Have you ever paid for an online ad or sponsored post to promote your book? One author found success by personally writing to every single reader who responded to his sponsored post.

Self-published author H.A. Goodman took out a sponsored ad on Reddit for a 99-cent sale on his fantasy eBook. Instead of ignoring reader comments, Goodman logged into Reddit and answered every single comment with a personal message–creating a massive 61-comment thread for the sponsored post.

Check it out: “pricing the ebook at 99¢ has helped with sales tremendously. I have a paperback that’s around ten bucks, but I only care about my ebook sales in this day and age, since Amazon has taken enormous control of the the literary industry. I also have a nook and iTunes version, but I really only concern myself with the Kindle sales, which have been doing well – in large part due to my Reddit ad and to this amazing Reddit community. The literary industry is changing rapidly, and every year all publishers – from big to small – learn that marketing and sales techniques change exponentially.”

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