Book cover designer Sarah Hansen has made book covers for some of the bestselling self-published books, and now she’s started doing cover work for the Big Six publishers as well. Hansen created iconic covers for Colleen HooverNichole Chase and J. Lynn.

In fact, her cover for Abbie Glines‘ new book topped our Self-Published Bestsellers List yesterday. We caught up with Hansen for an interview, finding out how she built her business from scratch last year. You can read the complete interview below, but here’s an eye-popping excerpt:

I am averaging forty covers a month and am booking for January of 2014. So, you can say that I am losing lots of sleep trying to keep up with the new work. I can’t believe how much has changed in publishing in the past two years, never in my life did I think a little freelancing would turn into an around the clock more than full-time position. In less than a year I went from working part time designing balloons to owning my own company. It’s crazy.

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