Those of you who attended the PRNewser holiday party know we receive a lot of bad pitches – we read out loud some of the worst offenders at this year’s party. We generally don’t mind them, as it’s part of the game, and our delete button works well, and fast.

But sometimes there are pitches that just take the cake. For example, one came into our inbox this morning from 5WPR, who represents “branding expert” Adam Hanft. Hanft suggests all of the extra security precautions at airports could be a “marketing opportunity for airlines.” Really. Among his talking points:

Airlines also need to rush in and make the long lines at security as tolerable as possible. They should set up flat screen TVs along the path, hand out milk and cookies, and have magicians to occupy crying kids.

Milk and cookies? Magicians?

PR pros often go with a contrarian or “man bites dog” point of view to get attention, but this seems a bit too far. Read the full pitch after the jump. What’s your take?

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