Jake Lemkowitz

Philadelphia, PA USA
Website: http://cargocollective.com/jakelemkowitz

Professional Experience

I have interviewed Knicks and eaten brains in the name of a good story. I also eat deadlines for breakfast. As a freelance writer, I specialize in offbeat articles about food/travel/sports/culture. I have an MFA in Creative Writing (Fiction), and I am based in my hometown of Brooklyn, NY.


3 Years
3 Years
5 Years


Sports & Recreation
5 Years
5 Years
5 Years


Magazine - Large Consumer/National magazines
2 Years
Academia Teaching
2 Years
Online/new media
4 Years

Total Media Industry Experience

5 Years

Media Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

Bread City Basketball (10+), USA Today (10+), Music Under Fire (3-5), Publishers Weekly (3-5), The Brooklyn Review (1-2), The Norman Einsteins (1-2), The Onion A.V. Club (1-2), Title Magazine (1-2), New York Magazine (1-2), Forbes Travel Guides (1-2), Frank151 Magazine (1-2)

Corporate Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

Jack Spade (10+), Brook Furniture Retail (6-10)

Other Work History

I was the Assistant Editor for HOOP, the official magazine of the NBA, before going to graduate school and teaching English. I have ghostwritten successful book proposals, proofread encyclopedias, maintained multiple sports/culture blogs, pulled weeds as a farmhand, and I currently tend bar part time.

Computer Skills

I'm highly literate with a Mac, and I blog with the best using both Tumblr and Wordpress. Also handy with Microsoft Office and Adobe suites.


My trusty MacBook.

Work Permits & Visas

US citizen.


2006 Diane Vreuls Fiction Prize 2005 Oberlin Alumni Ficiton Award

Work Samples


(Norman Einstein's Sports & Rocket Science Monthly 6/1/2009)
Examining the Orlando Magic's upset of the Cleveland Cavaliers, and the media's hopes for a Kobe vs. Lebron showdown, through the lens of French Renaissance Painting and ESPN.
(HOOP Magazine 8/1/2007)
The true story of Michael Jordan's "flu game" in Game 5 of the 1997 NBA Finals.
(Frank151 4/1/2007)
Jai Alai was once Miami's most iconic sport. Now it's all-but-gone. Nevertheless, as long as Jai Alai exists, it's still fast, Basque, and dangerous.
(HOOP Magazine 9/1/2007)
The story of the 1994 NBA Finals in a single photograph.
(Bread City Basketball 8/1/2009)
A brief investigation of American Indian basketball and the existence of the swastika in traditional Navajo culture.
(Bread City Basketball 8/1/2007)
A brief look at the role of basketball in the Japanese-American prison camps, with art by the author.
(Touchdown Illustrated 10/1/2007)
The Collegiate Sprint Football League offers smash-mouth college pigskin, with one major difference from the NCAA: you must weigh less than 172 pounds to play.


(Free Darko 8/1/2007)
A love story about basketball and New York City.
("John James Audubon" by Olivia Verdugo 2/1/2010)
These seven fictional entries were written for the catalog of a multi-media exhibition-in- a-box by Olivia Verdugo. The exhibit featured artwork and writing inspired by the life and legend of John James Audubon.
(Two Adventures 8/1/2008)
A short story about a boy on an island who naturally decides to steal an antique gun and shoot his dog, but then everything goes wrong. And there is baseball.


(Frank151 Magazine 10/1/2008)
A semi-gonzo profile of kava, the traditional South Pacific drink that is also a mild hallucinogen when taken in large quantities.
(Your Life: Guide to Men's Health 9/1/2011)
Discover the incredible versatility of your grill with recipe ideas that push the boundaries of typical backyard fare.
(Green Living 10/1/2011)
(Journal For Proper Thought 9/1/2006)
The North American Black Bear, his diet, and the sandwich he inspired.
(Women's Health 5/5/2012)
Two bloggers share the stories behind two of their most memorable meals.
(Outdoor Living 4/7/2012)
The lighter the pack, the greater the adventure. How to backpack without a stove, and still eat like a king on the trail.


(Frank151 6/5/2012)
From ancient Greek theatre to Occupy Wall Street, a selective history of the mask.
(Frank151 7/1/2009)
How Joe Buck made it from Queens to Japan as the artist behind one of hip hop's most iconic album covers.
(Title Magazine 1/23/2012)
Put French New Wave filmmaking techniques, nonlinear West African storytelling, and post-colonial politics together in a blender: The result is Touki Bouki.
(Frank151 Magazine 4/1/2007)
The brief history of how a television show changed architecture, fashion, and the city of Miami.
Review of ASAP Rocky's video for "Purple Swag."
(Title Magazine 12/26/2011)
The motorcycle as art and object of obsession in a Philadelphia garage.
(Hasbro 4/1/2011)
Proposal for an avant-garde collection of New York City animal action figures, created on spec for Hasbro.


(The USA Today Guide to New York City 11/1/2011)
The best of subterranean Chinese street food dining in Flushing, Queens.
(USA Today Guide to New York City 11/1/2011)
A definitive guide to Times Square for people who hate Times Square.
(Go Escape Magazine 12/6/2011)
Summering can be so crass. Wintering is much more civilized.
(USA Today Guide to Philadelphia 12/1/2011)
An all-week guide to Philadelphia's South Street Headhouse District.
(New York Magazine Online 2/24/2012)
A guide to the Ocean State's capital city for food-obsessed travelers.