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How to Start Your Career in Event Planning [INFOGRAPHIC]

Set yourself up for success in the event planning field

To many, event planning sounds like a dream job with endless possibilities. You can execute someone’s vision for the most important day of their life as a wedding planner or help fundraise for a meaningful cause as a nonprofit event planner. You can plan meetings for corporations or organize conventions for cosplayers. The options are diverse, and a combination of your interests and experience can guide you to the right niche within the field.

So how do you enter this field and start off strong? The basic first steps are to earn a relevant degree and gain the right experience, but in a competitive market, it’s important to set yourself apart.

Everything from specialization, continued education and a strong network can make a big difference in your success. The following career roadmap details a step-by-step process to launch your career as an event planner.

With these tips in hand, head over to our job board and find your next gig in the events world.

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