Get Started with Brand Voice

Create and maintain a strong brand voice



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Welcome to Get Started with Brand Voice

Brand voice is the way your brand establishes, expresses and solidifies its identity through written and spoken word. In this course, you’ll learn techniques and strategies to systematically determine and improve your brand voice.

Skills You Will Learn

Understand common misconceptions about voice

Identify brands with strong voices

Why content audits are crucial when crafting a brand voice, and how to use the “Keep / Edit / Kill” strategy to asses content

Types of research, like Archetypes and Personas, to further hone your brand voice

Use the “Three Simple Words” technique to help understand your brand voice

Map your brand voice with creative exercises you bring your voice to life

Utilize your brand voice across multiple expressions and platforms to ensure/maintain brand consistency

How to keep your brand voice on point, even as it evolves

Strategies that will keep your brand voice organized and current, such as brand repositories of frequently accessed assets and training sessions

Session 1

Get Started with Brand Voice

  • Lesson 1: Get Started with Brand Voice
  • Lesson 2: Using Brand Voice Across Channels and Maintaining Voice Consistency
0h 57m
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