), The Times-Picayune (New Orleans) (10+), DISH Magazine (10+), Freelance New York City copyeditor (10+), LA Philharmonic (10+), Life Refined (10+), NYC proofreader (10+), (10+), Big Pharma (10+), Warner Bros. Television (10+), The University of Chicago (10+), Stony Brook University (10+)

Corporate Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

Common Sense Advisory (10+), Proofreading Service (NYC) (10+), Simplicity Metrics (10+), Centro Inc. (10+), NSG/SWAT (10+), Student Health 101 magazine (10+), EL Education (3-5), EBM Care (3-5), Havas Media (1-2), Quantum Learning Inc. (1-2)

Other Work History

I am a New York proofreader and editor who can handle fiction and nonfiction manuscript proofreading. I also have polished a wide variety of reports and documents, including magazine proofreading and jobs for newspapers, businesses, individuals and more. I provide translation proofreading for consulting firms. In a nutshell, I copy edit and proofread it all. Let me take on YOUR nonfiction or fiction manuscript proofreading project...

Technical Skills

I am a former newspaper copy editor who can handle many editing styles, including: APA/MLA, Chicago Manual of Style, Associated Press and New York Times. Of course, I can adjust to any specific local style you may have. Let me take on your project right now.

Foreign Language Skills

I speak English and a little Spanish. My team is able to proofread Spanish content.


Freelancers Union, Avant Guild

Computer Skills

Adept at Word and Excel. Extensive experience with InDesign, InCopy, QuarkXpress, Photoshop, PageMaker, PowerPoint, Illustrator, Harris & CCI pagination, and many other word-processing and pagination programs.


Microsoft Word, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, InCopy, Quark, Adobe Acrobat. I have a Mac and a PC! I have a scanner. Hire me as your freelance proofreader!

Work Permits & Visas

U.S. Passport


"I love working with you. Fast, efficient, and deadly with a red pen. We’re totally thrilled with all that you do to help us." —Ron Evans, founder, Groupofminds >>> "This is exactly the editing service I was looking for. Not always easy to find through Google." —David Nelson, marketing manager, Clark Howes Group >>> "We have been blown away by how good the team as Super Copy Editors is at improving our writing. They catch the typos that no one else saw, in addition to making brilliant suggestions for clarity of ideas. We highly recommend working with Super Copy Editors!" —Caitlin Rogers, Productions Director, Next Day Animations


Two Pulitzer Prizes for staff efforts during Hurricane Katrina at The Times-Picayune (shared by staff). Three individual Awards of Excellence by the Society for News Design in 2006 for Hurricane Katrina coverage.


American Copy Editors Society (ACES), which is dedicated to raising the standards of editing; Editorial Freelancers Association

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Popular Services

(Freelance 2/3/2016)
As experienced, New York City–based freelance advertising agency proofreaders, we offer polished, clear, and professionally edited copy. We work with ad agencies every single day, delivering well-polished work on very tight deadlines. Give us a try!
(Starting at just $429 for up to 120 pages 2/3/2016)
Even seasoned screenwriters benefit from the services of a professional editor. Our passion is to help you get your work produced, and we will work tirelessly on editing, proofreading, and offering suggestions for improving your screenplay.
(Freelance 8/15/2016)
When you are writing for the medical community, whether it is for health care professionals or patients, accuracy is your number-one goal. You need an experienced freelance medical copy editor or proofreader who is keenly aware of health terminology and journal standards. In addition, great medical writing should have a logical flow and structure that makes it easy to read and to understand.
(Super Copy Editors 8/15/2016)
Over the past few years, the experienced team at Super Copy Editors has been entrusted with reviewing millions (no, literally, millions) of words of educational materials. Our seasoned copy editors include former teachers. Why have so many curriculum designers and education publishers come to rely on our team of copy editors and proofreaders? Because we are sticklers for details, and we work quickly and efficiently. Give us a try!
(Freelance 2/3/2016)
Here are some notes I offered to a writer whose book I was proofreading. I can look for much more than simple grammatical errors: With me and my team, you also get someone who can step back and look at the big picture. Is everything crystal clear? Is it consistent throughout? Are your footnotes in order?

What We Do

(Super Copy Editors LLC 2/3/2016)
We work with a range of companies as well as many authors, both established and new.