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Stay Tuned for These Courses Coming Soon

Spring is in the air

Here’s what’s coming in March!

Inclusive Editing: This course will arm you with the ability to go beyond simple readability and ensure that your content is fully representative, inclusive and respectful of marginalized groups, including proper terminology and guidelines for diverse sourcing.  You’ll become an even sharper editor, ready to tackle today’s most relevant content with ease.

50 Ways to Get Your Creativity Flowing Now: Never get stumped again. This course will give you 50 (yes 50!) ways to reignite your creativity so you break through your blocks and keep generating dynamic content for your readers, followers, clients and more. Some of the tips are simple (like shaking up your environment) and others are unexpected (like challenging preconceived notions). You’ll have to take the course to find out which ones work best for you.

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Upcoming Courses