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about Gets Snapped Up By Jupitermedia


Well consider us consolidated., the folks that cut our checks, has been acquired for a cool $23 million by Jupitermedia, the folks that cut at least some of our other checks:

Laurel Touby turned her popular cocktail parties into a high-traffic Web site for job-seeking media and creative professionals. Yesterday, she sold, the company that sprang from those mixers, for $23 million.

The Jupitermedia Corporation, an Internet research company that also sells photos and art, agreed to pay $20 million in cash and an additional $3 million over two years for the company, which is based in New York City.

While this may not make for any huge changes over here at UnBeige HQ, we do find it rather interesting that a company with a heavy design interest is taking the reigns of our media-focused mothership. And according Jupitermedia press release there’s already talk of some “meshing”:

“Mediabistro provides our JupiterOnlineMedia division with another diversified and fast growing revenue stream through its vertical online job board, which has broad appeal to all aspects of the media industry. The Mediabistro job board should benefit from the vast traffic generated from our online media and Jupiterimages properties. Furthermore, Mediabistro has a wide variety of original content and blogs, which will augment our 150 original content sites. And, Mediabistro events mesh nicely with Jupitermedia’s growing trade show and Webinar operations,” added Meckler.

You heard it here first: Webinars!

What the Hell Is an UnBeige?


At the big ole party in New York awhile back, NUE talent agent Jesse Kirshbaum acted so excited when winning the first-ever UnBeige shirt that we were surprised by his comment to us afterwards: “So if I’m gonna wear this thing, you need to tell me about what I’m advertising.”

More photos from the event. Thanks again to all the true UnBeige fans who came.

So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen Goodbye


The rumors are true. We’ve been wearing Lederhosen for the last few days, and man, do they feel goooood. So we’re tracing our Bavarian roots back to the motherland for a week, where we may stumble into the BMW Museum, Craaaaazy King Ludwig‘s Castle, the Herzog and de Meuron Jelly Donut, and Miss Zaha‘s ski jump–that is, if we can find our way out of the Biergarten.

Mary Beth Klatt will be chipping in until Oscar Night, when we’ll be back in LA just in time to bring you the hottest in sexy celebrity gossip. Or design. Whatever strikes our fancy.

UnBeige Looks Back: A 2006 Musical Review

Champagne POP.jpg

Sung to the tune of “Auld Lang Syne”

Well, Ze got cool and Yves more hot,
Bierut was on our mind.
How could old Gehry be forgot,
UnBeige loves all design!

Pasadena to Aspen, far and near,
Austin was the best time,
Through the Midwest, HOW and Y we jet,
We travel for design!

In soccer, hockey and basketball,
Ugly” vs. “Pretty” online,
Even by Prince Charles and Scarlett,
You can’t escape design!

And spec’s bad for design, as feared,
Or not, or maybe it’s fine,
Except for these guys, you all should get
Paid more when you design!

Does gender matter? Are women stars?
Did Laura Bush miss the NDA 5?
We loved when Nussbaum threw a fit,
Who says it’s quiet in design?

Vanity Fair got design this year,
Newsweek and Food+Wine,
We’ll take the press but don’t forget
To credit who did design.

Brad Pitt became our poster child,
Adnan Hajj‘s clones got denied,
Sexy Heller‘s millionth book was writ,
What a year for old design!

So thanks for tips and linkage, dears,
You helped us make this rhyme,
We’ll see you in the new year with
More ways to waste your time!

A Changing of the Guard Because We’ll Be Watching the Changing of the Guard


Tomorrow, half of us will be embarking on a late summer adventure, flying the non-liquid skies to the land of London, then skipping down to Spain. Don’t worry, we’re definitely taking you with us. But, like guilty parents, we wanted to leave you with something extra special while we’re away.

So, for the next two weeks, please give a hearty welcome to Mary Beth Klatt, a Chicago-based freelancer who writes for important places like USA Weekend and the Chicago Tribune about design (and shopping!), has a syndicated column called Meet the Designer, and even finds time to add to her craft-tastic blog The Sewist. You are in good, and, we presume, quite stylish hands.

We Can’t Go On Without You

Hey you,

We just wanted to spend a few minutes telling you how much we love you.

See that lovely banner up there? It was designed by you. And we’re always looking for more. Because we like what you do. And to show you just how much you mean to us, we’re also in the process of creating a gallery where every banner created by you will be gathered together in the ultimate celebration of not-beigeness. And we will be able to ask everyone in the UnBeige universe to vote on their favorite one. So our constantly-rotating gallery may, eventually, be a contest. With a winner. Might it be you?

Maybe when you send us a banner designed by you, you’ll also tell us a little more about you. Are you or someone you know a fabulous designer who is unknown, underappreciated or flying under the radar? If so, we’d love to interview you, like we interviewed Dave Werner and the men of dress code and French kids at Pleix.

And one more thing, you. Tips! We love tips. Let us know you’re out there. Tell us what you see. Tell us what you think. Tell us all this and more at unbeige(AT)

Damn you’re looking fine tonight.


Eva Hagberg: I’m Out, Suckas!!!

This post will be a first, and a last. A little housekeeping, a little changing of the guard, and–for the first time–a little writing as myself. A couple thank you’s, the usual, then I’m out.

I have to thank Elizabeth Spiers for hiring me, when the most blogging experience I’d had was one guest post I’d sent to Gridskipper. It was about absinthe. It took me two hours and wasn’t very funny, but she was cool with the idea of potential. I also have to thank Aileen Gallagher, who took over when Spiers left, and dealt with things like my not understanding href hspaces and Movable Type’s constant pissiness. And Rachel Sklar of Fishbowl (also leaving today), as well as Ron Hogan and Sarah Weinman of Galleycat. Haven’t met the others, can’t vouch. But they seem cool. And, of course, Laurel Touby, without whom there would be no

The entirely scandal-ridden thoroughly shocking NC-17 reason why I’m leaving: I didn’t love blogging. That said, I didn’t really hate it, either. It’s a medium that some writers are cut out for and some aren’t. Completely embodying my character (and yes, it was a character) was a kick, and while it’s fun to play valley girl (not always such a stretch), it was the twin dangers of omg-exhaustion and bleeding stylistic edges that in the end killed my metaphorical canary and my unmetaphorical stamina. It’s time for something longer than a post, and I’m looking forward to the long-lost luxury of conviction that thinking about something for more than thirty seconds lends. Not to mention being able to operate at more than one (very high-frequency) creative constant.

Catch you on the TK.

The Changing Of The Guard: ‘Sup, Steve And Alissa

welcome_carla_mast.gifWe’re out. Steve Delahoyde, ur-guest editor, and Alissa Walker, ur-AIGA-er, are in. So we thought it might be nice to get to know the new kids on the block.

Here’s a little primer:

Alissa Walker, by Alissa Walker: A graduate of the University of Colorado’s journalism school and the Portfolio Center, Alissa has worked for and with designers, art directors, animators, film editors and artists in a variety of roles. She is a regular contributor to STEP Inside Design, has written for HOW, Dynamic Graphics, and the Los Angeles Times, and is a production assistant for the public radio show DnA: Design and Architecture. Alissa considers herself a design advocate, not a critic, and is focused on finding innovative ways to increase public awareness and social relevance for the work of designers, architects and other authors of visual culture. She writes at home, tucked into a hill just below a 1928 Frank Lloyd Wright house and above the lights of Hollywood.

Steve Delahoyde, by Steve Delahoyde:
I work at the ad agency/design firm, Coudal Partners, where, like everyone else there, I’m sort of a jack-of-all-trades. Primarily though, I’m the guy that handles a lot of the writing for the firm, as well as the producing and editing of film/video work, from tv spots to video for the internet. I got my start in the business by making far too many silly short films along with my cohort, Wakiza Gamez, which eventually got some attention by various people and places. Following that, I became a freelance editor and director, as well as a motion graphics designer. My film work has appeared all over the place, from MTV to CBS to The National Lampoon Network, and my writing has popped up here and there from Time Out to McSweeney’s.

They both look strangely whatstheword um… rhymes with kwualified.

Rock on, Alissa and Steve.

So, Um, About That Self-Promotion

dickens-oliver-twist.jpgAs many of you know, or as many of you will come to know, we’re leaving the blogosphere. Unfortunately, we lost our trust fund in a freak accident called not having had one in the first place, and we’re kind of feeling the lifestyle to which we have tried to become accustomed. If you’ve got a bone, throw it our way.

Because we’re an excellent amanuensis and an even better [REDACTED].

We’re Back, But Just For A Week

We left last week not–as it might have seemed–to go on vacation, but to give us the necessary resources to contemplate how we were going to inform you, our dear readers, that this week–this one, right here–would be our very last week as Unbeige 2.0. But Corporate beat us to the punch.

Still, we wanted you to hear it from us.

Regularly scheduled programming TK.