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Welcome to Build and Manage Social Communities

Learn how to launch social communities to grow, engage, and manage your audience. The lessons in this course will enable you to implement proven community management techniques and tactics to connect with your audience, build trust and compel engagement with content you produce. You will learn to incorporate trends into your strategy to generate ultra-relevant, meaningful content. You will be able to set goals and interpret performance against those goals so you make wise choices about when, why and how you choose to put your content out there.  If applied right, the info presented in this course will enable you to become a strong community manager who successfully navigates the ebbs and flows of social to produce loyal and enthusiastic communities for your brand. 

Skills You Will Learn

Identify your brand’s social media objectives—who, what, when, where and why—then select the right platforms to meet those objectives

Develop a plan for social listening, with or without tools

Utilize backend CMS and social media management tools

Gather feedback and use it to reinforce or tweak your strategy

Track competition, establish your brand’s key metrics and measure your success against them

Create a relevant content calendar based on trends, holidays and cultural moments

Session 1

Social Listening – How Listening to Consumers Shapes a Successful Social Media Strategy

  • Lesson 1: What is Social Listening? What Tools Can You Use?
  • Lesson 2: Using Feedback on Social Media to Reinforce or Alter Your Strategy
  • Lesson 3: Identify Industry Trends Using Social Media / Incorporate Industry Trends Into Your Social Content and Strategy
  • Lesson 4: Creating Agile, Socially Relevant Content Based on Social Trends

Session 2

Developing KPIs to Measure The Success Of Your Social Strategy

  • Lesson 1: Determine Your Brand’s Social Media Objectives: Is it Engagement? Is It Follower Growth? Or Something Else?
  • Lesson 2: Identifying the Right Posting Cadence and Scheduling Tools / Understanding the Evolution of Social Media
  • Lesson 3: Why Competitor Share of Voice is Important on Social Media
  • Lesson 4: How to Measure Long-Term Success on Social Media
1h 20m
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