Jennifer Hattam

Istanbul, Turkey

Professional Experience

Istanbul-based freelance writer and editor with more than 15 years of experience in feature, news, and lifestyle coverage for print and online media. I specialize in environmental, social, and urban issues, as well as arts, culture, and travel. I am open to new opportunities (freelance or staff) in any location.


Copy Editor
5 Years
15 Years
15 Years


Environment & Nature
13 Years
15 Years
5 Years


Magazine - Large Consumer/National magazines
9 Years
Newspaper - National
3 Years
Online/new media
15 Years

Total Media Industry Experience

15 Years

Media Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs) (10+), SimonSeeks (1-2), Women's eNews (1-2), Selections (3-5), Time Out Istanbul (3-5), BBC Wildlife (1-2), Ethical Corporation (1-2), Fodor's (1-2), Gulf Life (1-2), IPS (1-2), J Magazine (1-2), Atlantic Cities (1-2), Salon (1-2)

Other Work History

Front page editor, Hürriyet Daily News (Istanbul, Turkey) Copy editor, Hürriyet Daily News (Istanbul, Turkey) Senior associate editor/Lifestyle editor, Sierra Magazine (San Francisco, California) Associate producer, CNET (San Francisco, California) Assistance editor, (San Francisco, California)

Foreign Language Skills

Intermediate Turkish


Laptop, digital camera


Edited or co-edited three Maggie Award-winning pieces for Sierra, plus two nominated articles.

Work Samples

Arts and Culture

(Wired 6/1/2009)
In the Middle Ages, while Europeans were busy warring, plundering, and burning heretics at the stake, Muslim scholars were refining the scientific method, developing effective cardiac drugs, and building celestial observatories--yet over time their contributions were largely forgotten.
(Gulf Life 10/1/2012)
This is the latest trend to hit Istanbul: the office block as art gallery.
(California 6/1/2010)
Recalling Harriet Lane Levy's unusual, eclectic life.


(Sierra 5/1/2009)
It takes a minute for my eyes to adjust to the blackness, but once they do, the dark erupts with light. Bright bluish pinpoints cluster into constellations over our heads as we float down the Waitomo River--some 50 feet underground.
(Time Out Istanbul 3/1/2012)
The spectacular landscapes around Kars beckon birdwatchers, nature-lovers and history buffs
(Time Out Istanbul 10/1/2011)
Explore the abundant natural beauty and archaeological richness of Hasankeyf, Turkey.
(Salon 12/1/2010)
After a close call with a suicide bomber in Turkey, I wondered if I was safe living abroad. But home had danger too.

Women's Rights

(Women's eNews 2/15/2013)
Artist Derya Kilic's recent exhibit portrayed familiar female faces from famous artworks all marred by cuts and bruises. Her intent is to reflect the pervasion of sexual violence by making viewers see that it afflicts women "they know."
(IPS 4/22/2012)
Worldwide, women are largely responsible for managing family budgets, controlling 65 percent of global spending. But, women's needs are often ignored when it comes to government budgeting, delegates at an international meet in Turkey's largest city observed.
(Women's eNews 7/17/2012)
Renewed debate over abortion rights in Turkey has women wondering whether gender equality is being left behind as the country seeks to position itself as a model for the Middle East.

Urban Issues

(Women's eNews 5/6/2012)
Life isn't easy for the female migrants continually flowing into Istanbul from Turkey's Kurdish region. Those who are illiterate or unable to speak Turkish can face particularly intense isolation from basic services.
(The Atlantic Cities 7/2/2012)
Many Athens residents have been struggling to get by since economic and political crisis erupted in Greece. But the 80,000 people who collect and process scrap in the city's informal economy were eking out their meager livings back when the rest of the city was still living large.


(Istanbul Eats 5/30/2011)
Chef Didem Senol's contemporary twist on Turkish fare achieves a balance that will satisfy diners' yens for both tradition and innovation.
(Zester Daily 12/26/2012)
A common sight on Istanbul tables in recent weeks, asure, which may be the world's oldest dessert, is an unusual blend of savory and sweet. The dish is seen by some as the epitome of the Turkish "melting pot."


(Sierra 5/1/2006)
Can Puerto Rico preserve its Caribbean beauty as it pursues the American dream?
(Ethical Corporation 9/2/2011)
There are plenty of well-meaning sustainability initiatives under way in Turkey, but a cultural movement for change has yet to take hold.
(BBC Wildlife 7/1/2012)
DIY lighting idea provides new solution to the age-old issue of lions predating livestock.