Writing for Audio

Draw in listeners by writing engaging audio content



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Welcome to Writing for Audio

As the popularity of audio storytelling explodes, learning to write for the ear is more important than ever. Whether you are sharing a story, teaching a new skill or delivering news or insights, this course will show you how to create an immersive auditory experience for listeners.

Learn how to write believable copy using conversational language, create a script or outline for your segment and hook your targeted audience by appealing to their senses.

Skills You Will Learn

Create compelling copy that keeps listeners tuned in

Target a specific population and meet their expectations

Write your first audio script on a topic of your choice using broadcast writing techniques

Listen to the audio you’d like to emulate by focusing on what propels the narrative forward

Utilize pre-writing prep to identify your audience, choose a topic, find your story, implement the five W’s and choose your platform

Appeal to a listener’s imagination by offering concrete images, creating a mood and setting a tone

Use script style guidelines to simplify the writing process

How to incorporate storytelling techniques, including language choice, word and sentence structure and using transitions to drive copy flow

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