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10 Gifs Any Recently Graduated Job Hunter Can Relate To

Being a recently graduated job hunter can be a stressful time in one’s life. In times of stress, we like to use gifs as a coping mechanism, Here are 10 situations, as told by gifs, that any job hunter can relate to!

1. Realizing you need a job…

You finally realize that you’re 22 and actually need a job. The harsh realities of life come bulldozing in like a train. Because you don’t want to move back to your parent’s house, you face the reality of being a recently graduated job hunter. It appears much gloomier than college life. You take your sadness out on a glass of wine… or 4.

2. Applying for jobs.

After a while, you realize that you need to start applying for jobs because one isn’t just going to pop up out of nowhere. You drag yourself to your computer and look for jobs that suit you. After scrolling for two hours on LinkedIn (or snapchat…don’t lie), you decide to stop messing around and start applying for actual jobs. You find a few that you like, save their applications, and fill them out all at once. It takes you four hours and A LOT of typing.

3. Frustration sets in.

Looking for a job that you like is hard enough. Once you find one, some companies make their resume process miserable. When on the job hunt, you probably wish it was the same process that the common app gives to college applicants. Nope, it sure isn’t that easy. In fact, it’s much harder. Filling out applications can be grueling, and of course, you’ve felt the same frustrations this chimp feels.

4. Praying for a response.

Even through the frustrations of being an unemployed job hunter and dealing with applications, you are able to apply for a few jobs that look interesting to you. It’s all out of your control now. Your application is now sitting in a folder with dozens of other applications with people vying for the same position. There’s only one right thing to do in this situation; pray.

5. BAM you get an interview out of nowhere.

After a long two weeks of waiting to hear from the companies, you were minding your own business (on Netflix), when you get an email. YOU GOT AN INTERVIEW. You’re excited, but also shocked, wonder how you got through the application process. Why does job hunting have to be such an emotional rollercoaster!

6. How to dress for the interview…

You land an interview with a tech startup but you aren’t sure what to wear. You see on the TV show Silicon Valley, everyone wears t-shirts and jeans, but you feel like you should be a little more professional than that for an interview. Now you stand in front of your closet for hours deciding.

7. You make some mistakes along the way.

You decide to go professional, head over to the office, get in their elevator, and notice other people on the elevator wearing jeans and t-shirts. You start to get sweaty palms, wondering if you made the wrong choice. The elevator doors open, it’s a t-shirt wearing frenzy, and you feel like this.

8. But you get that second interview!

You finish up, leave the office and think you absolutely failed the interview. You had some spinach in your teeth, forgot your first name, and were laughed at for wearing a suit the whole time. There is no chance you were going to get a call back for a second interview… You go home and cry yourself to sleep… UNTIL YOU GET THE CALL BACK. Speechless? Yes, This calls for a dance.

9. Time to get that job.

You go into your second interview with the utmost confidence, as you know they like you enough to bring you back. Time to wow them with your skills. The elevator doors open again, and you walk in with a swagger.


You deliver a flawless interview, answer all the questions with spunk, and even had your interviewers laughing. They excuse themselves from the table after an hour to discuss what the next steps are. 10 minutes later they come back and give you the news… YOU GOT THE JOB!!!!! The only thing left to do is celebrate. You already have you “I’m employed” dance ready for this moment.

Don’t hurt yourself on that backflip though! You’re an employed person now, so you gotta remain healthy.

In reality, we know the job hunting process can be a journey. Sometimes, it’s hard to see the light when you’re at the level of the wine drinking gif, but I promise you that it gets better. Being a job hunter takes a toll, but it’s worth it when you get that offer. Just keep at it and you’ll be doing backflips in no time. We hope this post gave you a somewhat relatable laugh, as we know what it’s like. Best of luck on your job search if you’re on the hunt!

Being a recently graduated job hunter can be a stressful time in one’s life. In times of stress, we like to use gifs as a coping mechanism, Here are 10 situations, as told by gifs, that any job hunter can relate to!

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