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Why Hiring a Subcontractor Could Make Your Freelance Biz More Profitable Why Hiring a Subcontractor Could Make Your Freelance Biz More Profitable
A little help can go a long way.
By Amanda Layman Low, December 1, 2015


Pitching Guide to Travel Publications
Here are nine markets that want your stories from around the globe.
By Jenny Rough, November 13, 2015
These Project-Management Tips Will Make You a Better Freelancer
Borrowing key skills from project managers can help keep your assignments coming in.
By Amanda Layman Low, November 5, 2015
9 Lessons Freelancers Can Learn From Successful Entrepreneurs
Use the advice from these small-business owners to boost your freelance career.
By Brittany Taylor, October 29, 2015
9 Terms to Know Before Signing a Freelance Contract
Learn what all that legalese in your client contracts really means.
By Brittany Taylor, October 14, 2015
Pitching Guide to Food Publications
These 10 markets are hungry for your food stories.
By Jenny Rough, October 5, 2015
8 Blogs Every Media Professional Should Follow
Keep up with industry news and commentary by bookmarking these must-read media blogs.
By Corinne Grinapol, August 27, 2015
5 Podcasts Every Writer Should Download
Hone your skills and find writing inspiration by adding one or more of these podcasts to your iTunes playlist.
By Jillian Richardson, August 12, 2015
7 Essential Tips for Every Aspiring Journalist
Follow these simple steps to long-term success in a journalism career.
By Jillian Richardson, August 5, 2015
How Freelancers Can Save for Retirement and Unexpected Expenses
Learn how to build up a nice little nest egg when you're an independent contractor.
By Eric Rosenberg, July 23, 2015
Why You Should Hire a Book Coach
Aspiring authors struggling to get an idea off the ground may benefit from one of these pros.
By Jenny Rough, June 29, 2015
Personal Essay Markets, Part IV
Share your personal story with the world at these digital pubs.
By Jenny Rough, May 27, 2015
Personal Essay Markets, Part III
We continue our four-part series with 15 more targets that seek first-person pieces.
By Jenny Rough, May 18, 2015
Personal Essay Markets, Part II
Give your individual story a universal angle to get published in one of these 15 outlets.
By Jenny Rough, May 11, 2015
Personal Essay Markets, Part I
Back by popular demand, this first of four installments uncovers 15 optimal outlets for personal essays.
By Jenny Rough, May 4, 2015
7 Ways to Be a More Productive Freelance Writer
Learn how efficiency can lead to a more profitable freelance career.
By Amanda Layman Low, April 27, 2015
The Elements of a Strong Pitch
Learn how to make your pitch stand out.
By Paula Vasan, April 6, 2015
Getting Through Tax Season As a First-Time Freelancer
Get in control of your taxes by thinking ahead.
By Brittany Taylor, March 16, 2015
Health Insurance Options for Freelancers
Freelancers: We'll help you figure out which health insurance plan works best for you.
By Paula Vasan, March 9, 2015
How to Generate Story Ideas as a Freelancer
Experienced writers share three simple tips for coming up with an idea that will land you a byline.
By Paula Vasan, February 11, 2015
How to Keep Track of Your Freelance Work
Organize all the components of your freelance career in one spreadsheet.
By Paula Vasan, February 3, 2015
Biggest Mistakes of Now-Successful Freelancers
Here's what a few veteran freelancers say were their biggest blunders -- so you can avoid making them.
By Paula Vasan, January 19, 2015
How to Create a Writer's Website That Gets You Work
A well-maintained, well-designed website says a lot about who you are as a writer.
By Amanda Layman Low, November 10, 2014
What You Need to Know About Hybrid Publishing
Learn how authors can benefit from a publishing model that combines independent and traditional methods.
By Dorit Sasson, September 29, 2014
6 Steps to Becoming a Best-Selling Author
The success of a book depends on a lot more than just good writing.
By Andrea Williams, September 22, 2014
The Keys to Landing a Celebrity Interview
Getting a celebrity interview right could mean more of them in your future.
By Kristen Fischer, September 16, 2014
Before You Write a Book, Build a Writing Platform
Three publishing experts reveal how to prepare your manuscript for eager eyes.
By Janelle Harris, September 8, 2014
7 Terms Every Digital Media Journalist Should Know
Understanding a few simple concepts will help aspiring online writers and editors succeed in an increasingly digital world.
By Andrea Williams, August 18, 2014
From Freelance to Salaried Writer: How My Writing Life Has Changed
A writer shares her lessons learned while transitioning from a freelance to full-time career.
By Amanda Layman Low, July 21, 2014
How to Land a Celebrity Ghostwriting Gig
Here are five tips for breaking into the lucrative market of ghostwriting for the stars.
By Andrea Williams, July 14, 2014
6 Ways to Break Into Community Journalism
Capitalize on writing for local pubs to expand your portfolio and keep the work flowing.
By Angela Washeck, July 7, 2014
8 Ways to Succeed at an Editorial Internship
Editors reveal tips every intern should know to make a great impression.
By Hannah Orenstein, June 30, 2014
The Case for Breaking Into Technical Writing
One writer shares why she ventured into an unfamiliar market -- and gives four reasons why you should, too.
By Amanda Layman Low, June 16, 2014
The Keys to Starting Your Own Fashion Blog
Fashion bloggers reveal what it takes to turn a passion for fashion into a successful platform.
By Vicky Sullivan, June 5, 2014
7 Reasons to Break Into Brand Journalism
Use your journalistic skills toward the higher-paying, growing industry of content marketing.
By Angela Washeck, May 20, 2014
Making the Leap to a Creative Career
Here's how to transition from a noncreative day job to a career that showcases your creativity.
By Kristen Fischer, May 12, 2014
How to Land a Mentor to Boost Your Career
Experts explain why you need a mentor, where to find one and how to make the connection.
By Vicki Salemi, May 5, 2014
What Editors Really Want From Writers
Editors reveal what makes for a successful, mutually beneficial writer-editor relationship.
By Amanda Layman Low, May 1, 2014
How to Launch a Successful YouTube Channel
Check out these simple tips for building your YouTube audience.
By Vicki Salemi, April 17, 2014
Crafting Your Ongoing Education as a Writer
Learn how to use community engagement, passion projects and social media to reignite your creative spark.
By Amanda Layman Low, April 10, 2014
5 Ways Fiction Writing Prepared Me for Nonfiction Freelancing
How one writer's passion for storytelling helped further her nonfiction-writing career.
By Amanda Layman Low, March 24, 2014
Do Self-Published eBooks Help or Hurt Your Career?
Here's what you need to know before you digitally self-publish your book.
By Amanda Layman Low, March 10, 2014
5 Tips on Nailing Your First Speaking Gig
Learn how to prep for any media-related speaking engagement.
By Amanda Layman Low, March 5, 2014
Tax Tips for Freelance Writers
Fretting about tax time? Here's what you need to know about filing as a freelancer.
By Amanda Layman Low, February 24, 2014
10 Surefire Ways to Not Suck at Skype or Webcam Interviews
Learn how to ace a media interview done from the comfort of your home or office.
By Janelle Harris, February 17, 2014
6 Ways to Effectively Market Your Book
Use these simple tips to maximize your book sales, no matter your budget.
By Andrea Williams, January 23, 2014
Getting Started on Your Nonfiction Book Proposal
Follow these steps to writing a marketable book proposal.
By Amanda Layman Low, January 22, 2014
Laying the Groundwork for Your Book Proposal
Experts weigh in on what to expect during the early stages of the book-proposal process and beyond.
By Amanda Layman Low, January 21, 2014
How to Become a Six-figure Freelancer
Veteran freelancers tell how they managed to bank six figures.
By Andrea Williams, January 6, 2014
Embarking on My Greatest Adventure: Freelance Travel Writing
Do you have a passion for travel? Heed these tips to turn your passion into a career.
By Susan B. Barnes, December 12, 2013
The Minimalist Freelance Life
De-cluttering your workspace (and your mind) could be just what your freelance career needs.
By Amanda Layman Low, December 2, 2013
Growing Your Writing Career By Becoming A Specialist
While you may be tempted to write about every idea that pops into your head, specializing can help you land more gigs.
By Amanda Layman Low, November 21, 2013
6 Tips to Landing a Literary Agent
Dream of landing a contract with a publishing giant? First step is finding an agent.
By Andrea Williams, November 14, 2013
Pros and Cons of Life as a Freelancer
Thinking about taking the freelance plunge? Here are some things you should take into consideration.
By Wendy Meyeroff, October 30, 2013
Your Life in 1,000 Words: The Craft of Personal Essays
Veteran writers give advice on everything from coming up with a good idea to dealing with negative feedback after your essay is published.
By Amanda Layman Low, October 28, 2013
6 Things to Do After Your Story Has Been Killed
Have you put in the time and effort, just to have your piece killed? Here's what you should do.
By Terri Huggins, October 7, 2013
Finding the Right Market for Your Work
Veteran writers give tips on how to find the perfect readers for your words.
By Amanda Layman Low, September 30, 2013
What You Need to Know About Writing for Blogs
Think you've got the next great blog idea? Here's what you need to know about pitching or starting one.
By Amanda Layman Low, September 19, 2013
Balancing Your Freelance Life With Your Personal Life
Freelancing is no 9-to-5. One writer shares her story on how she learned to juggle freelancing with family.
By Amanda Layman Low, September 16, 2013
How To Turn Your Boss Into Your Freelance Client
Always dreamed of working for yourself? Take the freelance plunge while keeping your current partnerships.
By Janelle Harris, September 5, 2013
4 Pitch Letter Must-Haves
Hook an editor with your query and land more assignments with these tips from veteran freelancers.
By Amanda Layman Low, August 28, 2013
Get the Most Out of Your Interview With an Expert
Nervous about interviews? Check out these tips and tools on how to get the information you need -- on deadline.
By Amanda Layman Low, August 27, 2013
7 Mistakes Every Freelance Writer Should Avoid
Veteran freelancers explain their missteps, so you can avoid making the same mistakes.
By Amanda Layman Low, August 21, 2013
6 Tips to Help You Take the Perfect Photo or Video
Beef up your multimedia skills with these tips from veteran photo and video pros.
By Andrea Williams, August 20, 2013
Lessons in Freelancing: What to Do When Stiffed on Payment
Should you take a magazine to small claims court? One writer shares her story.
By Janelle Harris, August 19, 2013
The Rookie Guide to Freelance Writing
Being a freelancer is harder than it looks. Heed these tips from veteran scribes before you dive in.
By Amanda Layman Low, August 5, 2013
How to Get Your Feature Pitch Accepted
Tired of writing for the FOB? Veteran freelancers give their tips on how you can move up to feature bylines.
By Kristen Fischer, July 15, 2013
6 Ways to Track Down a Magazine Editor
Seasoned writers explain how freelancers can go beyond the masthead to ensure their pitches land in the right hands.
By Kristen Fischer, June 24, 2013
My Year as a Content Farm Writer
One writer reveals what she learned and loathed while writing for one of the biggest and most controversial content farms.
By Amanda Layman Low, June 18, 2013
The Real Reason You're Not Getting Retweeted
Social media experts give tips on how journalists and news orgs can get more traction out of every tweet.
By Meena Thiruvengadam, May 13, 2013
6 Tips for Landing Repeat Writing Assignments
Seasoned editors advise freelancers on the best ways to keep the assignments coming.
By Andrea Williams, April 29, 2013
6 Surefire Ways to Find Sources in the Digital Age
Media pros give tips on tracking down and verifying sources in an age of instant experts.
By Joel Schwartzberg, April 22, 2013
6 Tips for Submitting Freelance Writing Clips
Editors and veteran freelancers give tips on how to use your portfolio to land an assignment.
By Meena Thiruvengadam, April 1, 2013
6 Tips for Landing Journalism Fellowships
Seasoned journos and fellowship recipients give tips on how you can refine your craft and land funding for a project.
By Meena Thiruvengadam, February 19, 2013
7 Tips for Responding to Negative Social Media Feedback
Social media experts give tips on how to handle trolls and legitimate criticism on your brand's social media platforms.
By Joel Schwartzberg, January 30, 2013
10 Terms Every Freelance Writer Should Know
Increase your chances of getting assignments by learning the words and phrases most often used in the newsroom.
By Kristen Fischer, January 2, 2013
5 Digital Skills Every Journalist Should Have
Promote your content, ramp up your social media presence and boost your resume with these tips from seasoned journos.
By Kristen Fischer, December 10, 2012
4 Things to Consider When Setting Your Freelance Writing Rate
Whether you charge hourly or per project, here's how to set competitive rates that make the most of every writing assignment.
By Kristen Fischer, October 8, 2012
The Real Reason Your Pitch Was Rejected
Editors explain why so many freelance pitches end up in the slush pile and give tips to help you avoid a similar fate.
By Kristen Fischer, September 10, 2012
4 Lessons for Writing in the Digital Age
From tweeting to networking, a seasoned journo tells how to strengthen your writing, editing and career in the digital world.
By Ben Goldstein, August 28, 2012
6 Reasons a Journalism Degree Is Still Necessary
Working journalists explain why a formal education is the most efficient way to learn what you'll need to succeed in the field.
By Amanda Ernst, July 23, 2012
6 Ways to Make the Revision Process Stress-Free
Heed these tips from veteran writers to make your rewrites a little less painful and to nail even more assignments.
By Kristen Fischer, July 2, 2012
8 Places to Find Your Next Story
When the story well runs dry, writers and editors alike can turn to these not so obvious sources for inspiration.
By Amanda Ernst, June 21, 2012
6 Keys to a Great Pinterest Page
From hashtags to repins, add these six features to rack up users at the third largest social network.
By Amanda Ernst, June 18, 2012
5 Ways to Improve Your Article's SEO
Take your stories to the top of search results with these clever (and necessary) SEO tricks.
By Joel Schwartzberg, June 12, 2012
The Biggest Mistakes Journalists Make in Social Media
If you're committing these social media sins, your name won't be the only thing tarnished.
By Jennifer Pullinger, May 29, 2012
4 Reasons Journalists Should Use The Cloud
From Dropbox to Yammer, here's what every media professional needs to know about flying the cloud-y skies.
By Joel Schwartzberg, May 22, 2012
Old Book, New Tricks: 6 Marketing Tips To Increase Sales
Use one or a few of these must-try tips to keep publicity and royalties rolling in for your book.
By Kristen Fischer, May 8, 2012
The 7 Biggest Red Flags in Book Contracts
From limiting future royalties to asking for money upfront, here are the biggest red flags first-time authors should be on the lookout for.
By Kristen Fischer, April 30, 2012
How to Conquer Writer's Burnout and Get More Creative
Just when you think you've written all you can, here are a few ways to crank out fresh content and get those juices flowing again.
By Janelle Harris, April 19, 2012
How to Make a Podcast People Want to Subscribe To
Listeners will stream in by the thousands if you follow these seven expert tips from podcast pros.
By Jennifer Pullinger, April 17, 2012
9 Ways to Get More Comments, Tweets and Likes for Your Story
Go from two likes to 200 with these no-fail tips for article engagement.
By Joel Schwartzberg, April 16, 2012
7 Steps to a Winning Book Proposal
Use these strategies to hook editors and agents from the first word.
By Jennifer Pullinger, April 9, 2012
What Every Author Should Know Before Publishing an eBook
From platforms to distributors, learn what DIY publishing really entails from authors who took the digital leap.
By Jennifer Pullinger, March 26, 2012
The 7 Biggest Mistakes Personal Essay Writers Make
Hone your personal storytelling by avoiding these common, but correctable mistakes.
By Joel Schwartzberg, March 19, 2012
7 Grammar and Copy Mistakes Almost Every Writer Makes
Keep your copy pristine and free of red marks by catching these potential errors before you press "send."
By Kristen Fischer, March 5, 2012
4 Things Editors Do to Drive Freelancers Nuts
From the M.I.A. to deadbeats, here are four editor types that have freelancers ripping out their hair.
By Janelle Harris, January 17, 2012
Breaking into Medical Writing and Editing
Prove your strong research skills and storytelling chops and this science-heavy industry can bring a promising payday for any journalist.
By Kristen Fischer, January 6, 2012
Pitch Perfect: 7 Steps to Landing the Assignment
Give this year's queries the additional one-two punch that will get editors salivating -- and assigning -- for months to come.
By Kristen Fischer, January 4, 2012
5 Time Management Tips for Freelancers
Break these notoriously bad habits of 2011 and start anew as a better captain of your time.
By Janelle Harris, January 3, 2012
Top Freelance Writers Share Their Secrets
Get the secrets of A-list scribes on how to shine on the pages of mega-magazines like GQ and Vanity Fair.
By Marcus Vanderberg, December 6, 2011
6 Things Freelance Writers Do That Drive Editors Nuts
Editors share what mistakes blacklisted freelancers always make, and what you should do to stay in their good graces.
By Janelle Harris, November 21, 2011
5 Google Tools Every Journalist Should Know
The Silicon Valley behemoth has a bevy of tools that will help you search smarter and report better.
By Jaclyn Trop, November 14, 2011
7 Things Freelancers Should Do Now to Prepare for the End of the Year
Follow these useful tips to get your business organized well before the ball drops.
By Kristen Fischer, November 7, 2011
Should You Be on Google Plus?
Google Plus could drive traffic to your site or help position you as a thought leader -- if you have the time, energy and creativity it takes to make it work.
By Jessica Howell, November 1, 2011
4 Signs It's Time to Dump a Client
Heeding these red flags will not only save you time and money as a freelancer, but it just might advance your career.
By Kristen Fischer, October 11, 2011
5 No-Fail Marketing Strategies for Freelancers
Don't let your talent go to waste. Try these tried and true tactics for successful self promotion.
By Kristen Fischer, October 4, 2011
Writing Web Headlines That Work
Online editors and writers detail six no-fail strategies for crafting headlines that will make audiences click, read and come back for more.
By Alisha Tillery, September 19, 2011
How to Get Reviews for Your Self-Published Book
Bypass those hard-to-crack book editors by getting "real" readers to praise your work and jump start sales.
By Susan Self, September 12, 2011
Should Journalists Diversify or Pick a Beat?
For established general assignment reporters, carving out a beat doesn't limit career possibilities. In fact, it can open them up.
By Janelle Harris, August 23, 2011
7 Things They Don't Tell You About Freelancing
Carrie Bradshaw is a fake. From pitch to publish, our experts dish on what you really can expect as a full-time freelance writer.
By Alisha Tillery, August 8, 2011
6 Ways Journalists Can Find Sources on Twitter
Use these helpful tricks to isolate the Twitter noise and zero in on those crucial story sources.
By Brent Yarnell, August 2, 2011
How to Write for the Front of the Book
Editors and journos offer advice to freelancers aiming for the FOB.
By Alisha Tillery, June 27, 2011
5 Signs It's Time To Kill Your Blog
Before you pull the trigger on your dormant blog, use these tips to determine if it's worth resuscitating.
By Kathleen Pierce, June 20, 2011
How Freelancers Can Avoid Not Getting Paid
From joining a union to knowing state laws, here's how independent contractors can prevent getting stiffed for their pay.
By Janelle Harris, May 16, 2011
5 Ways Journalists Can Use Quora
Learn how this new Q&A site can improve your content and your career.
By Kristen Fischer, March 7, 2011
How To Make Money Writing for Mobile Apps
Instead of lamenting the loss of print gigs, whet your app-etite for extra income by writing clever copy for this rapidly growing market.
By Susan Johnston, February 14, 2011
What to Do When Your Pitch is Rejected
Writers can't deny the disappointment over a failed pitch, but with these bounce back tactics a submission could go from rejected to accepted.
By Alisha Tillery, February 7, 2011
Hidden Tax Write-Offs for Freelancers
Instead of missing out on money you deserve because you're clueless about tax prep, follow these financial gurus' advice to get the most out of your tax return.
By Jennifer Pullinger, January 10, 2011
Under Pressure: Nailing The Celebrity Interview
It's not easy asking public people difficult questions, but with the proper preparation and a side of hobnobbing, you can shake off your nerves and serve up a telling interview.
By Kristen Fischer, January 3, 2011
Mea Culpa: 5 Tips for Issuing a Public Apology
It's never too late to bounce back from a very public, completely inappropriate faux pas. Our media coaches reveal how in five foolproof steps.
By Janelle Harris, December 13, 2010
Tweet for a Cause: Use Social Media to Advocate for Change
Use social media to spur public action with these tips from startups, nonprofits, and other organizations who know that a campaign for change starts with a community.
By Jessica Roy, September 28, 2010
How To Be Funny Online -- Even When You're Not
Wish you were as hilarious as your friends on your blog or Twitter feed? Funny people explain how to effectively translate your brand of humor online.
By Jennifer Pullinger, September 7, 2010
The Art of the Listicle: Craft a Perfect 'Top 10'
Think writing a listicle is easy? Learn the formula for a top 'Top 10,' from timeliness and methodology to snark and shareability.
By Kristen Fischer, August 30, 2010
10 Tips for Pitching Multimedia Content
Digital pros get technical on the 10 ways to make your freelance multiplatform pitch hit all the right notes.
By Darragh Worland, August 24, 2010
How To Sell Sex Articles
When pitching sex articles, creating the right chemistry is key. Writers and editors reveal tips for scoring assignments, from email subject line to salacious subject matter.
By Jennifer Pullinger, August 9, 2010
Author Alliances: Pool Your Book Marketing Efforts
When building your own book buzz isn't enough, try the latest DIY option: pooling resources with fellow authors to help build a bestseller.
By Vicki Salemi, July 27, 2010
Pitching Children's Markets, Part II
Present fun, kid-friendly ideas with a grown-up tone for these powerhouses of the children's publishing world.
By Katie Bunker, June 29, 2010
Pitching Children's Markets, Part I
Create believable characters and demonstrate a specialty in art, science, history, and more to break into these largely untapped freelance markets.
By Katie Bunker, June 22, 2010
Ready, Set, Star: Produce Your Own Online Video Show
Have your sights set on Internet stardom? Learn how to develop, execute, and promote your own compelling Web video show.
By Jennifer Pullinger, June 8, 2010
Writing Gone Rogue: 7 Rules to Break on the Web
Forget what you learned in English class: From paragraph parameters to forbidden first-person prose, we school you on which writing rules to break online.
By Kristen Fischer, May 24, 2010
7 Ways to Boost Traffic for Your Story
SEO and Web copy experts share seven strategies for helping your story take off, from capitalizing on current events to developing shareable content.
By Brian T. Horowitz, May 17, 2010
Making an eBook, Part 3: Money Matters
What does it actually cost to publish an eBook? In part three of our series, we map out formatting and cover design costs, and provide guidance for choosing the right price.
By Craig Morgan Teicher, May 10, 2010
Making an eBook, Part 2: Marketing
In part two of our three-part guide to creating an eBook, we deliver DIY marketing strategies, including how to be aggressive without being annoying.
By Craig Morgan Teicher, May 3, 2010
Making an eBook: Getting Started
Want to turn a Word doc manuscript into a full-fledged eBook? In the first installment of our three-part series, we introduce crucial resources and platforms to help you get going.
By Craig Morgan Teicher, April 26, 2010
Behind the Lens: Developing A Prize-Worthy Photo Portfolio
Ahead of the National Magazine Awards, we zoom in on the five finalists for best photo portfolio, from inspiration and approach to final product.
By Stephanie Murg, April 20, 2010
Inside the Front of the Book
Editors from Ellie-nominated GQ, Esquire, Wired and New York reveal how they keep their sections relevant and innovative issue after issue.
By Samantha Melamed, April 19, 2010
The Truth About Blog-to-Book Deals
Splashy gimmicks, snarky themes, and sky-high traffic stats won't necessarily turn your blog into a book. Here, agents and authors lend a much-needed reality check.
By Katie Bunker, March 29, 2010
Give the People What They Want: Six Foolproof Ways to Go Freemium
As media outlets face an online pay paradigm in flux, six execs share how to make a freemium business model pay off for the company and the consumer.
By Samantha Melamed, March 9, 2010
Break Into Food and Hospitality Trade Mags
Proven writing chops or industry links can help you earn assignments on the food and hospitality beat for consumer-friendly and B2B trade pubs.
By Rani Long, March 1, 2010
Behind the Swoosh: The Making of Nike's Greatest Commercials
Ad industry creatives chronicle the creation of Nike's most innovative and influential TV ad spots.
By Kiran Aditham, January 25, 2010
Navigating Press Trips and Perks: A Comp Compass For Travel Writers
Don't trip up on press trips and freebies: Travel writers parse the proper protocol for staying objective and transparent.
By Melanie Nayer, January 12, 2010
Get Ahead with A Grasp on Semantic Web
Prep for the next step in Web technology with semantic tactics that enable you to aggregate content in new ways and improve ad placement and search functionality.
By Jessica Roy, January 12, 2010
10 Tips for Pitching Newspaper Food Sections
Homing in on hyper-local stories and fresh news bites, newspaper food editors want freelancers who can contribute unique content tailored to their communities.
By Samantha Melamed, January 5, 2010
A Letter From Laurel
From the desk of Laurel Touby, founder and senior vice president
By Laurel Touby, December 25, 2009
Pitching Spanish-Language Women's Mags
For freelancers who can deliver copy in Spanish, these women's mag editions are open to pitches on fashion and beauty, career and relationships, and more.
By Anna Bitong, December 8, 2009
Quirky Ways To Market Your Book Online
Pump up your book promotion efforts online with video trailers, character blogs, serialization, and other clever tactics.
By M. David Hornbuckle, December 1, 2009
Embargoes: When to Use Them, When to Break Them
Publicists and journalists parse embargo etiquette and weigh the pros and pitfalls of what some feel is an outdated mechanism made to be broken.
By Amanda Ernst, November 30, 2009
Ink A Celebrity Memoir Deal
Strong interviewers and writers who can capture another person's point of view can land a coveted co-authoring gig for a pop star, politician or public figure.
By M. David Hornbuckle, November 24, 2009
The New Rules of Independent Magazine Publishing
To make it in the new magazine economy, forget old-school conventions and focus on building community, traction, and a realistic business plan.
By Samantha Melamed, November 17, 2009
The Real Deal on Writing For 'Content Farms'
Wondering or wary about freelance revenue sharing? We parse the 'page view and click-through' pay models of popular sites to help you evaluate whether you should write for one.
By Maya Avrasin, November 10, 2009
Keeping Track of Media Contacts: Old Methods, New Tools
PR practitioners dish on tools of the trade that will help you curate your press lists and keep in touch using social media.
By Lin Grensing-Pophal, October 26, 2009
Pitching Suburban Magazines
Uncover local freelance opportunities at robust regional pubs with these editors' tips for composing a winning pitch.
By Samantha Melamed, October 20, 2009
5 Ways to Engage Community on Your Blog or Web Site
Galvanize an active online community and spur authentic discussion with these tips from four social media experts.
By Jennifer Pullinger, October 12, 2009
How Hyperlocal Focus Keeps Community Papers Afloat
Despite steep digital competition and declining ad sales, the community paper business model keeps papers and jobs alive by capitalizing on hyperlocal coverage.
By Daniel Lindley, October 6, 2009
Find A Niche In Business Reporting
Four writers share how they parlayed their real estate, finance and sports knowledge into business reporting careers.
By Matt Krumrie, September 14, 2009
Make A Profit From Microblogging
Siphon audience interest into profit, from direct ad streams and customer service to driving site traffic and raising brand awareness.
By Jennifer Pullinger, August 17, 2009
Revamp Your Print Habits For Web Writing
Seasoned writers who jumped from print to Web journalism offer seven strategies for retooling old habits for digital discourse.
By Julia Scott, August 4, 2009
Twitter Ethics: Navigate New Social Media Terrain
Publicists and journalists weigh in on ethical conflicts surrounding transparency in the social media sphere.
By Lin Grensing-Pophal, August 3, 2009
Be Your Own Best Book Publicist
Distinguish your book in a crowded market with these DIY tips for finding and reaching your key audience.
By Joel Schwartzberg, July 20, 2009
Get Your Freelance Work Noticed
Break the freelancer-editor barrier at competitive pubs with this advice on pitching and developing a relationship as a contributor.
By Liz Funk, June 29, 2009
Launch A Successful Online News Conference
Marketing experts explore how to orchestrate an online news conference, from the technical logistics to fostering audience interaction.
By Jennifer Pullinger, June 23, 2009
Best Online Practices For Print Writers
Savvy bloggers share techniques for transitioning your writing style from print to online and propelling a blog to success.
By Julia Scott, June 15, 2009
A Bisexual Midget Lives on an Island to Win $1 Million and Find Love: How to Pitch A Reality TV Show
Television industry insiders reveal how to strengthen reality TV pitches and score face time with elusive executives.
By Jeremiah Smith, May 5, 2009
Monetize Your Web Site
Five bloggers detail the essential tactics for turning a Web site into a profit-generating business, from selling ad space to negotiating syndication deals.
By Lin Grensing-Pophal, May 4, 2009
Pitching Alumni Magazines
Alumni magazine editors describe how anyone who studies up on their schools and their present or former students can land freelance assignments -- diploma not required.
By Amy Rogers Nazarov, April 7, 2009
Tackle Sports Writing As A Woman
Four female sports writers share winning strategies for overcoming career obstacles in a male-dominated journalistic niche.
By Matt Krumrie, April 6, 2009
Pitching During A Downturn
No matter how competitive the market, these tips from editors will help you craft your pitches to sell more stories.
By Lin Grensing-Pophal, March 30, 2009
Longevity In The Evolving Newsroom
As newsrooms migrate further into online content delivery, print industry vets explore their options for adapting in the journalism job market.
By Kate Ray, March 17, 2009
From Staffer To Freelancer
Whether you're leaving a staff spot by choice or by circumstance, follow this media pro's tips for making a smooth transition to full-time freelance writing.
By John Pulley, February 17, 2009
What Book Review Language Really Means
We parse the meaning behind language used by book reviewers to uncover all that authors can learn from critics.
February 3, 2009
Compete Within The Freelance Fray
As newly laid-off staffers vie for the same assignments as career freelancers, we've got editors' and writers' tips for staying competitive.
By Jenny Cromie, February 2, 2009
J-School Confidential: Can Professors Catch Up?
The next great advance in journalism lies on the Web, but a j-schooler argues her professors are sorely behind the curve.
By Meghan Louttit, December 21, 2007
Off the Ground: A Journo Logs Writing His First Book, Part IV
As he struggles to find a groove, this magazine writer offers tips on successful strategies for transitioning to books.
By Greg Lindsay, December 21, 2007
J-School Confidential: The Great MA/MS Debate
A student on the inside offers advice on deciding between an MS or an MA.
By Kate Dailey, December 14, 2007
J-School Confidential: Worth the Price?
One writer wonders if the j-school juice is worth the squeeze (and the loans).
By Beth Braverman, December 7, 2007
J-School Confidential: One Down, One to Go
As she nears the midpoint of her program, a j-school student examines how Columbia has helped her.
By Katia Bachko, November 30, 2007
Off the Ground: A Journo Logs Writing His First Book, Part III
After taking an extended break for his wedding, our first-time author finds a magic bullet to aid his return to the grind.
By Greg Lindsay, November 30, 2007
Public Speaking for Writers
At some point in your writing career, you'll have to speak on stage. Our tips can help harness the fear and make you a hit.
By Susan Johnston, November 20, 2007
J-School Confidential: Balancing Books and Bylines
With an NYT article on the way, one j-schooler explains how he scored bylines while hitting the books.
By John MacDonald, November 16, 2007
J-School Confidential: MTV Chronicles Star Reporters-to-be
Based on a Florida high school newspaper, we get the skinny on a journalism-centered MTV reality show from its producer and the paper's faculty adviser.
By Eric Kuhn, November 9, 2007
J-School Confidential: Distilling a Premium Education
A former j-school teacher dispenses advice and his thoughts on the value of a degree.
By Jonathon Scott Feit, November 2, 2007
J-School Confidential: Cushy Undergrad Program This Ain't
Dinner with the new hubby are a thing of the past for our hustling, hopeful business reporter.
By Beth Braverman, October 26, 2007
Off The Ground: A Journo Logs Writing His First Book, Part II
A magazine pro writing his first book struggles to rein in his article-writing impulses to yield manuscript-worthy work
By Greg Lindsay, October 26, 2007
Breaking in to TV Writing
TV writers describe how they made their way into the industry, offering tips on replicating their success.
By Andrea Wachner, October 22, 2007
J-School Confidential: Meeting People Is Easy
Making connections is an essential element of j-school, but don't forget to impress once you land the job.
By Meghan Louttit, October 19, 2007
J-School Confidential: Reading and Writing Over Reporting?
With hundred of pages to read, one student debates whether she should skip assignments to write instead.
By Kate Dailey, October 12, 2007
J-School Confidential: Rude Awakening
One of our j-schoolers reflects upon her first month and learns some valuable lessons.
By Katia Bachko, October 5, 2007
J-School Confidential: Advice After The First Year
With a December graduation looming, we hear from one j-schooler on how he'll deploy what he's learned in the real world.
By John MacDonald, September 28, 2007
How Not To Write A Screenplay
Every reporter's worked on a story that begs to be made into a movie. Our reporter-turned-screenwriter offers insights for journos eager to transform a film-worthy story into a script.
By Edmund Lee, September 24, 2007
J-School Confidential: State of The Campus Paper
A student journo argues that college papers are handling the advent of online news better than their real-world counterparts.
By Eric Kuhn, September 21, 2007
Comprehending Copyright, Part II: Protecting Your Work
Guarding your copyright is easier than you think with our essential guide to protecting your work.
By E.B. Boyd, September 18, 2007
Comprehending Copyright, Part I: Using Others' Work
We've got guidance for content creators who want to avoid misusing the work of others.
By E.B. Boyd, September 17, 2007
Jack of All Trades
With pay rates rivaling those of many national books, trade pubs offer a quick and easy way to make some extra cash.
By Pete Croatto, September 14, 2007
J-School Confidential: First Impressions
Despite an hour-long commute and the immediacy of her next job search, this future business writer's immersed in Columbia's grad program.
By Beth Braverman, September 14, 2007
Homing In On Your Right Rate
Figure out the right pay rate for your writing gigs by following these simple steps.
By E.B. Boyd, September 11, 2007
Protecting Sources' Privacy
Maintaining sources' privacy is a journalist's priority. These guidelines will help ensure your coverage doesn't cross the line.
By E.B. Boyd, September 10, 2007
J-School Confidential: Forsaking the Grade
This admitted overachiever doesn't regret choosing valuable experience over that once-coveted 4.0.
By Meghan Louttit, September 7, 2007
Bulletproof Your Book Proposal
We arm you with insights from a seasoned author and consultant who specializes in packaging book ideas so they sell.
By Eric Neuhaus, September 7, 2007
J-School Confidential: Stepping Off The Swag Express
This women's mag editor-turned-j-student can't wait to trade publicist lunches for 'living poor and hungry in New York.'
By Kate Dailey, August 31, 2007
J-School Confidential: Returning To School
Our writer trades a job in the city of Brotherly Love for 18 months at NYU and the hope of landing his dream position.
By John MacDonald, August 24, 2007
J-School Confidential: My Liberal Arts Education
By skipping j-school to pursue a liberal arts degree, our writer broadens his horizons and finds another way into the media game.
By Eric Kuhn, August 17, 2007
J-School Confidential: Second-Guessing The Decision
In our second installment, our contributor explains why she traded globetrotting and fashion writing for loans, homework, and the hope of a better career covering business.
By Beth Braverman, August 10, 2007
The Slippery Slope Of Simultaneous Submissions
Writers and editors share their guidelines on selling the same story to multiple outlets at once.
By Jenny Rough, August 6, 2007
J-School Confidential: Off The Fence
Penned by journos eager to step up their game, our new series tracks how media pros get made.
By Katia Bachko, August 3, 2007
Getting Published: Insights From A Book Contracts Insider
Working in a publisher's contracts department reveals plenty about writing and selling a book. Our contracts vet-turned-author shares the wealth.
By Jean Marie Pierson, July 30, 2007
Safe Freelancing: Tips On Avoiding Libel Charges
Steer clear of libel lawsuits with these tips from media law experts.
By E.B. Boyd, July 24, 2007
Ask MB: As a Freelancer, How Can I Make the Editing Process Go Smoothly?
How can I make the editing process go smoothly?
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How do I get my pitch letters read?
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What should I do when a prospective employer wants to know my salary history?
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Some tips for getting employers to respond to your online job applications.
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How can a freelancer meet editors when she doesn't live in New York?
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What makes a good story?
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Ask MB: What Are the Rules About 'Off the Record'?
It can be confusing: What are the rules about on and off the record?
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Ask MB: What Is 'Corporate Writing' and Why Is It Such a Great Gig?
You keep hearing "corporate writing" is such a great gig. But what is it, exactly, and how do you get in on it?
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Ask MB: What the TK?
Confused by wacky mag-world jargon? From the lede to the kicker, with a nut graf in between, here's Mediabistro's handy glossary.
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I can't get an assignment without clips, but I can't get clips without an assignment, so...?
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Here are some proven strategies for turning yourself into every editor's go-to girl (or guy).
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