When’s the Best Time of Day to Write Well? [Infographic]

You could be making more mistakes in your writing depending on whether you're an early bird or a night owl.

When it comes to our productivity and creativity some of us thrive in the sun while others burn the midnight oil. But have you ever wondered if the time of day affects your accuracy?

The folks over at Grammarly did, so they analyzed over one billion words proofread by their app and summed up their findings in this helpful infographic.

They found that overall, early birds make fewer mistakes than night owls. Other insights include:

  • On average, writers make 3x more mistakes on social media than email
  • Night owls confused words (think Than vs. Then) 66% more than early birds
  • Writers make the fewest mistakes after lunch

When do you notice yourself making the most writing mistakes? Whether you’re early to rise or a creature of the night, check out the infographic to see how error-prone your brethren are.

Grammarly Writing Analysis Early Bird vs. Nigh Owl

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