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Scouted’s Virtual Interview: Empowering you to tell your story, your way

Here at Scouted, we’ve always believed that you’re more than your resume. And that foundational value has driven how we’ve built our entire company, platform, and product. That’s why we give you the opportunity to complete a Virtual Interview as part of your holistic profile, to help you show off your talents, personality, and potential. 

We’re all about empowering you to tell your story, your way.

At the end of the day, you know yourself better than anyone else. That’s why we give you the option to complete your virtual interview, only if you want to. It’ll unlock ALL of our jobs, and, more importantly, it also significantly increases your chances of landing an interview with our partner companies.

Below, we’ve detailed a few key benefits of completing the Scouted Virtual Interview and why it will help you land that awesome job…

Unlock all jobs at Scouted

The first benefit of completing your Scouted Virtual Interview is pretty obvious – it unlocks all jobs on Scouted! While many of our partner companies allow candidates to apply to roles without a Scouted Virtual Interview, several of our high-profile partner companies require it – they find the Virtual Interview extremely valuable in getting to know the candidates on their rosters. Many hiring managers also use the Scouted Virtual Interview to replace their initial phone screen, so it can also expedite your interview process!

Increases your chances of being selected for an interview for any/all jobs

Candidates on Scouted who complete their virtual interview are 58% more likely to be selected for an interview with our partner companies. Like we mentioned above, our partner companies value the Scouted Virtual Interview as a way to get to know candidates on a deeper level. It helps hiring managers make better decisions by providing more information beyond a resume by enabling them to virtually meet you (at their convenience).

Say a startup is looking to hire an operations manager and you’ve been in Financial Services your whole life but are looking to break into the startup world. From your Scouted Virtual Interview, a hiring manager has a chance to get a sense of your interpersonal skills, process orientation, as well as your grit. They can get insight into why you want to change careers and how your previous experience is transferable and relevant to other industries and functions.

Lets you control your narrative

As a candidate, your first goal is to get yourself to the interview stage with your top companies, and your main tool to do that is your resume. Most companies get inundated with applicants, and the average hiring manager spends roughly 6 seconds(!!) on each resume. If you’re worried about hiring managers making the wrong assumptions from your resume and/or overlooking your individual talents and story, your Scouted Virtual Interview provides a way around that.

Our unique five-question Virtual Interview is intentional and thoughtful: Our questions probe for grit, tenacity, interpersonal skills, and other key factors of potential success – factors that don’t always come across on a resume. We see way too much talent get overlooked for opportunities because they didn’t attend the *right* school or didn’t have the *right* former title and we realized how much both candidates and companies were missing out. We want you to be in control of the story you tell, and your Scouted Virtual Interview empowers you to do that.

My career path makes sense, but I want to stand out

Even if you’re not worried about the story your resume tells because, to be honest, your career progression makes perfect sense – it’s linear, logical, and impressive – your scouted virtual interview can be what sets you apart from the rest.

It puts a face to a name and a story that goes beyond a piece of paper. It helps you add an additional dimension to a standard job application by humanizing you and bringing your story to life.

The choice is yours

Here at Scouted, we’re all about empowering you to tell your story, your way. If you feel like you can do that without completing your Virtual Interview, we get it! Just look for the Scouted job postings without the video logo. We value you as a candidate – and we respect that you’ve opted to not complete the Scouted Virtual Interview. 

Like I said before, at the end of the day, you know yourself better than anyone! We’re just here to help guide you in your job search. We’re excited to offer job opportunities to even more candidates than before – and we’re equally committed to supporting you along your career journey in whatever way we can.

Whether you are changing careers or simply wanting to add another dimension to the standard job application – the Scouted virtual interview lets you control your narrative and, it helps us tell your story the way you want it to be told.

Happy applying!




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