Shaheen Pasha

Amherst, MA USA
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Professional Experience

I am seasoned international journalist and professor of journalism, with extensive experience as both an editor and a reporter. My background as a financial and legal journalist has taken me from the courtroom covering the historic Enron trial to the FBI headquarters in D.C. pursuing stories on financial crime to the boardrooms in Dubai, breaking news on the impact of Dubai World's financial collapse. I have reported for newswires and online agencies, managed legal magazines serving the Middle East and North Asia and worked as an on-air correspondent for major television networks in the U.S. and Asia.


1 Year
5 Years
15 Years


13 Years
6 Years
3 Years


Academia Teaching
5 Years
Magazine - Local/Regional magazines
1 Year
Wire Service
7 Years

Total Media Industry Experience

15 Years

Media Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs) (10+), Dow Jones Companies (10+), Thomson Reuters (10+), Working Mother Magazine (3-5), Egyptian Radio & Television (1-2)

Other Work History

Assistant Professor of International Journalism, University of Massachusetts-Amherst Assistant Professor of Journalism, American University in Cairo Adjunct Professor of Electronic Media, Pace University

Foreign Language Skills

Urdu, Hindi

Computer Skills

Word, Excel,


Audio Recorder, Macbook Pro, Canon Digital Camera

Work Permits & Visas

US Citizen


Available upon request


Recipient of the Donald W. Reynolds National Center for Business Journalism’s Business Journalism Professor’s Fellowship award Recipient of Donald T. Sheehan International Scholarship to Wharton Seminars for Business Journalists. Recipient of East-West Center’s Senior Journalist Seminar fellowship


South Asian Journalists Association


Online Writing Samples

This clip is related to the Enron trial. I was the lead reporter on the coverage for this story for both the online and television arms of CNN and we beat the competition on a number of on the big stories here. We beat CNBC significantly with this verdict article.
I was the first reporter to confirm the death of Enron's founder Ken Lay just a few months after he was found guilty in one of the biggest financial fraud cases in U.S. I led this story for both CNN online and the television network.
While many of my stories were about the darker side of business, I also enjoyed tackling arts features. The following piece was about the emerging popularity of children's music. CNN Television and New York One both ran packages about this phenomenon after this story was published

Newspaper Features

In the Middle East, fashion is a key element of society. In this piece, which was also commissioned for the International Herald Tribune, I explored how traditional Middle Eastern fashion was drawing on Western trends to create a new updated style in the region. And for local designers and businesses, this fusion was proving profitable.
This piece explored the growing trend for financial institutions in the Middle East to create women-only branches as a means of tapping into large pools of wealth amongst women in the region. This piece, which was published in Reuters and commissioned for The International Herald Tribune, also featured a video supplement on halal businesses for women that was posted on the Reuters website. Both the print and video pieces were a collaboration between myself and a colleague at Reuters, who was also my former student at American University in Cairo.
This piece, which was first published on Reuters, was commissioned specifically for the International Herald Tribune and was republished later in global newspapers, including The Toronto Sun. It dealt with a growing underground art scene that defied the typical idea of Dubai excess. It was a collaboration between myself and my former student at the American University in Cairo, who became my colleague at Reuters.
This piece explored how the growing Islamic finance market is providing opportunities for students of Islamic law to take their skills beyond the mosque and into international finance. It was published first on Reuters and then highlighted as a feature by the International Herald Tribune, the international arm of the New York Times.

Magazine Features

This piece served as the April cover story for ALB The Brief, a legal magazine published by Thomson Reuters for the Middle East region. This story explored how western sanctions against Iran were hitting financial institutions and businesses in the region and creating more work for lawyers.
This piece dealt with Turkey's emergence as a hot market for Middle East investment. The story was the cover story for the June issue of ALB The Brief, a legal magazine published by Thomson Reuters. The article explored areas of growth in the Turkish market and legal challenges to businesses and law firms seeking to enter.
This article profiles David Kultgen, the long-time general counsel for state-owned oil giant Saudi Aramco. The piece sought to provide insight into Kultgen's success as a top level lawyer operating in Saudi Arabia, one of the toughest markets in the region for the legal community.
The September cover story of ALB The Brief dealt with the ongoing uncertainties for the legal and business communities in operating within Egypt. While the potential is great in Egypt following the revolution, political and economic instability are making investors and lawyers think twice about entering the market.