10 Ways to Ruin B2B Copy

How to fix the most common pitfalls of B2B copywriting



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Welcome to 10 Ways to Ruin B2B Copy

If you're a copywriter and you've been tasked with writing B2B (that's business to business) copy, you know that it's a whole different can o' worms than B2C (that's business to consumer) copy.  This course will strengthen your B2B copywriting skills by walking you through 10 pitfalls that even the best copywriters make and how to course correct to write more effective (less stodgy) B2B copy. By the end, you can apply these new skills to B2B e-mail campaigns, website copy, social copy and even digital ads. You'll wield the technical savvy to lead any B2B marketing charge and add yet another stellar skill to your growing arsenal of copywriting know-how. 

Skills You Will Learn

Key differences between B2B and B2C copy

Shift focus to your client in your copy

Bring a human, conversation tone into your language

Use data and other numbers to strengthen your messages

Keep focused on features and benefits of your product

Break up longer form text into digestible pieces

Tell a story to your audience in your copy

Amplify your brand's reputation to distinguish it from others

Session 1

10 Ways to Ruin B2B Copy

0h 30m
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