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Professional Experience

I specialize in adventure travel, luxury travel, skiing and golf, and excel at creating imaginative work while meeting tight deadlines. I was About.com's Guide to Adventure Travel (www.adventuretravel.about.com ) for 7 1/2 years, and co-author of Frommer's 500 Adrenaline Adventures. I am co-author (with my husband) of the Colorado & Denver Day Trips Travel Guide for iPhone, iPad and Android Smartphones. My background includes 20plus years of writing editorial and advertorial articles for national and regional magazines, Web sites, and newspapers including Travel+Leisure, The New York Times, Texas Monthly, Denver Magazine, Colorado Avid Golfer and Dallas Morning News.


Content Editor (online)
8 Years
20 Years
20 Years


20 Years
Sports & Recreation
20 Years
20 Years


Magazine - Local/Regional magazines
20 Years
Magazine - Large Consumer/National magazines
20 Years
Online/new media
8 Years

Total Media Industry Experience

20 Years

Media Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

Global Traveler (3-5), Texas Monthly Special Sections (3-5), Inspirato Magazine (1-2), Broadmoor Magazine (1-2), AdventureTravel.About.com (10+)

Other Work History

My background includes the creation of special sections, guide books, and stints as co-owner/editor-in-chief of The Snow Industry Letter (a $300-a-year subscription-based weekly email/fax newsletter covering the business side of the snowsports industry), editor of the American Express Golf Annual and western editor of SKI Magazine. I have created editorial copy for 4- to 20-page special advertising sections about skiing, luxury travel, families and other topics for The New York Times, Travel + Leisure and Texas Monthly. I have been managing editor of an annual magazine, Peaks Escapes, and an annual hard-cover book, Discover Utah, both published by Abarta Media. My work has appeared in numerous magazines and newspapers, and on many websites.

Computer Skills



Desktop with Windows 7, laptop with wireless connection. Digital cameras capable of taking newspaper and magazine quality images.


Excellent references available upon request


North American Snowsports Journalists Harold Hirsch--newspaper. Colorado Ski Country USA Freelancers award.


Society of American Travel Writers. North American Snowsports Journalists Association (former president)

Work Samples


(Frommer guidebooks 4/12/2010)
Frommer's 500 Best Adrenaline Adventures features high-octane experiences for both passionate travelers and adventure seekers. From dare-devil sports to hair-raising haunted houses to wacky and obscure festivals and races. I was responsible for 200 of the adventures.

Online articles

(adventuretravel.about.com 12/17/2013)
Is ice diving too frigid a sport for you? One of the best thrills is "Wearing a dry suit, turning upside down, and inflating the suit so that gravity is up. Then I place my feet against the ice above me and walk around." says one PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer who loves ice diving.
(Global Traveler Magazine 11/1/2014)
Executive floors at hotels are usually billed as a "hotel within a hotel." On these floors, you receive VIP attention from the staff, a good breakfast and a lot more. Are these floors worth the extra money? It depends who you ask? Article is Global Traveler Magazine, too.
(Global Traveler Magazine 7/1/2015)
Ever been surprised by an early check-out fee, a gratuity fee (even though you rolled your bag to your room), a city tourism tax, or a minibar restocking fee when paying your bill? Surprise hotel fees and surcharges can shock travelers. To hoteliers, these are a boon adding money to the coffers.
(http://adventuretravel.about.com 6/18/2013)
Visiting Cuba legally on cultural exchange trips gives you access to musicians, historians who lived through the revolution, seniors and even school children. There's always time built in to visit with locals, because that's what a people-to-people trip to Cuba is all about.
(Gadling.com 12/26/2012)
Twist your head to the right, your body to the left and wiggle through the crack, urged the guide leading us through Modric Cave in Croatia. Pretending I was a pretzel worked.
(Gadling.com 9/3/2012)
"A hint of chocolate, a whisper of citrus," he tells the barista. He's a foodie, so unlike me, he actually smells these aromas. This isn't a wine tasting - I'm at a coffee cupping in a coffee lab in Bogota, Colombia. Coffee cupping is a ritual taken very seriously by food and wine geeks, and an intr
(www.adventuretravel.aout.com 1/30/2010)
Until recently, I thought a vacation in Cancun or the Riviera Maya on Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula was just playing golf, sunbathing and snorkeling. Not so. Here you can dive or snorkel in cenotes, swim or raft in underground rivers, steer ATVs or amphibious buggies in the jungles and ride zip lines.
(www.adventuretravel.about.com 4/25/2013)
Skiing down the Tasman Glacier on New Zealand's South Island imprints pictures in your mind. I still visualize slithering into an ice cave, where the sun was shining through icy walls and our bodies created shadow patterns on the floor. I still feel of the crusty snow, the crisp air....
(www.adventuretravel.about.com 4/28/2011)
"You're doing great," said my friend hanging on the snow wall near me. "Remember to keep at least three points in contact with the snow." It was the first time I'd scaled a steep cliff. Maybe inching up Tuckerman Ravine's Headwall, as skis and boots hooked to my backpack tried to push me back down...
(www.adventuretravel.about.com 4/22/2012)
The rocks our jeep dislodged tumbled down a slope so steep than I couldn't see them fall and didn't hear them land. We were on the last part of a jeep tour in Israel's Negev desert and the Dead Sea was in view, very far below us. The trail, if you could call it one....

Magazine articles

(Global Traveler 5/1/2013)
Private car pickup from the airport? Check! Butler service and nannies? Check! Posh accommodations with an aura of privacy? We have it. Upscale activities from scuba diving or skiing to golf and tennis? No problem. Welcome to the world of 5-star all-inclusive resorts.
(Global Traveler 1/1/2014)
You don't have to dig deep to find archeological sites in Turkey. Walking down centuries-old stone streets in Ephesus, entering rock-art churches to view ancient frescoes in Cappadocia, and photographing the Lycian tombs, are all within a 1 1/2 hour flight from Istanbul.
(Colorado Avid Golfer 8/1/2005)
Golf Balls and Musket Balls Fly Across History in Colonial Williamsburg: English infantry shooting cannonballs from what is now the Gold Course's 18th green could have obliterated Raleigh Tavern, where Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry and other argued over plitical issues while drinking ....


(App for iPhone, iPad & Android 7/11/2012)
An insider's travel guide for newcomers and visitors eager to explore Colorado, experience the best of Denver, easily visit nearby towns and see the Rockies. Available for for iPhone/iPad/iTouch and Android smartphones.

Advertorial/Advertising Sections

(The New York Times 5/15/2005)
Editorial copy for special section about family travel.


(Dorado Magazine 7/1/2015)
Let's throw some fur," my fishing guide says with a big grin. Startled, I think for a minute before remembering he makes his flies with fur and feathers. I'm wading in a private stretch of water by The Broadmoor Fishing Camp. It's the perfect spot for a newbie to discover she likes fly fishing.