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Professional Experience

My greatest asset as a writer is that I connect with people, from the teacher and parent to the athlete and CEO. Connections build trust and encourage the free flow of ideas, which leads to better stories, those that offer new information and capture the human element. Readers relish in that because they relate to it. My writing focuses in the areas of health and nutrition--spurred by my love of hiking and skiing, and a passion for quality food. However, I write on a broad variety of topics including personal finance, real estate and development, architecture and design, and parenting. As a business reporter for The Denver Post, I covered the workplace and retail & marketing beats. All of my writing is: - well-researched - accurate, thorough and fair - active and engaging - clear and concise I also write for several business and nonprofit clients in non-conflicting areas.


2 Years
21 Years
21 Years


7 Years
Business (general)
21 Years
12 Years


Newspaper - Local/Regional
17 Years
Magazine - Local/Regional magazines
12 Years
Newsletter - Trade
5 Years

Total Media Industry Experience

22 Years

Media Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

Denver Post (10+), Natural Foods Merchandiser (10+), Colorado Homes & Lifestyles (6-10), Financial Times (6-10), New York Times (3-5), Runner's World (3-5), Health for Women (1-2), American Craft (1-2), BNET (3-5)

Corporate Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

Downtown Denver Partnership (1-2), Frontier Airlines - Wild Blue Yonder (1-2), National Endowment for Financial Education (6-10)

Other Work History

* Freelance writer, 2005 to present, for the following publications: New York Times, Financial Times, Baltimore Sun, BNET (CNET Networks), Denver Post, Runner's World, 5280 Magazine (in Denver), Colorado Homes & Lifestyles, Natural Foods Merchandiser * The Denver Post, 1999-2004, business writer with the retail and restaurant beats and the workplace beat. * RCR Wireless, 1994-1999, reporter (wireless telecommunications trade newpaper).

Technical Skills

Photoshop, Quark

Computer Skills

Word, Excel, HTML


Laptop -- MacBook Pro; digital camera; printer; audio recorder; fax


Steve McMillan City Desk Editor Denver Post 303-954-1695 Al Lewis Syndicated Columnist Dow Jones Newswires 212-416-2617


Society of Professional Journalists Society of Children's Book Writers & Illustrators

Work Samples

Health and Nutrition

( 1/6/2016)
Using a new virtual 3-D human simulator, surgeons can practice procedures and hone their craft from a phone or tablet before working with cadavers and live patients. The utility of BioDigital's platform lies not only in the detailed and interactive 3-D interface, but in its open API.
( 7/24/2017)
(The Natural Foods Merchandiser 5/7/2008)
Consumers and legislators, acting on new research, are pressuring FDA to review the safety of BPA, a chemical found in most baby bottles, many reusable water bottles, canned formula and canned food and some dental sealants.
(Colorado Health & Wellness 1/16/2014)
You have been on the go all day and arrive home ravenous. So you dive into a bag of chips, devouring the salty, crunchy goodness - chomping until you see the bottom of the bag. Feel full and satisfied? Not likely, says Dr. Ethan Lazarus of the Clinical Nutrition Center in Denver.
(Natural Foods Merchandiser (Penton Media) 2/1/2008)
(Natural Foods Merchandiser 7/7/2008)
More parents are turning to homeopathy to boost their kids’ immunity and treat their illnesses.
(Health Elevations magazine 4/1/2015)
Executing on integrated care generates many new challenges, from managing disparate billing methods to marrying dissimilar workplace cultures. Integration is not intuitive, but it is logical and it is leading to better patient outcomes.
(Health Elevations 9/1/2015)
Denver Health was operating at a $4.6 million annual deficit in 2013 when its leaders took a calculated risk: to expand rather than cut their way to stability by staffing up at primary care clinics. That move, along with other innovations in coordinated, patient-based care are paying off.
(Natural Foods Merchandiser 11/23/2010)
As our culture shifts its focus from weight loss to overall health and wellness, the food industry is taking notice—adding fiber and protein to everything from cereal to frozen dinners.
(The Natural Foods Merchandiser 6/3/2008)
A new Congressional bill would require industry prove the safety of tens of thousands of chemicals used in consumer products.
(Health for Women 1/1/2009)
Nowadays every aisle of the grocery store brims with “functional� foods and drinks that boost your immune system, keep your heart healthy, muscle up your memory, keep you, ahem, regular—even make your skin healthier and younger looking. Or so they say.

Business and Finance

(CoBank's Outlook newsletter 2/1/2012)
For Robert Guest, business editor of The Economist, the most important aspect of globalization is the movement of people. He argues that migration and more open borders fuel the exchange of ideas and make nations smarter, more innovative and competitive.
(Momentum 10/1/2012)
Financial planning is important for any adult. It's absolutely vital for those living with multiple sclerosis, due in large part to MS-related health care costs.
( 4/1/2014)
Spring is a great time to clean up your finances-from consolidating bank accounts to looking for spending leaks. "If you aren't organized, you miss out on opportunities to improve your financial situation," says Heather Klutznick, vice president of investments for Calif.-based Trilogy Financial.
(NEFE Digest 8/1/2009)
Key business journalists debate coverage ahead of the country's financial meltdown.


(The Denver Post 4/5/2005)
(Financial Times 5/27/2006)

Workplace and employment

(Momentum, p. 50 3/1/2013)
Bullying doesn't just happen at school. It's prevalent among adults, too. Childhood shoving and name calling evolve to more subtle and manipulative forms of aggression--behaviors that can profoundly impact a person's psychological and physical health. What's more, people with chronic illnesses or d
(The Denver Post 11/9/2003)
Employers, already burdened with sky-high health care insurance premiums, are starting to take a hard look at the economics of employee obesity. Obesity and the resulting conditions, from diabetes to high blood pressure, cost the nation $123 billion in 2003, up from $99 billion in 1995.
(New York Times 1/22/2006)
contract workers, freelance, outsource
( (CNET Networks) 7/1/2007)
A package of four features: How to win at office politics/ Office Politicos: A field guide/ Top seven workplace plays and maneuvers/ Techniques of the office politics masters/
( (CNET Networks) 9/1/2007)
A package of three stories: How to Manage Employees in Remote Locations/Hiring and Inspiring a Dispersed Team/Ten Tools for Remote Teams
(The Denver Post 5/23/2004)
Fifty-five percent of women who had a baby in 2000 worked through pregnancy, compared with 38 percent in 1980. That's taking a toll on moms as well as their co-workers and bosses.
(The Denver Post 9/5/2004)
Most charges of harassment and discrimination never turn into lawsuits. Among those that do, however, is a rising number of sexual harassment cases that bear a striking similarity: They involve teenage girls who work in the restaurant industry.
(The Denver Post 7/14/2004)
Inside the city's swankiest high-end restaurants, an illegal but increasingly common practice goes on each day: The owners take more than 2 percent of servers' tips to help cover costs of processing credit cards. Some believe it's legal. Not so, according to the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment.

Family and Relationships

(5280 Magazine 10/1/2005)
(Momentum Magazine 9/8/2014)
the first step for any couple living with MS is to address the ways that the disease has changed their relationship. That starts with communicating openly about feelings-such as fear, anger, guilt, frustration, sadness and resentment-along with learning to accept the disease and nurturing intimacy.
( 9/5/2014)
Perhaps you have lost your job, you are getting a divorce, or medical bills have wiped out your savings. Your kids need to understand how the financial implications will affect them, whether it means a big change such as moving to a new home or whether it merely requires a reworking of the budget.
(National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE) and 5/14/2014)
If you are a new parent or about to become one, your already-strapped budget is in for a serious squeeze. Fortunately, there are ways you can cut some of the costs of having a baby by understanding what lies ahead.
No money in the budget for an exotic vacation this year? Don't despair. You can plan a fabulous "staycation" in your hometown, full of spontaneous and invigorating new experiences. All you need is a creative mindset and a small dose of self-discipline.
(National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE) 11/1/2011)
In 2011, 40 percent of U.S. adult non-students ages 18 to 39 reported that they currently live at home with their parents, or have in the recent past. As these young adults get a reprieve from financial pressures, their return to the nest can be detrimental to their parents’ personal and financial lives.

Home and Real Estate

(MSN Real Estate 5/5/2013)
Perhaps you're gutting an old kitchen or adding a master suite. As you daydream about the ideal layout, ambient lighting and cabinet finishes, remember the less thrilling but essential safety aspects of remodeling. Air-quality issues account for the lion's share of remodeling health dangers.
(MSN Real Estate 10/14/2013)
While any remodeling project invites stress, historical restoration involves more money, time and problems than you may have expected. Do not despair. Restoring a house to its period-specific glory can significantly increase its value, and the entire process becomes a living history lesson.
(Financial Times 6/21/2008)
Equestrian living has become increasingly popular with home buyers attracted to rural landscapes combined with luxury residences and the amenities found in private golf communities. Their chief motivations: horses and open space.


(Runner's World 6/19/2007)
Runners: You don't need the gym to build strength. You can do these moves at your neighborhood park
(Runner's World 4/1/2007)


(MSN Travel 5/15/2013)
Formed of limestone, lava, ice and other rocks and minerals, the cave invites historical and scientific study, spiritual contemplation and adrenaline-pumping adventure.
(Wild Blue Yonder - Frontier Airlines 9/1/2009)
"Maybe it’s that old pioneer spirit, but Denver is always ready to try something new—whether it be an unconventional restaurant concept, an innovative art installation or a novel way to save energy..."


(National Endowment for Financial Education 4/1/2011)
Many states now require high school graduates to master personal finance basics. But schools are realizing many of their instructors lack the fundamentals of money management necessary to teach their students these skills. To that end, NEFE, Jump$ and several other organizations have create a 'train-the-trainer' workshop.